Company Insights

Discover new opportunities to grow your business with the Company Insights Report in Orderry. It displays a complete picture of your business and allows you to track key metrics in a convenient diagram and trend format. Collect data on leads, orders, employees, calls, payments and generate reports for any period with one click. View metrics from different angles to find interesting patterns and identify recurring algorithms.

Lead Routing

Orderry has a simple and fully customizable Lead Table to track potential clients as they arrive from different channels, such as VoIP calls, website applications, or social networks. Set the initial status, advertising campaign, assigned manager, or tech specialist. Create different rule-based chains of statuses using your own business logic.

Make every process and routine operation with Leads tailored to your unique workflow. Let your managers and operators route Leads through every stage, from check-in to payment. Keep all about new clients on track, from the very first inquiry and check-in to successful order and payment. Convert potential clients into regular ones.

Order Scheduler

Evaluate your workload, consolidate daily schedules, create assignments in advance, dispatch orders and field crews more efficiently. Use the Scheduler feature to quickly fill gaps, finding a free specialist for a client at a scheduled period of time.

Provide your clients with the service they want, assigning a certain technician or field team on demand. Ensure every service order, job assignment, and task is followed from start to finish, all in one easy-to-use online interface. Make a good name for your company with Orderry.

Order Management

Managing orders, giving a quick response to clients, and keeping work to deadlines has never been so simple and convenient. Use Order Management feature to have a single table, pulling together every order and service for one-click access, deadlines, responsible managers, assigned specialists, and current status — in work, ready for pickup, issued / handed over, pending, and so on — this is what's actually putting you in the driver's seat.

The Order Table in Orderry can be quickly configured and filtered by common criteria. Use quick search to easily find exactly what you need, browsing orders by number, device, model, client name, or mobile.

VoIP Integration

Seamlessly connect with the VoIP service you’re currently employing for business. Just select the right one from the list of available integrations, complete quick setup, and get started. Stay on the same page with your clients, make and take calls in one click without leaving your Orderry.

All information about your clients (history record, last order, and current status) is always at hand when you’re taking a call. We will carefully log and keep a record of all incoming and outgoing calls in the system, so that you can go back and listen to voice conversations when needed.

Inventory management

Know where every product, asset, part, and material is going and what needs reordering . Manage postings, write-offs, and warehouse transfers between different physical storages or across multiple business locations. Track balances, maintain optimal inventory levels, and ensure only timely purchases.

Use serialized items, vendor codes, batching, or own categories for parts and materials. Turn overwhelming Inventory Management into a 100% transparent, trackable, manageable and fully controllable journey.


Forget about the most daunting and repeated tasks with sales and retail. Now with Orderry, you can quickly get everything in place with sales management, from inquiry and check-in to check-out and reporting. Generate price tags and product stickers, print them in just a few clicks.

Find exactly what you need for sale at the moment with a barcode scanner, or using a quick search by product title, serial number, or vendor code. Add discounts and instantly put them into orders, print receipts, invoices, and vendor statements directly from your favorite Internet browser. Use the Sales Income and Product Turnover reports to instantly detect bottlenecks, get room for improvement.


Keep track of your cash flow, easily monitor income and expenditures to plan budgets accordingly and prevent cash gaps. Keep records of every balance and payment settlement with your clients, suppliers, employees, and sub-contractors. Get rid of redundant stuff and have a full picture of every operation of your business that involves cash income, expenditure, or debts. Use easy reporting on finance and have nice structured data for accounting.

Management and Accounting, Built-In Reporting

Bring your data to life with the ability to generate reports for any period of time in one click. Visualize any key performance metrics in a way that provides you with invaluable insights necessary to make the best possible decisions, acting proactively. Generate reports on finance, orders, inventory, and SMS communication with clients. Receive daily notifications and have nice structured data at hand with scheduled email reporting.

Track ad campaigns and their efficiency. Keep an eye on managers, ops, tech specialists, and their login history in the Orderry system. Reports can be instantly converted in the Excel file format when you want to quickly delve-deep into figures for a more detailed analysis and review.


Stay on the same page with all key performance indicators displayed in real-time on the Orderry Dashboard. Automate reporting and have a glance on metrics that really matters for you and your business, allowing to make best possible decisions based on the actual performance.

Providing you with deeper insights into daily operation (closed orders or sales, payment history, cash returns, current workload, average bill, conversion, retention, and much more), Orderry has a fully loaded set of features and productivity-enhancing tools you will find in no other software across the industry.

Payroll Calculation, Workforce Management

Build up a maximum performing and error-free scheme of payroll calculation. Time to turn overwhelming workforce management into a fully understandable and streamlined process. Make every manager, operator, field specialist, and technician promoted in a fair way. Create a flexible system of rewards, based on your unique workflow, different roles, and common daily assignments.

Choose between a fixed and percentage-based model, tied to a specific role, type of order, service, part, or material. Use an intelligent software solution giving a green light to flexible payroll calculation and more competitive workforce management.

SMS Notifications

Let your clients have a simply better service, gaining a leg up on the market. Send automated SMS, scheduled alerts, and email notifications on every occasion: timely alerts to check on job progress and order status, ready-for-pickup messages, on-my-way alerts for field services, quotes and invoices, special offers and discounts, different custom notifications, for example, polite reminders asking to leave feedback or rate your service.

Use a built-in SMS broadcasting gateway and a rich library of customizable templates. Create scheduled campaigns at a specific date and time, or send custom messages manually. Whatever works for you and your business.

Print Documents

Forget about the lion’s share of paperwork that has been consuming your time and focus. Print documents on the same page, without leaving your favorite Internet browser.

Use a default library of document templates in Orderry to customize, generate and print sales receipts, invoices, warranty lists, acts of acceptance, and other interim receipts, all in just a few clicks. Take the pain out of one of the most daunting tasks at your company. Free up tons of human resources, while you and your employees can focus on what is really important: growing the business.

Ease Of Access

We are cloud-hosted software, meaning…

You can work in Orderry with no file download, installation, or additional hardware required. Smartphone, tablet, PC, or any other device supporting Internet browsing — that’s all you need to get a pulse on your business.

Wherever you are.
Whenever you want.
Whatever you find convenient.

We are constantly working on product enhancement and adding new features to provide the most effective solutions for our clients.

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