Keep Customers Up-to-Date and Reduce Expenses

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SMS Gateway
to 213 Countries

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Business Communication

Отслеживайте ключевые показатели с любого места и устройства с доступом к интернету

One Platform
For All Communication

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Custom Templates
and Delivery Settings

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Update, Alert, and Inform Customers Via SMS Right From Your Orderry Account

Timely Texting For Effective Communication

Set up automatic SMS alerts to both clients and employees updating on status or any other changes in work orders. This way, you’ll make sure everyone knows what’s going on and follows the workflow.

You can also use the BulkSMS integration to remind your customers of scheduled appointments, send out promotion campaigns, or collect customer reviews.

One Software For Customer Communication Management

Track your interactions with leads and customers without leaving Orderry. In each profile, you’ll see what texting they received and when so your team will be well aware of the previous communication.

BulkSMS + Orderry = Easy Business Texting

Access to Global Networks

With BulkSMS integration, you’ll be able to communicate to customers in different locations. It supports text messaging in 213 countries across the globe at affordable costs.

Customer-Centric Approach in Business Messaging

Your customers will appreciate the timely communication tailored to their needs. Use custom templates and advanced delivery settings in Orderry to personalize messages and notifications the system will automatically send out to keep them updated.

Build a loyal customer base through effective communication

Why Work With Us

Отслеживайте ключевые показатели с любого места и устройства с доступом к интернету

iOS and Android Mobile Applications For Employees and Business Owners

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Regular Updates
and New Integrations

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Support Service in English and Spanish Included in All Subscription Plans

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Data Encryption and Advanced
Access Settings For Employees

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