Reports That Guide Your Product-Assortment Decision

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Identify Fast-Moving Items

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Match Market Demand

Make best possible decisions, use powerful sales analytics and insight into inventory

Maximize Gross Margin

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For Entire Chain or Individual Shop

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Know Your Fast and Slow Sellers

Assortment Analysis report in Orderry helps you to build a product mix that will positively affect your overall sales. Use data to get answers to:

  • What products are frequently used in services you offer?
  • What items or categories are the most popular among your clients?
  • What quantities do you need to match demand?

Avoid Empty Shelves

Ensure your customers have the items they need and restock them on time. 

Set minimum balances of items in Orderry and you’ll see when inventory is running low. This way you can order products before they run out so the new batch has time to reach the warehouse.

Decide On Reasonable Pricing

In Orderry, you can track margins to find unprofitable goods and adjust the incorrectly set prices. 

Set up cost and selling prices for each item when adding it to your warehouse, and the program will display the net profit and their margins as a percentage.

Understand How Your Team Deal With Sales

People buy from people so knowing how efficiently your staff sell products is crucial to your store’s success.

View report by employees to see:

  • Which employees sell the most or least profitable goods?
  • Which products are often sold at a discount?

Your Warehouse Is In Good Hands

Orderry collects, organizes, and securely stores your company’s data to make it easier for you to analyze and find new ways for optimization:

  • Generate warehouse reports in a few clicks 
  • Track key business metrics from any location and device
  • Automated daily backups of data.

Orderry is an integrated solution for repair, maintenance, or service business
Customers, Orders, Stock, and Finances in One Software

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Flexible Cloud-Based Technology

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Free Support in All Pricing Plans

Make best possible decisions, use powerful sales analytics and insight into inventory

Integration with 200+ Apps via Zapier

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iOS App for Managers

Assortment Analysis feature is available in the Business and Maximum plans.
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