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Business Analytics

Inform Your Decision Making To Achieve Business Goals

See A Big Picture With Performance Reporting

Company Insights

Track key metrics in a convenient format of customizable diagrams and trends to get a clear overview of what is going on with your business in real-time or over any period.

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Analyze your average sale, cash box amount, payments by work orders, and sales to better plan the company's budget, income, and expenses

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Keep track of closed work orders and their due dates to always meet deadlines

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Control the company's cash flow and employee workload to manage your resources wisely

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Assortment Analysis

Monitor your sales volume, identify fast- and slow-sellers to reasonably price your goods and create an attractive product mix.

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Forecast product and category demand

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Identify patterns of growth and decline in sales

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Track income and discounts on a per-employee basis

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Orderry Dashboard

Get a quick overview of essential metrics of the daily or monthly performance to discover the upward/downward trends and take action straight away.

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Use preset charts to track KPIs in sales, work orders, and finances

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View indicators by locations and employees

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See and understand your data thanks to visual presentation in graphical form

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Get unlimited access to the management accounting software for free during the 14-day trial!

Growth-Driving Analytics In Your Smartphone

Daily data monitoring on the go in the Orderry Boss app: track the number of work orders, payments, the amount of money in cash boxes, and other key indicators at any time. React instantly to any fluctuations in indicators and adjust your strategy in time.

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Easy-To-Read Data and KPI Control

Generate more than 20 types of management reports

With Orderry, reporting on the main areas of the company's activities is always at your fingertips. Generate reports on work orders, inventory, cash flow, and other indicators for any consolidated period in a few clicks.

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Work Order Reports

Track order data by status, location, and employee

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Advertising Campaigns

Monitor the effectiveness of marketing budgets invested

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Inventory Reports

Keep track of balances, turnover, write-offs, and purchases

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Income and Expenses

Improve budgeting with insights into cash flow

Managerial Accounting of Finances

Automate Financial Accounting to Make Better Budgeting Decisions

Accept payments for work orders and sales, record returns to customers, and pay for goods received from suppliers without leaving Orderry. Track cash flow by line item on your cash flow report and reduce unnecessary costs. Maintain balances with suppliers and customers and control debts. Automate calculating of sales taxes to avoid errors and save time on the taxation process.

Management accounting of finances in Orderry will help you effectively manage your cash resources, plan your budget and avoid cash gaps.

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Cash Flow

Reduce unnecessary spending and prevent cash gapsm

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Balances and Settlements

Keep track of who owes to whom and how much

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Cashbox Payments

Accept payments and print receipts

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Refunds to Customers

Keep records of refunds and make payments right in your Orderry account

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Sales Tax Computing

Add or exclude taxes on a price for goods and services in your company

Workforce Management With Advanced Access Control

Set up individual access rights to your company’s data for different employee roles, so they see only the information they need for their daily tasks. Track progress on work orders and each employee's performance in reports to keep their productivity under control.

Orderry also provides you with flexible payroll settings with over 8 scenarios and calculates the final amount automatically. Additionally, you can design an employee incentive program to motivate your team to work even more efficiently.

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Automatic Payroll Calculation

Individual wage computing rules and incentive programs

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Login History

Account login controls and IP whitelisting

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Reports by Employees

Work order number and their total amount by employees for any period

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Data Access

Individual access rights by role and event log of all activities

Get valuable insights into your business health with Orderry

Managerial Accounting For Data-Driven Decision Making

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Save Time

Generate more than 20 reports on inventory, customers, work orders, or finances in a few clicks

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Be Well-Informed

Collect, organize and analyze company data for any period

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Understand Data

Track key business metrics in a convenient format

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Stay Mobile

Monitor company performance from any device and location

Book a 15-minute Demo to see how Orderry can save you time = money

Bring Your Service Business To Success With Orderry

200+ useful services in one browser window

Regular updates that run automatically

Secure transmission and storage of business data

Free support and personalized onboarding

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