With Orderry Dashboard, you will have the key business metrics for your company at a glance on a single page. Make management decisions easily with Orderry!

Order Scheduling

Evaluate the workload for your employees and register client orders in advance. The Scheduler helps you to find a free contractor for the client at the time needed. You can also schedule work for a specific contractor requested by the client.

Order Management

Managing your orders has never been so intuitive. The Order Management puts all your orders in a single table for easy access. Each order entry contains the order number, status, deadline, contractor, client, and many more useful data columns. Filter your orders the way that is simple and convenient for you: by number, device name, client, or the phone number.


Orderry provides you with numerous telephony integrations. Just connect the one that is most helpful for your CRM, and you get to work. The VoIP enables you to initiate the client call by clicking on the client's phone number in Orderry interface. Our service also shows information about clients as well as the last orders associated with them - all during the incoming call. Orderry logs and records all phone calls, so you can listen back to them anytime you need.

Inventory management

Account for all of your products and parts from the workshop. Post, write-off, and transfer your products and parts between warehouses of your locations. With Orderry inventory management, each and every product has its very own vendor code and category.


Quickly log your retail sales with Orderry. You can print your product checks upon sales for easy reporting, and use the Sales Income and Product Turnover reports to see whether your strategy has room for improvement.


Control the financial flow of your business with a click. Orderry Finances automatically logs all operations that involve receiving and issuing funds. You can generate financial reports to access the structured data at any time.

Payroll Calculation

Paying salaries with Orderry is convenient, transparent, and automatic. You can set a piece-rate for employees to pay a fixed percentage of the order cost. Run a Payroll Report to see the payroll amounts for your employees for the specified time interval.

SMS notifications

Send your clients SMS notifications about completed orders with Orderry. With the SMS notification system, you can send messages manually or configure an automatic mailing for a future date and time.

Document Printing

Use your Orderry document templates to reduce your efforts and time spent on the order routine. Print your warranty receipts, product checks, and work completion statements from the web browser instantly with Orderry.

Accessible from any device

Orderry operates in the cloud – so the only tool you need to run and manage your business is an internet connection.

We are constantly working on product enhancement and adding new features to provide the most effective solutions for our clients.

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