Easy-to-use service management software in the cloud

All tickets and customers in one place, financial accounting, sales, inventory, SMS notifications.

«This software is simple, flexible, and functional at the same time. I have easily adapted it to my purposes. I enjoy prompt and competent customer support.»

Edward Baum

86 locations use Orderry every day

The perfect fit
for a wide variety of repair services

Orderry is ideal for any size repair service handling anything from bicycles to computers, washing machines to smartphones.

  • Laptops/cell phones/electronics

  • Clothing

  • Watches

  • Automotive

The Ultimate Service Management System

  • Ready to work immediately after registration

    Intuitive interface, the program runs without programming, 14 daysfree for testing.

  • Faster processing of tickets

    Save up to 20 minutes per ticket - 33 hours per 100 tickets!

  • Easier document printing

    Create a variety of templates and print them out right from your browser.

  • Shows who is calling and records the phone calls

    Install our application on Andorid smartphone and get a full-fledged call center in just 5 minutes!

  • Customer management

    Saves all your customers automatically and allows to export them to Excel.

  • Staff monitoring and recording

    You can view online in real time when and which employees have created tickets, made sales, or deposited payments.

  • Inventory management

    Keep accurate records of merchandise and spare parts in stock, easily keep track of product sales.

  • Ticket status notification

    Each time a ticket is completed, the customer is notified automatically via SMS and the manager receives a status update by email.

We are constantly improving our product! Learn more about the latest features.

Data security

Your connection is protected through HTTPS over an SSL secure channel.

All your business information is stored in a highly secure, world-class data center.

  • Daily back-ups

    Now you never loose your data – system automatically creates a backup copy of your account every day.

  • Confidentiality

    All your personal and business information is kept strictly confidential.

Accessible from your place of business, at home, and on the road

Orderry is a cloud-based service that requires only an Internet connection. View reports and monitor your staff's activity on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Accessible from your place of business, at home, and on the road

Quick and reliable SMS-notifications

Automatic sending of SMS-notifications of acceptance and readiness of the order.

Notification of appointment for employees as responsible for the tickets.

Ability to set the sender's SMS signature

Pay from 5 months — 100 SMS as a gift

Subscription plans

shortcake  Pay for 20 months and get 6 additional months free. Pay for 10 months and get 2 additional months free. Pay for 5 months and get 100 text messages free.



per month

up to 10 locations

up to 50 employees

∞ tickets

  • SMS notifications
  • Inventory management
  • Storefront
  • Technicians control
  • SMS sender name
  • Telephony (10 numbers)
  • Calls recording
  • Premium support

14 days free!



per month

1 location

up to 5 employees

∞ tickets

  • SMS notifications
  • Inventory management
  • Storefront
  • Technicians control
  • SMS sender name
  • Telephony
  • Calls recording
  • Premium support

14 days free!

rocket  More than 250 employees or 50 workshops? Not a problem  contact us.

What Our Customers Say

«I've been successfully using Orderry for quite some time. In the beginning I was wary of storing my data on the Internet. However, it has proved to be so easy and convenient, not to mention all the time it saves. With the competition getting stiffer all the time, it's not enough to just repair things well--you also need to automate service routines and manage orders effectively.»

Demetrius Hewitt

«Thanks so much for constantly improving your product! It looks like you really do love your job. I'm so glad we chose Orderry over other similar systems. It's helping our business make real progress every day. Many thanks!»

Max Kudera

«Our staff has been using Orderry since we first set up our maintenance service. At first we saw it as a temporary option until we found an offline CRM. But when we learned all the advantages of your product, we decided to stick with it. The developers have been so eager to meet our needs--they've made over ten improvements to the product specifically for our business. Today Orderry is indispensable to our company.»

Jan Haviaras

«After trying several other services, I finally chose Orderry. It's efficient, easy-to-use, flexible software that was so simple to fine-tune to my needs. Your customer support team is highly competent and always prompt to respond.»

Edward Baum