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Orderry is a cloud-based funeral management web application
for providers of funeral services and goods

Keep Track of Day Operations and Monitor Work Progress

Directing funerals and wakes is a multi-stage process that requires management talent and comprehensive automation.

  • Control the progress of work orders at all stages from the request to the completion. 
  • Create different status sequences depending on the package of services and locations chosen by the client.

Schedule Your Staff and Resources

The Work Order Scheduler allows you to provide high-quality funeral arrangements without hitches, delays, and disruptions. Estimate the workload of funeral service workers, transport, and equipment to use company resources and employees’ working time efficiently.

Automate Your Business Processes

The funeral home software eliminates the time you spend on administrative operations so you can concentrate on what matters most — taking care of your clients.

  • Create a price list for different types of services, floral arrangements, and funeral merchandise, and the business software will display the final cost of the funeral automatically.
  • Enable notifications about changes in assignments, so your employees can respond instantly. 
  • Set up document templates with custom fields for receipts, service agreements, or work orders for funeral services so you can generate and print them in a few clicks.

Control Your Funeral Home's Inventory

Inventory tracking of materials and ceremony items in Orderry ensures you always have what you need for a modern funeral.

  • Set a minimum stock level for each item when it's received, and the funeral management software will alert you when they're low in stock.
  • Identify frequently used items in the Assortment Analysis report to adjust your product mix.
  • Synchronize production and sales of ceremonial goods to form a complete assortment.

Orderry takes care of your work routine so you can entirely focus on funeral directing

Set Up Automatic Payroll Calculation

The program for funeral services also manages your payroll process so you can reduce the impact of human error in your admin work. Configure base salaries, commissions, penalties, and bonuses for funeral directors and cemeterians, and Orderry will automatically display the final amount to be paid. Accrue salaries to individual balances and make payouts at custom frequencies.

Organize Your Funeral Home Accounting

Manage financial tasks with Orderry to reduce unnecessary expenses.

  • Control vendor payments to know who owes whom and how much
  • Accept prepayments or offer delayed payments to clients
  • Generate financial reports for any period in a few clicks and make effective management decisions based on accurate data.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online or Xero to enable automatic or manual synchronization of invoices, stock items, tax configurations, and client details.

Access and Manage Funeral Data via Mobile Applications

With Orderry, your funeral directors won't have to be in the funeral office to access customer profiles, process work orders, or complete tasks—they’ll just need to install the free Work Orders app on a smartphone or tablet.

As a business owner, use Orderry Business Insights app to stay in touch with employees and track key metrics on your phone. Always maintain control over your entire funeral business in real time whether at home or on the go.

Need more reasons to trial Orderry?

1. You won't need to download or install the funeral home management software because Orderry is a cloud-based solution. Just sign up and get started.

2. The program’s interface is intuitive and easy to use so your employees will master Orderry in a few days.

3. Our dedicated support team will help you get Orderry up and running according to your unique business requirements. We don't use chatbots!

4. Find step-by-step guides and news about updates in our Help Center.

5. Your data is secured by encrypted traffic and automated backups.

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What is funeral home management software?


This specialized software is designed to assist businesses operating in the funeral industry in managing various aspects of their operations. A solution for funeral homes typically includes key features such as scheduling, inventory management, record keeping, billing and invoicing, customer relationship management, individualized user access, and funeral planning tools. It helps funeral home directors and staff streamline their daily tasks, improve efficiency, and provide better services to their clients. Funeral home software systems also offer accounting features and detailed reports, allowing funeral homes to manage their finances more effectively. Overall, software for funeral homes is essential for modern businesses to effectively and efficiently manage their operations.

How to choose a funeral home management solution?


If you have a funeral profession and dream of owning your own business, choosing a funeral home solution is a complex and vital decision. Follow these steps to find a perfect fit:

  1. Assess the specific needs and requirements of your funeral home. Consider factors such as the size of the business, the number of funerals handled, and the specific services offered.
  2. Evaluate the features and functionality of the funeral care software. Look for an inventory control feature, customer requests management, employee maintenance features, arrangement tools, configurable task lists, financial tracking, and comprehensive reports.
  3. Consider the user-friendliness and ease of implementation of a funeral management system.
  4. Seek recommendations and reviews from other funeral home professionals to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the chosen solution.
  5. Consider the software cost and long-term support to ensure it aligns with your budget and future growth plans.

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