Streamline Daily Operations To Generate More Profit

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Effortless job scheduling

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Mobile apps for exterminators
and business owners

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Easy-to-access customer base

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Inventory management
of equipment and chemicals

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Pest control software solution Orderry is your modern way to have everything under control

Automate Processing of Pest Removal Jobs

Focus on business growth and let the work order management system Orderry do all the routine tasks. Reduce work order processing time thanks to the features like preset service directories, custom forms, and automatic calculation of the final costs of pest control services. Control deadlines with status chains and monitor the progress with badges.

Simplify Field Service Operations

The Work Orders Orderry mobile application provides field technicians with a range of tools to efficiently process on-site jobs. They can clarify customer data and details of their work orders at any time, create/edit them, attach photos, leave comments, accept payments, update statuses, and contact a manager or client via smartphone.

Schedule Treatments in Seconds

Use the job planning software to plan and keep organized records of pest control service appointments. Here you can:

  • See and control the current workload of your employees
  • Quickly find exterminators at a convenient time for clients
  • Create work orders right in the calendar
  • Send appointment reminders automatically

Orderry helps
pest control companies grow

Build Long-Lasting Relationships with Clients

Maintain a single database of property owners and potential customers with a detailed history of service and communication.

  • Custom forms of client profiles
  • Individual discounts
  • Customer-related tasks for employees
  • Database import and merging of duplicates
  • Invoice and payment history

Manage Your Stock of Pest Removal Chemicals Efficiently

Orderry’s advanced features of inventory management will help you:

  • Control the availability of consumables, track their use in work orders, post and write off in a few clicks.
  • Restock timely to ensure your pest control experts have everything needed to perform treatments at their best.
  • Monitor the usage of equipment and trucks and schedule their maintenance services.

Watch Your Cash Flow Like a Hawk

Pest control business software Orderry allows you to keep track of your company's income and expenses, generate financial reports in a few clicks, download them to excel, and track KPIs of pest control operations in one browser window and the Business Insights application

Integrate your account with Xero or/and Quickbooks to instantly sync invoices, clients, and inventory.

Improve Your Employee Management

Through conducting business operations in Orderry, you will not only know exactly when employees start work but also what they do during their working hours.

Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Payroll Calculations

Orderry allows you to stop wasting time on manual calculations, reduce the human-error risk and make the payroll model more transparent.

With Orderry you can ...

Make Management Accounting Consistent and Predictable

Use the Company Insights report to track KPIs in a convenient graph format and find new growth points.

Generate more than 20 types of reports for any reporting period in just a few clicks to keep your inventory, finances, and employee efficiency under control.

Track the conversion and number of customers for
marketing campaigns to avoid wasting the budget on ineffective advertising.

Control Your Business Remotely

Be aware of what is happening in your pest control company from anywhere in the world. With the Business Insights mobile application, you can:

  • Track the number of closed work orders, cashbox balances, and returns with a breakdown by location and employee.
  • Monitor the efficiency of each exterminator and get in touch with your field teams via the app.
  • Keep track of customer reviews and company ratings.
  • Secure your account with 2FA.

Why Work With Us

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Cloud technology
with cross-device accessibility
and daily data backups

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Dedicated customer support
and self-serving Help Center

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Regular updates
and new integrations

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7 interface languages
and English/Spanish-speaking
support assistants

You know how to send pests scurrying away. We know how to automate business operations. Let’s collaborate!

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Can I have additional users in my Orderry account?


Yes, you can. Each subscription plan has one location and one employee user per month. When subscribing to a Hobby plan, you can have five employees in your account. In other plans, the number of users is unlimited.

Does Orderry integrate with payment processing platforms?


Although Orderry has no direct integrations for accepting online payments, our development team is currently working on integrating with Stripe. You will be able to securely process payments in the field and online.

What is pest control management software?


This solution allows you to keep track of all processes in pest control companies, structure the data, automate some routine tasks, and simplify report generation. Basic software products focus on CRM features, work order management, and providing reports. But you can find more advanced solutions in the current software market. Opt for a SaaS product with amazing features like inventory management, appointment scheduling, payroll, cash flow control, mobile apps, and many valuable integrations. You will get an all-in-one suite for all your business needs.

In Orderry, all program sections are fully customizable to your requirements and workflows. You can edit existing ones or create your own:

  • filters for each user
  • templates of messages and documents for each location
  • types of services and prices
  • samples of work order profiles

Access rights, and many other settings are linked to user accounts, making the program adaptive and easy for you and your employees. Use all the digital tools available in Orderry to grow your customer base, expand your range of services and scale your business.

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