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Timely Repairs And Less Admin Work With Orderry

The more expensive and harmful to the environment it becomes to drive a car, the more alternatives to traditional transportation people need. Nowadays, bicycles and scooters are filling the streets alongside conventional vehicles. They are affordable, environmentally friendly, and practical, allowing you to move quickly around the city and stay fit simultaneously.

BikeNow, a bike-sharing service, successfully joined this trend in 2019. At first, it was a trial run of 200 bikes. As it became successful, the number of bikes was increased to 2000. Similar experiences inspired the idea of the sharing business in China and European countries. Once opened as part of the German company NextBike, BikeNow grew and created its own brand as the demand increased.

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At the same time, they developed the scooter line and purchased the first 500 scooters. Vlad Knapysh, CEO of BikeNow, says the company has 4,000 bicycles and 1,300 scooters today. And to maintain a fleet this big, they need an efficient business management system.

End of the Pen&Paper and Excel Sheets Era

The company has a team of 35 employees, namely:

  • Mechanics who service bicycles and scooters
  • Drivers who place bicycles evenly in the city
  • Admin team

Mr. Knapysh emphasized that as long as there were few vehicles and employees, it was quite easy to keep records. They did it quite old-fashioned—data was manually recorded on paper. Later they started using Excel sheets. Over time, the team felt the need for solutions to automate these processes. They did a Google search for platforms that offer inventory management features and found Orderry. After a trial period, BikeNow implemented it at the end of 2022.

Find out how Orderry can streamline your business operations

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Saved Mechanics’ Time Means More Repaired Vehicles

BikeNow focuses mainly on inventory management of spare parts. The advantage of Orderry for the company is that there is no need to write them off manually during every bike or scooter repair. All the data is at your fingertips, right on your phone.

The main goal of implementing Orderry was to automate inventory management operations. It was also necessary to make things more convenient, especially for employees, so they don't waste time on manual record-keeping. After all, saved mechanics’ time means more repaired vehicles. And the more repaired vehicles, the more they are in the city. The more vehicles are there in the city, the more profit the company makes.

Vlad Knapysh
CEO, BikeNow

Thanks to Orderry’s user-friendly interface and helpful features, the company could save time and increase employee loyalty. Mechanics start processing repair jobs in the work order management system, select the parts needed, and record labors and parts without tedious calculations and manual data entry.

bike-warehouseOrder details in bicycle shop software Orderry

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Another advantage of Orderry for BikeNow is that you can quickly view what was done and to what vehicles. This helps assess which spare parts are consumed the most, simplifying keeping the needed amount in stock.

Moreover, inventory reports show current stock levels and suggest which consumables need to be ordered more or less.

As an executive, reporting is what I need the most: I know how many spare parts are used and for how long. With Orderry, I don't have to do stocktaking constantly. I do it once a year to check how well everything works.

Vlad Knapysh
CEO, BikeNow

Overall, having bike repair shop software promotes discipline and data protection because employees understand that all actions are recorded electronically. According to Vlad Knapysh, people in his team have been working together for many years, relying on trust and support. Together, this reduces staff turnover and strengthens business sustainability.

BikeNow is still growing and has recently added 1000 scooters to its fleet. The company also sells franchises and negotiates with those who want to open the sharing service in other cities under their brand.

Orderry wishes BikeNow many more successful launches, responsible users, and easy repairs. And we will take care of the routine automation.

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