Do a Great Job on Your Client’s Cars with Less Admin Effort

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Consumption Control

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Cost Tracking

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& Fixed-Site

Start automating your business for free within 7 days

Orderry is a service management softwarefor detailing studios of any shape and size

Efficient Customer and Work Order Accounting

Keep records of day-to-day operations to develop your unique workflow and measure financial success.

Automate your car detailing business processes with custom forms, labor time tracking, flexible pricing plans, notifications, and reports.

No Double Bookings in Your Calendar

Control the load of your techs, equipment, and other auto detailing shop resources to quickly find a convenient time for your customers.

Use the Work Order Scheduler feature to plan your day, manage call-ins, and immediately assign jobs for detailers. With Orderry, you will offer the best detailing service on demand in the area.

Keep Track Of Your Team’s Efficiency

With the Employee Work Schedules feature, you can plan individual schedules of each team member, track working and non-working days, vacations, sick leaves.

Set up automatic payroll calculation based on days or hours worked, vehicles serviced, or types of services provided. Additionally, you can configure commissions and coefficients to reward your best-performing employees.

Analyze employee reports to make sure your detailers provide high-quality repair and detailing every time.

Build Repeat Business to Fight Slow Season

Make sure your customers stay on board despite all unpredictable events by building a strong repeat customer base:

  • Understand your customers' behavior from the first contact to a repeated work order
  • Set up automated promotional campaigns
  • Develop a discount or subscription system.

Be the first detailer people think of when their cars need detailing services.

Orderry is your time-saving solution for a thriving automobile detailing business

Save Hours With Document Templates

Eliminate manual input with custom forms, e.g.:

  • Inspection sheets
  • Auto detailing work orders
  • Car detailing estimates & invoices.

Easily create and print any document with a branded look and feel of your company.

Control Your Inventory of Chemicals and Supplies

In Orderry, you can see what’s in your stock and manage your inventory with no stress:

  • Set min balances of consumables and tools to ensure your fixed-site or portable car detailing business always has popular items in stock
  • Order new batches of detailing chemicals on time
  • Record all warehouse postings, transfers, and write-offs.

Use Data to Appropriately Price Your Services

Analyze your service margin to find out whether prices in your vehicle detailing business are reasonable for both you and your clients. Identify popular repairs and get rid of unprofitable ones.

Send Notifications To Keep Customers Engaged

Use automated SMS reminders on scheduled services so your customers are more likely to show up timely.

Offering mobile
detailing services? Use Orderry on the go!

Process Work Orders via Work Order App

For employees who are constantly on the move, it’s way more convenient to access Orderry via the mobile app Work Orders. In a few taps, they can clarify the data of clients and their cars, contact the manager, view works and materials, attach photos or files to the work order, as well as leave comments.

Analyze What Works and What Doesn’t

To understand how your business is doing both on a daily basis and over a time period you need smart analytics. Orderry collects, organizes, and displays data in a convenient format so you can assess your company's health and inform your decision-making at any time.

Generate more than 20 types of reports in one click as well as create an unlimited number of charts and diagrams on the Company Insights Report to find new opportunities for growth.

Watch Your Cash Flow

Manage your detailing accounting in Orderry to see all sources of income/expenses and efficiently plan your budget.

View the statistics of your overall business finances as well as per unit of work or employee.

QuickBooks Integration For Automated Accounting

Set up automatic or manual synchronization between Orderry and QuickBooks Online to avoid double data entry and eliminate human error risk. This way, you will have up-to-date invoices, clients’ records, taxes, and products in both systems.

Orderry Business Insights App For a Handy Access

Manage your auto detailing studio on the go via the Orderry Business Insights application:

  • Track key performance metrics in form of visualized reports
  • Connect with your staff members without leaving the app
  • Enable two-factor authentication to protect your Orderry account.

Know Who Did What in Your Account

On a single page of the Activity Log, you can keep track of all actions done by your team in program documents as well as recover deleted objects such as clients, cashboxes, or warehouses.

Control the creation, modification, and deletion of more than 60 events to protect yourself and your business from internal security risks or human errors.

Why Work With Us

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Pricing Plans to Fit
Any Shape and Size

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 Support via Chat,
Phone, and Email

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Data Encryption
& Automated Backups

You make cars looks as good as new.
We help you concentrate on your masterwork with minimum admin efforts. Let’s cooperate!

Create your account in Orderry and test all features for free for 7
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What is the main purpose of auto detailing scheduling software?


Business owners in the detailing industry can use this program to manage and schedule their appointments. It typically includes features that allow users to create and manage customer profiles, track vehicle details, and schedule services. This type of software helps businesses win more loyal customers and optimize their detailing operations.

How can you improve customer satisfaction in your detailing business?


Follow these tips to ensure customers are happy with your services:

  • Communicate clearly about what services you will be providing and what the expected turnaround time will be.
  • Keep your customers updated on the progress of their vehicle.
  • Deliver on your promises regarding the quality of your work.
  • Provide excellent customer experience, from the moment your customers walk in the door to the moment they leave.
  • Take the time to listen to your customers' feedback and address any concerns they may have.

Orderry software will help you with some routine tasks on your way to building a loyal customer base. For example, it will automatically send out notifications of the work order status changes or customer review requests so you won’t have to do this manually.

How can you avoid double bookings in your detailing service calendar?


One way is to have a system in place that alerts your detailers when a booking has been made, so they can keep track of their schedules. It will also help you keep your appointments organized and streamlined. Another way is to plan in advance — when you know you will be needing to book appointments, try to do so at least a week in advance. This will give your clients enough notice, and will also help to ensure that there are no open slots in your schedule. Lastly, be clear about your cancellation policies — make sure that your clients are aware of any penalties that may apply if they need to do a cancellation. You can also require customers to provide a deposit when booking an appointment, so they're less likely to not show up.

In the Orderry’s Work Order Scheduler, you can easily plan your bookings and manage the resource load. It is also connected to the work schedules of your detailing team so you’ll instantly see who is available to work on particular blocks of time.

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