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Effective Workforce Management

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Orderry is an auto parts store management software solution for businesses of any size

Never Come Up Short On Inventory Items Your Customers Need

Be constantly aware of the exact state of your stock across multiple locations and purchase missing parts on time. Our inventory management software for auto parts offers a handy barcoding system, serial number tracking, and bin locations so you can properly carry out all warehouse activities.

Sell Parts and Services with Ease

Keep records of offline and online sales in Orderry and watch your profit grow. Build workflows to manage multi-stage sales, including delivery, packaging, and deposits, or make a quick counter sale. Integrate your stock with any marketplace to sell parts online. If you offer services like installations or repairs, you can manage them both as sales or work orders.

Simplify Auto Parts Store Operations

To make a busy day in your store less stressful, Orderry provides you with time-saving features to cope with everyday business:

  • Use the Work Orders app to add products and services to repair orders quickly
  • Manage client refunds in a few clicks
  • Generate serial numbers for spare parts
  • Assign tasks and track progress

Establish a Reliable Customer Base

Streamline your customer relationship management process from the first contact to a repeated work order so clients come back to you repeatedly. In our auto parts software Orderry, you can keep track of your client’s activity and set up different types of special offers, e.g., repeat customer or frequent-buyer discounts.

Decide What to Sell

Forget about frozen budgets in the warehouse thanks to Orderry’s smart reporting. Identify fast-moving auto parts and all items clients demand in the Assortment Analysis report. Just get rid of unpopular products and purchase only those that make your shop profit.

Orderry is a simple solution for busy auto shop owners

Automate Your Routine

Save time on routine work, reduce manual errors, and improve customer experience with auto repair software:

Keep Track of Your Finances

Manage the cash flow in your store and increase its profitability.

  • See your income by line item and cut out unnecessary expenses
  • Get readable sales analytics and data-driven insight into inventory
  • Keep a record of mutual settlements with suppliers.

Integrate with QuickBooks/Xero to Keep Accounting Data Updated

With this integration, your invoices in Orderry will be synchronized with QBO/Xero without you switching systems. Sales tax configuration, products added to work orders, and client information will also be updated.

Build Your Own Workforce Management System

Never let your best car-savvy mechanics or salespeople go because of poor workforce management. Set up individual salary calculations for each employee based on:

  • work performed
  • sales of products or items from specific categories
  • other piece- or percentage-rate scenarios
  • commissions, bonuses, and penalties

Organize Your Team with Employee Work Schedules

With the built-in scheduling tool in Orderry, automotive repair shops run like clockwork:

  • Plan working and non-working days, holidays, and each employee's vacations
  • Use autocomplete to save time on scheduling
  • Automate payroll for each employee's hours and days worked
  • Set up paid and unpaid vacations and sick leaves

Manage Retail Stores On The Go

The Orderry Business Insights mobile app helps you as a business owner stay on the same page with stats in real-time and view data for any period.

  • Track sales, payments, revenue, cashbox balances, customer reviews, and other essential data
  • Monitor your staff performance and connect with employees without leaving the app
  • Enable two-factor authentication for safe and secure auto repair shop management

Inform Your Decision-Making with Auto Parts Shop Software Analytics

Track the number of sales, discount amounts, and other sales metrics in the Company Insights charts. Analyze their rise and fall, segment by managers, stores, promotions, periods and customer types to create an effective sales plan and increase profits.

Level-Up Your Internal Control and Security

To prevent missing goods in your stock, shortages in the cashboxes, and other fraud or data leaks use the employee control tools in Orderry:

  • Track all employee activity in your account on a single Activity Log page
  • Secure your business’s most valuable assets — the warehouses and cashboxes, with two levels of access.

Here’s How Orderry Works

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Add employees
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What types of businesses can benefit from using auto parts software?


A shop management system for auto parts retailers helps businesses manage and organize inventory, sales, and customer communication. Various businesses can use it, which benefits auto aftermarket and auto parts industry. The software helps track parts and products, manage sales and customer data, and create reports.

What features should you look for in auto parts store software?


The key features are its inventory management capabilities, work order processing features, customer service functionalities, vehicle workflow management, and financial features. The software should also be easy to use and meet the specific needs of your business.

How do you track your inventory of vehicle parts?


Parts inventory can be tracked in different ways, depending on the size of the inventory and the type of parts. One common way is by using a barcode system: each part has a barcode sticker attached to it, and the barcode is scanned into auto parts inventory software whenever the part is received or used. The inventory management systems like Orderry make it easy to track the quantity of each part available in your warehouses saving you lots of time and admin effort. If you also have an online store, you can integrate its online catalog with Orderry’s inventory via XLS or CSV file upload for items’ synchronization.

How do you decide when to order more parts?


To effectively manage your automotive parts inventory you need to keep track of inventory levels. The best way to do this is via the inventory control features in Orderry. When the current stock level reaches a preset threshold, you will know it’s time to order more parts. The threshold is set based on the desired amount of items, the time it would take to run out of parts and the time it would take to receive new ones.

How do you know when you're running low on inventory?


There are different approaches to auto parts inventory management. One way is to keep track of inventory levels manually like using a spreadsheet. But be aware that this method is time-consuming and it can be challenging to keep track of parts coming in and out of stock. Another way to manage inventory in the automotive industry is through a warehouse management solution. This system can track stock levels automatically and send notifications when levels are low. This will ensure that you always have enough inventory on hand.

How do you keep track of inventory costs in your auto parts business?


Orderry’s industry-specific features will help you track the cost of each product in your warehouse. The system keeps records of each part's sales and calculates the inventory cost based on the number of parts sold. You can review this information in the Assortment Analysis Report to determine the cost of each part and whether or not the inventory is worth holding.

What are the top tips for managing auto parts inventory?


Follow these best practices to ensure you as an auto parts dealer always have the right parts on hand when needed:

  • Keep track of vehicle repair history and what parts are used in each car to order replacements accordingly.
  • Be aware of when parts will likely expire and order replacements in advance.
  • Keep an accurate inventory of all parts and track incoming and outgoing stock.
  • Have a system in place for receiving and sorting parts.
  • Make sure to have a backup plan in case of unexpected stock shortages.
  • Regularly review your stock levels and make changes as necessary.

How often do you review your auto parts stock?


Most auto parts stores and auto repair shops review their parts inventory at least monthly, if not more frequently. This helps ensure they can meet customer demand and maintain an efficient stock. Use inventory management solutions to make the stocktaking process less stressful. E.g., in Orderry, you can perform stocktaking using one of the four methods available: by a barcode reader, via import/export of the product file, through a paper sheet or product list uploading.

Can I accept online payments in Orderry?


Online payment and credit card processing are currently unavailable in Orderry. However, our team is working on integrating with Stripe to enable Orderry users to sell online.

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