Computer Repair Shop Software

Computer Repair Shop Software


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Manage Computer Fixing Jobs in-Store or On-Site

Manage Computer Fixing Jobs

Fast PCs and Laptop Repair in Your Shop


Control each stage of work order processing with Status Time Limits


Estimate a job cost, get approvals, and convert offers to work orders


Create individual workflows for different work order types


Have customer contacts and device repair history always at hand

Overdue work orders

Overdue work orders in a separate tab

Individual status chains

Individual status chains for different locations

Device service history

Device service history

Efficient Work Order Processing on Smartphones & Tablets


Process jobs and tasks, add photos/comments to repair tickets, and accept payments via the mobile app Work Orders


Plan your field technicians’ time in a convenient calendar format of the job tracking and scheduling software


Send out on-my-way alerts to customers and collect feedback after the tech’s visit via SMS

process work orders

Mobile & tablet apps to process repairs

Database for locations

Database for one or more locations

Customer review requests

Customer review requests via SMS

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Combine Sales and Services in One Computer Repair Shop Software


Always Have Parts and Tools in Stock

Create digital warehouses in Orderry to keep track of spare parts, supplies, and equipment in your computer repairing business


Identify parts frequently used in work orders


Set a minimum stock level for each item


Bin locations and serial accounting of goods


Add products to estimates without inventory deduction

Organized inventories

Organized stock management

Automation of warehouse processes

Automation of warehouse processes

Control of transfers

Control of transfers and stock levels

Build a Profitable Product Mix

Fill your warehouse and computer repairs store with popular items among your customers


Identify fast-selling products and get rid of slow-sellers


Integrate with online stores and marketplaces


Set up synchronization of physical stock, online and offline sales

Assortment Analysis
Marketplace integration

Marketplace integration

Detailed Assortment Analysis

Detailed Assortment Analysis

Offline and online sales

Offline and online sales


Less Admin Work, More Time for Customers

Automate your computer servicing center with Orderry service work order software to eliminate manual input and shorten waiting time


Integration with IMEI Lookup to automatically detect devices by IMEI code


Automatic cost calculation based on services and goods added to work orders


Quick price and discount setup based on the purchase price and margin


Prebuilt directories for services, goods, and faults


Specifying payers separately from clients in work orders


Auto-replies to inquiries from Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct

Flexible forms

Flexible forms and directories

Automatic write-off

Automatic write-off from stock to work orders

Tools to price reasonably

Tools to price reasonably

Trusted by service businesses around the globe

“If you bring us your equipment today, possibly for last tomorrow, you will have it fully repaired, and that's where Orderry has helped us a lot. Before that, we had another system that was too slow, and we were limited to our server.”


Leonardo Miranda

Technical Support Manager

at Blue Linq S. A.

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Computer Fixing Store Finances Under Control

Payments and Cashboxes

Keep mutual settlements with customers and suppliers in Orderry to control your debts


Accept non-cash/cash payments and make refunds


Create an unlimited number of cashboxes for one or more locations


Generate professional-looking computer repair invoices and warranty sheets

Payments and Cashboxes
Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Monitor your income and expenses to plan budgets and avoid cash gaps


Track cash flow by line item


Analyze profit by work orders and sales for any period


Automate payroll calculation and accrual, control salary payouts

Automatic Computing of Sales Tax

Add the tax rates applicable to your company to the repair shop software Orderry to automate their application and calculation


Customize tax applications for work orders/sales/invoices/postings


Tax exemptions for individual items/categories


Different tax systems for different locations

Computing of Sales Tax
Quickbooks & Xero Integration

Quickbooks & Xero Integration

Sync Orderry data with QuickBooks Online or Xero for stress-free accounting processes


Real-time updating of invoices


Synchronization of taxes


Up-to-date records of clients and stock

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Computer Shop Management System to Control All Areas of Your Business

200+ integrations

Integrate Orderry with 200+ platforms and services for more business opportunities

VoIP Integration


View customer or work order information in the incoming call card and listen to recorded conversations

SMS gateways

SMS gateways

Set up automatic alerts to inform about promotions, work order statuses or collect feedback

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Connect Orderry to WhatsApp to send customers instant updates, reminders, and review requests

What our customers have to say about Orderry

“Orderry is a polished solution for computer repair management. Everything looks well thought out and fine-tuned.”


Jonathan Nieves


Bits Tech Computers

Effective Workforce Management in Your Computer Repairing Center

See Who Did What and When in your Orderry Account

Control what's happening in work orders, calls, finances, and stock, as well as recover accidentally deleted items in the Activity Log

Limit Access to Sensitive Data

Configure access restrictions to program functions based on employees’ roles to eliminate internal security risks

Automated Payroll and Error-Free Paychecks

Let Orderry calculate hourly/daily wages, commissions, and bonuses according to employee KPIs and work schedules

Well-Planned Work Schedules

Set up individual work schedules for each location and employee to keep track of working and non-working days in the built-in Work Schedule calendar

Effective Workforce Management
44 events on one page

60 events on one page

Different levels of data access

Different levels of data access

8 payroll scenario

8 payroll scenarios

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Grow Your PC Repair Business

Critical Data is Always at Your Fingertips

Generate more than 20 types of reports on all areas of your computer repairing company's activities for any period in seconds


Finances, work orders, and inventory


Campaign analysis


Employee and workflow efficiency

Cashflow Report
Analytical Report

KPIs in a Convenient Visual Format

Chart your business KPIs to get a fresh perspective on essential metrics and find new ways to grow your business


Leads, work orders, sales, calls, and payments in dynamics


Custom combination of metrics, objects, and periods

Company Management via Orderry Business Insights Mobile App

Monitor your computer repair shop performance from wherever you are:


Key metrics, cashboxes, and customer feedback


Contacting employees in one tap


Two-factor authentication

Orderry Business Insights Mobile App

Automate business processes with Orderry!

Dozens of Possibilities in One Powerful Tool



Dedicated support and personal onboarding assistance



Preset account template for computer repairing businesses


Data Security

Daily backups and data security

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Quickstart without downloads, installation, or programming assistance

Automate Your Computer Repair Shop Management
in 3 Easy Steps:


Sign up and invite employees


Add services and products to the system


Create your first work order and accept payment


What is computer repair tracking software?


The software for PC repair centers is a modern business management tool to digitize daily operations and optimize productivity. This kind of program is mainly a web-based tool accessible from any device. They are flexible and can be used by various types of businesses. After signing up, pre-configured features will be in your account based on your industry. The typical features include repair ticketing, a detailed customer database, record keeping of sales, invoicing, inventory management, payroll calculation, and business analytics.

What is the best way to control computer repairs?


Instead of spreadsheets, use a web-based work order platform for repair shops. With its custom work log functionality, you’ll be able to build efficient workflows for managing your PC repair jobs and thus increase the efficiency of your employees. They will spend less time processing service tickets and benefit from faster invoicing. As a result, your business will provide a high-quality customer service experience.

Does Orderry offer integration with online stores?


Yes, it does. If you operate in the retail & repair industry, you can use Orderry not only as repair service management software but also as a tool to manage online sales. The Custom Integration feature enables you to set up the unloading of products from the Orderry warehouses to any online store that supports importing goods via an XLS file upload.

What software should I use to manage computer repairs on-site?


You should use field service software for reduced manual work and effective management of repairs on the go. It will help you conveniently manage PC service routines and repairs on your smartphone or tablet. If you use Orderry, your field crew can process work orders in the Work Orders App. This application is available for iOS, Android, iPad, and Android tablets. And all Orderry users can use it free of charge. When working with the Orderry App, your employees will be able to:

  • View information about clients and their work orders
  • Add photos, files, and comments
  • Edit location, manager, appointment date, notes, and other general work order information
  • Contact the manager or customer with one tap

How can repair shop management software improve customer satisfaction in my PC service shop?


A repair shop solution can significantly improve satisfaction and increase the loyalty of your customers by providing a more efficient and streamlined experience. With this repair software, customers can easily schedule appointments, track the status of their repairs, and receive real-time notifications when their device is ready for pickup. Additionally, software for repair centres can help automate billing and invoicing processes, ensuring that customers receive accurate and timely invoices.

What kind of reports can I generate in Orderry?


Various reporting features in Orderry will give powerful insights into your computer repair shop’s performance. You can analyze how effectively your team processes work orders, sells goods, manages inventories, and more. For example, you’ll see the total sales profit in each location in sales reports. To adjust product pricing, just view the Assortment Analysis Repost. And to understand the performance of your finances, open the financial reports on cash flow, payroll, and profits. All data is accessible from any device and for any period and can be generated into an easy-to-read table in seconds.

Is there an inventory management feature in Orderry?


Yes, there is a full set of features to manage your warehouse in Orderry. You can create an inventory database of goods and assets and organize them as virtual warehouses. To keep everything in order, you can perform warehouse operations like seeing stock levels, posting, writing off or transferring products, making returns to suppliers, and adding parts to work orders or sales. It is also possible to use bin locations, serial numbers, and barcode labeling.

How do I choose the best solution in the repair shop software market if I’m not an online tech-savvy person?


There are a few key factors to consider when looking for a modern repair shop management solution:

  1. 1. Assess your specific needs and requirements for the solution. Look for one tailored to your business size, industry, and workflow.
  2. 2. List the essential software features and functionality, such as inventory and job management, appointment scheduling, and customer management.
  3. 3. Look for a cloud platform that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a responsive customer support team.
  4. 4. Consider the software's cost and pricing structure and any additional fees for upgrades or add-ons.
  5. 5. Review reviews and get recommendations from other repair shop business owners to ensure you select a reliable and effective cloud-based repair management solution.

What are the main benefits of using a customer relationship management solution in repair businesses?


Software for repair shops can streamline many common operations, such as scheduling appointments and managing inventory and customer base. With scheduling tools, repair shops can easily manage appointments and ensure customers are serviced on time. Inventory management features can help track parts and supplies, preventing overstocking or shortages. The database of repair orders and clients can store customer information, such as contact details and service history, making it easier to provide personalized service and follow-up. Additionally, the software can automate tasks such as invoicing and cash and credit card payment processing, reducing administrative burdens and allowing staff to focus on repairing computers.

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