Auto Repair Shop

Automate Routine
To Get More Done In The Garage


Auto Repair Work Order Processing

Relieve your employees from routine so they can work more efficiently.


Preinstalled product and service directories, easy-to-use technician assignment, and worksheet forms


Automatic garage service cost calculation with repairs and used parts


Setting up charges for different types of work and employee reward system with a percentage rate


Custom status sequences for better repair order management


Control of work progress and deadlines


Price lists for all types of repairs


More than 8 payroll scenarios


Auto Repair Invoicing In A Few Clicks
Fast And Trackable


Library of industry-specific templates


Car repair estimates, quotes, and invoices


Consistent document style


Auto-fill of repair order data


Tracking of issued documents


Integration with QuickBooks Online

Orderry is an auto repair management software that will help you get more organized in your daily business operations


Auto Shop
Appointment Scheduling

Plan employee and resource loads days and weeks in advance with the Scheduler feature.


Evenly load bays and lifting equipment


Quickly assign service or repair requests to available technicians


Control the workload of your mechanics


Track repair work duration to manage your time efficiently

work orers

Built-in booking tool


Handy calendar format


Time & resources at a glance

Record-Keeping Of Auto Maintenance and Repair Works

Access Customer And Vehicle History From Any Device


Save all important vehicle details and technotes


Use the Work Order App to quickly add photos to work orders


Instantly see previous repairs done on the car


Plan PM works to help customers avoid critical issues in the future


Long-lasting relationships with customers and their cars


Individual approach to make your repair shop stand out


Better solutions based on repair history

CRM-System For Car Repair Shops

Build repeat business and improve service through
a better understanding of your customers’ needs.


Collect all leads from different communication channels into one auto service CRM database and successfully convert them into real work orders.


Keep records of your customers, their vehicles, track work, and payment history


Send automatic notifications to customers of the repair work progress, appointment reminders, or review requests


Set personalized discounts to reward your customers’ loyalty


Unified customer base for multiple locations


Status sequences for effective lead converting


Rewarding systems for repeat customers

Mobile App For Flexible
Auto Shop Management

Know how your business is performing from your smartphone. In the Orderry Business Insights application, you can monitor the number of work orders, payments, cashbox balances, and other key metrics as well as contact your employees and analyze customer reviews.


Auto Repair Business Monitoring

Identify bottlenecks and growth points in your company’s performance with deep analytics.


Generate detailed business reports for any period in a few clicks and view KPIs in a convenient chart format


Track your cash flow to reduce unnecessary expenses, plan your budget and avoid cash shortages


Offer reasonable prices based on margin and profit analysis


Manage customer and supplier payments and monitor debts without leaving the car service software


20+ reports in a few clicks


Control from any location and device


Increased business profitability

Effective Team Management


Plan employee Work Schedules in Orderry to keep track of working and non-working days, sick leaves and vacations


Overview employees' actions in the program documents and restore deleted objects on a single page of the Activity Log report


Use the Work Order App to process work orders on the go


Auto Parts Inventory & Stock Control

Know where your parts are, shorten picking time, and restock before they run out.


Organize storage with bin locations and serial accounting to quickly find what you need


Perform full or partial stock-take and locate any shortages instantly


Ensure timely and in-demand purchases so your techs can complete repairs on time


Sell parts and accessories in addition to services to increase turnover


Full control of postings, transfers, and write-offs


Effective inventory budget


Necessary parts are always in stock

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5 Simple Steps
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You won’t need to download or install any software.


Use our self-service Knowledge base, blog articles, and tutorials on YouTube to explore Orderry’s features and test them in your business.


Get assistance from our friendly support or customer success manager.

Ask any questions, request a demo, or get help with setting up your account.


Invite your employees and start testing together.

You’ll all see how Orderry will improve your daily routine and eliminate repetitive tasks.


Maximize your business automation through integration with other services

The Orderry software for car repair connects to 200+ platforms via Zapier to combine online sales, social media, and productivity tools into one infrastructure.


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What software do auto repair shops use to manage their business?


There are many repair shop management systems out there that shop owners and technicians can use to organize their work. Unlike other business management software, Orderry helps shops not only keep track of their inventory, employees, and finances but also control the shop's expenses and income as well as unify their customers' contact information and past work orders into a single database.

What auto repair software is suitable for a mobile mechanic?


For mobile mechanics, a solution that is cloud-based and mobile-friendly is ideal. It should include features such as work order processing, estimating and invoicing, and parts inventory management. You should also be able to access your customers' data and vehicle repair history from any device and location.

What are the key features of auto repair shop software?


Among the most powerful features, there is the ability to create and manage work orders, capture customer information, track inventory, and control finances. The optional features that may be beneficial but are not a must include labor management, automatic tax calculation, payroll, data insights into repair shop performance, and integrations with other web-based platforms.

What are the benefits of the inventory module in Orderry?


The inventory management features in Orderry help a car repair shop to keep track of the parts that they have in stock, as well as the parts that they need to order. This can help to ensure that the shop always has the parts that they need on hand, which can help to minimize the amount of time that it takes to repair a car. Additionally, the inventory control system will ensure that the shop is not overstocking on parts, which can lead to wasted money.

What are some of the best ways to manage appointment scheduling in a car repair shop?


Some best practices of dealing with appointment requests include:

  • Implementing an electronic system for tracking appointments
  • Ensuring that appointments are confirmed by both the customer and the shop
  • Making sure that the shop is prepared for the appointment, including having the right parts and personnel on hand
  • Keeping customers informed of any changes or delays in their appointment
  • Following up with customers after their appointment to ensure they were satisfied with the service

Orderry software will allow you to keep track of all your appointments, reschedule them, create work orders right in the Scheduler, and notify customers of any changes and the status of car repairs. After the appointment, the system will send out a review request to customers asking to rate the service quality.

How can you make sure that you're not overlooking any potential leads in a car repair shop?


Each person who visits your shop is a potential lead. In order to ensure that you are not overlooking any prospects, you should create a system for tracking customers and their interactions with the shop. This could include recording customer contact information, tracking the work that is done on their vehicle, and recording any conversations that take place between the customer and the shop staff. By doing this, you will be able to keep track of every customer who visits the shop, and you can follow up with them if necessary.

In Orderry, you can create a list of marketing campaigns you run and link it to a work order or sale form. Then, you will be able to assess their effectiveness in a separate report.

How can you ensure that services are managed effectively in a car repair shop?


There are a few key ways to ensure that you are doing your best when managing different types of services in your car shop. One is to have a system in place for tracking customer information and vehicle history. This will help you keep track of the work that has been done on each vehicle and ensure that no work is duplicated. It is also important to have a scheduling tool for appointments and service requests. This will help ensure that cars are serviced in a timely manner and that customers are informed of any delays. Finally, you should have a system for tracking inventory and ordering parts. This way, you will have the parts you need when you need them and won’t be overstocked or understocked.

Orderry combines all of the described functionality into an all-in-one success platform empowering you to effectively run your car repair business.

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