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Orderry Boss — a brand new iOS mobile app for business owners and executives

Meet our first 100% download-worthy Orderry Boss application for iOS for easy and handy tracking of key company metrics

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Asset auto-detection by IMEI, the permission to create items in the Assets Directory

Check out the last Orderry improvements which make your experience with using assets and other features more convenient and better.

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Company Insights: a New Feature To Help Business Leaders Freely Explore and Analyze Their Data

Meet a new built-in Orderry feature, a versatile interactive tool designed to leverage your data analytics. Explore causes, get actionable insights, and uncover new growth opportunities. Easily drill down, visualize trends, and make truly data-driven deci

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Bulk Actions For Notifications And Quick Product Categories To Streamline Your Workflow

Here at Orderry, we keep working hard to deliver new automation and productivity-enhancing features to streamline workflow and make your day-to-day business operation run like clockwork.

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Updated Finance. New Opportunities With Payments and Balances

2020 has been a challenging season, particularly notable for Orderry because of a series of major updates and new-brand features delivered. We determined early in the year that the upcoming releases would stick to far-reaching developments in Payments and

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Assets With Warehouses Go Live. New-Brand Experience, How It Works And What’s Next

Check out the latest software update that drives your Orderry experience to a qualitatively new level.

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Forms Editor To Improve Leads, Critical Update With New Assets Goes Live

In this week’s update, we are making a number of changes to further improve the experience. Here we often say “Enough is never enough”. Our development team remains committed, with a wealth of proposals and feedback received on Leads, to doing more.

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First Feature Update For Leads, New Payment Details in Postings and Client Returns

Only two weeks have passed since the last global update with a new-brand functionality named Leads we have been working on so hard. It’s a very much anticipated and long-awaited feature, that’s why we decided to use the time wisely and deliver the first m

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Lead Routing in Orderry

Meet the new Leads functionality, which allows you to record and process all customer requests, then convert them into orders and sales.

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New cashbox payment dialogues and column customization in reports

Orderry has learned to count change, and now you can turn on and off the display of columns in reports – read about it in the article.

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