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Offline & Online Sales
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Inventory & Workforce Management
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Rental & Finance Accounting

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Orderry is a cloud-based software for bike shops and service centers

Automation At All Stages Of Bicycle Servicing

Reduce manual work and avoid risks caused by human errors. Your staff will do their job faster with ready-made templates, a handy customer database, Work Order Scheduler, and automated notifications.

  • Plan your workload of mechanics to avoid overlapping work orders
  • Instantly generate and print inspection sheets, repair estimates, and other documents
  • Set up automatic alerts on repair progress, ready-for-pickup messages, and promotions.

Bike Repair & Maintenance On Time

Set time limits and status-changing rules to control how quickly customer work orders are processed in your bike repairing shop.

See nearest due dates, view the full work order history, and change an assigned mechanic if not keeping up the good work.

Only Easy-To-Find Parts in Your Stock

Orderry ensures convenient inventory management in your bike shop:

  • See what’s currently in stock and what parts you already need to purchase
  • Create different warehouses for one or many locations
  • Use bin locations to make your warehouse more accessible
  • Add products to work orders directly from the warehouse
  • Easily perform write-offs and stock transfers.

Reliable Bike Shop Management Software To Grow Your Customer Base

In Orderry, you keep track of each client, e.g. what they ride, what parts and services they need, and how satisfied they are. Use this information to reward the loyal ones with individual offers or discounts, as well as to adjust your product assortment.

Monitor and Calculate Employee Performance

Motivate mechanics and other staff members of your bike workshop:

  • Calculate your staff wages based on the actual work done, e.g. the number of repair orders or parts sold
  • Use reports to identify the most and the least performant employees to develop a fair bonus system
  • Configure the price for all types of diagnostic, maintenance, repair, and sales
  • Set up automatic payroll for mechanics and managers.

Manage Your Bicycle Repair Business From Any Location

Your mobile phone is all you need to be an effective boss. Use the Orderry Business Insights App to track key performance metrics and connect with your staff members on the go. Enable two-factor authentication to enhance data protection.

Offering Bicycle Rentals?
Provide Exceptional Customer Service To Keep People Coming Back

Simple Record-Keeping of Bike Rentals

You don’t need separate software to manage your bicycle rentals. Just go to Orderry and create a new work order. Here you can:

  • Set an estimated rental value to quickly calculate the deposit
  • Attach scans of customer documents and photos of rental goods
  • Generate a barcode, stick it on the rental item and quickly record a return from a customer with the scanner.

Synchronized Accounting Records With QuickBooks Integration

After you connect two accounts, you won’t need to switch systems and enter data twice. Just enable the automatic or manual sync of invoices, sales tax settings, client data, and stock items.

Always Have Working Bike Fleet To Rent Out

See how often each bicycle was rented and schedule the needed maintenance. Keep an eye on repair statuses so none of your bikes is sitting around not making money for you.

Automated Alerts For Better Communication

Set up an SMS alert to remind customers about the return time to avoid delays and conflicts with other renters.

Selling Bikes and Cycling Accessories Too?
Successfully Combine Both Services and Sales in Orderry!

Build a Profitable Product Mix

Analyze your assortment, manage prices, and get rid of items that don’t make a profit for you. Identify your best-selling products to boost sales in your bicycle repair shop.

Go Online to Sell More

Increase the turnover of goods by selling both in-store and online. Integrate your Orderry account with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, shipping services, and logistics solutions via Zapier.

Control Your Finances

Easily record your expenses and sources of income and get an instant overview of all crucial numbers from any device.

Receive a visualized summary of your business statistics: profits, services performed, products sold, leased bikes, employees, advertising campaigns, and stock.

Why Work With Us

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Flexible pricing plans

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Free support

Instant help or advice via chat,
email, or phone

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Accessible from any device

Work from anywhere
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You help people get around and remain healthy. We help you focus on your job with minimum admin efforts.
All in all, it is simple but powerful cooperation.

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What analytics features are there in Orderry?


Advanced reporting in Orderry helps you save, organize, and generate the information you need in a convenient form. You can track performance changes on the Company Insights Report graphs to find new growth points. And for real-time reporting, open the Dashboard. The crucial KPIs are displayed there:

  • conversion rate
  • company rating
  • the average sale
  • the ratio of work orders in different statuses
  • the reasons for lost deals
  • cash controls

For detailed reporting on particular business activities, you can generate different types of reports:

  • finances (employee salaries, total money, cash flow, profit on work orders and sales)
  • work orders on rentals and bike repairs (created, actual and closed orders)
  • inventories (turnovers, stock, write-offs, goods that need to be purchased)

Based on the complex reporting, you will be able to make better business decisions, assess the efficiency of your operation, employee performance, and current expenses.

Do Orderry users have access to customer support?


Yes, all subscribers can get in touch with the Orderry support team in case they have questions or need assistance with configuration.

How do I manage my bike inventory efficiently?


For this purpose, you will need to use such an amazing feature as inventory management of your software for bicycle stores:

  • Post and write off bikes, frames, tubes, wheels, spokes, brakes, and other parts.
  • Keep track of their sales, use in repairs, and location in the warehouse.
  • Monitor stock levels and their timely purchase.
  • Categorize, assign unique codes and articles, and generate barcodes for different bike models.

The chronology of all stock operations is saved in the system, so it will be easy for you to track their use in bike repairs and sales. In addition, you can set up access rights to allow or deny access to the stock for employees.

What services can I integrate my Orderry account with?


There are plenty of integration possibilities in Orderry. For example, to increase your bicycle store income you can start selling online by connecting your inventory to any eCommerce platform by automatically uploading product stock levels via an XLS file. For timely SMS reminders, you can integrate your account with Twilio or BulkSMS Gateways. For accurate accounting records, it is possible to enable automatic synchronization with QuickBooks Online. And soon, Orderry users will be able to accept credit cards and online payments via Stripe.

What is bicycle repair shop software?


Software for bicycle rentals and repair shops is a program for the automation of business processes and daily operations. It combines customer relationship management and ERP systems so you can:

  • Control work order deadlines
  • Set up effective workflows
  • Assign tasks to technicians
  • Plan the workload of your shop
  • Keep all-important customer information
  • Control stocks and purchases of spare parts
  • Record repair orders and sales of bicycles and accessories
  • Analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Save customer history for better future communication
  • Identify the most popular and profitable services and products
  • Evaluate the productivity of employees
  • Manage finances, offline sales, and online sales
  • Generate multi-store reporting for bike shop owners (for days, months, years)
  • Send out automatic service reminders.

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