Service Business Management Software

Service Business Management Software

Speeds Up Workshop Operations


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Orderry fits all service business types

Моно або мультибрендовий

Mono- or multi-brand

Індивідуальний або мережевий

Full-service or one-man shop

З виїзними роботами або на точці

Field jobs, multiple locations,
or franchise

Work Order Management: From Leads To Repeat Sales

Automate Routine Tasks

Easy work order software Orderry simplifies the way you process work orders at every stage of your workflow:


Сost estimates of the labors and materials needed for a job and their quick conversion to work orders


Default work order types and individual status sequences for different locations


Client-payer fields to distinguish private and corporate clients


Event feed with a history of works performed, team members involved, and parts used

Work Order Management

Plan Fieldworks in the Scheduler

Use the Orderry job tracking and scheduling software for effective field service management:


Evenly distribute the workload among technicians and manage call-outs


Control the quality of fieldwork and your overall service company’s score


Find a convenient appointment time for clients in seconds

Plan Fieldworks in the Scheduler

Hear it from Orderry users

“Our previous software didn't have any way to let the customer know their vehicle is ready. We had to email the customer manually when the job was done. With Orderry, I don't have to send anything because it was pre-selected that the system sends a message whenever the car is ready.”


Miguel Rivera Figueroa

Operations Manager

Target Rent A Car

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Build an Outstanding Customer Service System

Orderry is the service business CRM solution providing structured data with essential details about your prospects and customers. Use this information to create a personalized and memorable experience.

Customer Service System
Converting leads

Converting leads

Quick replies to customer inquiries on Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct

Automatic notifications

Alerts & Reminders

On-my-way alerts and appointment reminders via SMS or WhatsApp

Alerts & Reminders

Automatic notifications

Automatic notifications on work order status changes and promotions

Service history

Customer history

Customer histories and custom discounts

Automate business processes with Orderry!

Combine Sales and Services

Combine Sales and Services

With the right software for service businesses, you can manage sales on the same platform, whether you have a simple shop or multiple locations.

Integrate Orderry with popular marketplaces and sell online or in-store


Pre-installed service directories and customizable product cards


Synchronization of sales and work orders with the digital warehouses


Unlimited number of cashboxes for different income sources


Convenient pricing management via cloud-based software

database of customers

Unified database of customers and prospects

work order processing

Simple work order processing

Field service management features

Streamlined field service operation

Online and offline sales

Online and offline sales

Take Control of Your Finances

Control your finances, manage taxes, plan budgets, prevent cash flow gaps, and increase business profitability.

Control your finances

Payments and Returns

Company-wide and location-based cashboxes for cash and cashless operations

Track Expenses

Track Expenses and Revenues

Control cash flow by line items and reduce unnecessary expenses

Manage Balances

Manage Balances

Mutual settlements with private and corporate clients, suppliers, and debt control

Correct Tax Rates

Automate the Tax Rate Application

Let the Orderry software for small businesses keep records of your company's taxation to avoid errors and time-consuming calculations

Trusted by service businesses around the globe

“If you bring us your equipment today, possibly for last tomorrow, you will have it fully repaired, and that's where Orderry has helped us a lot. Before that, we had another system that was too slow, and we were limited to our server.”


Leonardo Miranda

Technical Support Manager

at Blue Linq S. A.

Integrate With QuickBooks Online and Xero

Sync your accounting data in Orderry with QBO or Xero: invoices, clients, taxes, and stock items.

Quickbooks & Xero Intergration

Inventory Management

Create digital warehouses for goods and assets, and perform transfers, postings, and stocktaking in just a few clicks. Analyze your stock with the Assortment Analysis report, adjust pricing, and eliminate unprofitable items.

Clients’ Assets

Organize storage of clients’ property you service

Assortment Analysis Report

Identify your fast and slow sellers to create an attractive assortment

Automated Processes

Add goods to work orders or sales. Transfer, post and deduct them in bulk, do full or partial stocktaking, generate serial numbers and price tags in seconds

Inventory Control

Keep track of what's in stock and estimate the minimum stock level of each item so you can restock on time

Well-Organized Inventory

4 Stocktaking methods




Serial accounting and bin locations


Inventory reporting

Control your business from anywhere with Orderry!

Essential Reporting For Businesses That Offer Services

Orderry generates inventory, work order, employee effectiveness, and financial reports in visualized and understandable form so you’ll instantly see what is happening with your company.


Analytics company-wide and by locations


Company Insights Report with interactive diagrams and trends


Real-time updates and historical data

Essential Reporting
Over 20 types of reports

Over 20 types of reports on various business areas

Activity Log

Activity Log of all events in the system

Reporting on ad campaigns

Reporting on ad campaigns and customer reviews

Manage and Motivate Your Employees

Boost the efficiency of your team with time-saving features included in our software package for small businesses


Set up payroll in more than 8 scenarios for error-free calculations


Send automatic alerts of a new work order or status change to employees


Monitor each employee's performance


Track spare part balances per technician


Set up incentives to reward good performance


Individual access right limitations


Activity tracking in the system


Employee performance reports


Deadline control of tasks and work orders

Hear it from Orderry users

Install Free Mobile Apps

Mobile Access For Business Owners and Managers

The Orderry Business Insights mobile app allows you to manage your company from anywhere:


Track key metrics for the day and summaries for any period


Monitor cashbox statuses and customer feedback


Quickly contact employees via the app


Increase account security through two-factor authentication

Business Insights mobile app

Tablet-Friendly App For Service Contractors

The Orderry Work Orders application helps your mobile team process jobs on a smartphone or tablet:


Attach images and files to work orders


Leave private and public comments


View a client’s address on the map, check out service history and customer information


Update statuses and accept payments in the field


Overview all work orders at a glance and quickly find the one you need


Receive instant updates via push notifications

The Work Orders App

Book a 15-minute Demo to see how Orderry can save you time = money

Affordable Service Business Automation Solution

Affordable Service Business

No installation is needed, just open your browser on any device and get started

Integration with Zapier

Integration with 200+ services via Zapier for more opportunities


Comprehensive user support 24/7 included in all pricing plans

Regular updates

Regular updates and new features

Personalized onboarding

Personalized onboarding, self-serving Help Center, and tutorial videos on YouTube for a quick and effective start


What is software for service businesses?


A service management software solution will help you organize processes, manage customer communications, keep work orders, scheduling of calls and appointments, and regular maintenance visits in order. The most popular type of this software is cloud-based platforms as they offer an accessible user experience and attractive user interface and don’t require time-consuming installations or updates. You just need to sign up on the platform, select a monthly or annual subscription, specify your industry and the system will automatically give you access to preset templates and service directories according to your area of business activity.

Such tools should handle the following tasks:

  • Managing customer contacts, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Generating invoices and viewing customer payments, feedback, and complaints.
  • Tracking customer interactions and opportunities over time.
  • Analyzing the company’s performance to meet customer expectations better.
  • Organizing inventories of spare parts used in repairs and maintenance services.

You can manage these business operations and track finances, get high-value insights into analytics, and automate payroll computing in a cloud-based solution like Orderry. This modern CRM system is specifically designed for small service businesses so you can be sure its features will meet your business needs.

Can employees process work orders on mobile devices?


If you have field employees, the best solution for them would be to manage repairs via the Orderry Work Orders mobile app for field service businesses. It offers a range of features like viewing all active work orders, using a quick search, editing the work order information, and changing statuses in the app. Your field technicians can focus on doing their job without paying much attention to administrative tasks.

What are the key features of the Orderry Work Orders mobile app?


The Orderry Work Orders application enables your field team to process work orders on a smartphone or tablet. The powerful features include:

  • accessing work order data and searching through the work order list
  • tracking of all changes made to work orders in the Event Feed
  • editing jobs and changing statuses
  • commenting or leaving private notes

How can an all-in-one field service management software improve customer management?


The main focus of using service business management software is finding ways to help your staff have a higher quality job and better understand the customers and their needs. A cloud-based field service management solution like Orderry helps businesses that operate in the field stay in touch with clients, negotiate deals, get the most out of each project, reconcile financial data, analyze service lifecycle, get instant alerts about new work orders, improve actual scheduling, quickly generate quotes and invoices, and more. They also offer insights into key performance indicators to inform business decisions and improve customer experience.

What additional features does the Orderry field service software solution offer small businesses to improve their daily operations?


Besides customer and work order management features, Orderry has a set of additional service management functionalities that aim to streamline processes in all business areas:

  • Lead Management. You can build workflows with statuses for effective lead processing.
  • Built-in Calendar. With the features Work Order Scheduler and Employee Work Schedules, you get a handy calendar view of all available time slots of your techs and company’s resources, as well as manage work schedules and calculate daily and hourly wages.
  • Document templates. With preset templates for your industry and flexible forms, your employees can save time and effort when dealing with data entry and document creation. To reduce the risk of human error, the system will autofill customer and asset data and save document preferences for future use.
  • Expense tracking. With virtual cashboxes and various reports on financials in Orderry, you can monitor your cash flow and improve your business's bottom line.
  • Real-time data insights. The Company Insights Report empowers you to analyze how your company is doing and what growth points are in sales, work orders, and workforce management.

Does Orderry integrate with QuickBooks Online?


Yes, it does. This integration lets you synchronize your accounting data between Orderry and QuickBooks Online. The sync works for customer contracts, warehouse products added to work orders, invoices, and taxes. With this integration, you can save time on data entry and improve expense management in your company. Alternatively, you can integrate your account with Xero.

What is field service software?


Field service solutions help businesses manage and coordinate their field service operations. It provides tools and features that enable businesses to schedule and dispatch field technicians efficiently, track their location and progress, manage work orders and service requests, and communicate with customers and team members in real-time. Field service software also typically includes features for inventory management, equipment tracking, route optimization, and reporting and analytics, allowing businesses to optimize their field service operations and improve customer satisfaction.

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