Well-Organized Cleaning Jobs with Less Admin Effort

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Orderry is web-based management software for janitorial & cleaning companies

Manage Your Cleaning Service Appointments with Ease

Use the Work Order Scheduler to see and control the current load of your cleaning staff, quickly find available time slots and create work orders right away.

Set up automated SMS and email notifications to remind your clients and your team of upcoming jobs and arrival time. Impress your clients with smooth and fast cleaning service scheduling.

Let Your Field Staff Process Jobs on Smartphones

Increase the productivity of your en-route employees with the Work Order App Orderry. Cleaners can view customer data and work order details, edit works and materials, update statuses, attach photos, and leave comments while on site.

Master Your Customer Service with Unified Database

With the cleaning CRM Orderry, you'll be able to create your customer database with important contact details, work order and payment history, as well as notes of clients’ requirements for cleaning jobs.

Increase retention and loyalty with price breaks or special offers for regular customers. Set up custom notifications of work progress, on-my-way alerts, or reminders to leave a review.

Quickly Calculate Cost of Your Services

Whether you charge hourly or per job, you can create custom pricing for all types of cleaning services according to your pricing structure, including discounts and margin. Use this data when creating work orders so the cost of cleaning jobs is calculated automatically.

Automate Collecting Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are a great source of information that will help you get better every day. In the Orderry software for professional cleaning teams, you can set up automatic alerts to collect feedback after a job is complete. 

For your internal quality control, just include a link to the Orderry’s review form in a text message to your clients. The feedback will then go into a special report in your account. This way you can understand what makes your clients happy and what doesn’t. You'll also see the company's overall rating in the Orderry Dashboard based on this data.

Create Quotes & Invoices like a Pro

Set up cleaning invoice templates in your company’s style for cleaning services estimates, proposals, invoices, and any other documents you need for your business operations. Use them to speed up work order processing and generate beautiful invoices in a few clicks.

Build an Efficient Cleaning Crew with Orderry

Track Your Cleaning Service Jobs at Every Stage

In Orderry, you can identify the most productive employees by analyzing how they deal with job orders.

Once a work order has been added to the system, all actions on it will be displayed in the Event Feed. Badges with the number of new, urgent, overdue, and finished but not paid work orders will appear at the top of the work order page for an instant overview. Get a complete analysis of your work orders over different time frames in the Company Insights report.

Evenly Distribute Jobs Among Your Team

Use the Employee Work Schedules to easily manage the workload of your cleaners. Create a comfortable schedule for your team so they can perform manual labor at their best.

Simplify Labor Cost Calculation

Develop a transparent payroll system using data of your cleaning service crew performance collected in the Orderry software.

Set up an automatic calculation of employees' hourly or daily wages based on work done, clients served, or another custom accrual method.

Get Organized and Make Better Decisions with Orderry

Always Have Enough Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals

In Orderry, you can accurately calculate the consumption of household chemicals, see what supplies you have in stock and who is currently using them.

  • Add consumables and tools to work orders to instantly calculate the cost of the cleaning job.
  • Track stock levels of your chemicals and make sure your staff is always equipped with what’s needed for the best maid services.

Integrate Orderry with QuickBooks to Streamline Your Accounting Process

With this integration, you will eliminate the time you spend on financial operations and automate routine. Sync data on invoices, taxes, inventory, and customers to always have updated books.

Use Data to Build a Smart Business Growing Strategy

In Orderry, you can generate more than 20 types of reports on the main areas of the company's activities for any reporting period. View key performance metrics in a convenient format to find new growth points for your business.

Control your Cleaning Company From Afar

The Orderry Business Insights App for cleaning service business owners will provide you with handy access to essential metrics of your company’s performance. View real-time reports and instantly communicate with employees without leaving the application. To enhance your account security, you can also enable two-factor authentication.

Quickly Find Out Who Did What in Your Account

Secure your company against fraud with the help of the Activity Log Report. It will log all actions of your employees so you’ll be able to monitor the creation, modification, and deletion of over 60 objects in program documents. And if somebody accidentally deletes clients, tasks, invoices, cashboxes, products, or warehouses, you will restore them in one click.

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What key features does a good cleaning business software solution have?


When choosing maid service software, look for the following basic features:

  • Customer relationship management. CRM tools are essential for businesses operating in service industries. Your team will be able to access all important data on current clients, work with potential clients, and assess the overall efficiency.
  • Simple invoice generation. With templates and ready-made forms, your employees will be able to invoice clients in seconds.
  • Automatic alerts for staff and clients. Your cleaning service booking process should include automated notifications so everyone is aware of when the work starts.

There is also a variety of features out there to get as many satisfied customers as possible like after-work review requests or custom discounts.

Is there an appointment calendar in Orderry?


As an Orderry user, you don’t need to get an additional appointment scheduling software as you can just use a built-in calendar to schedule maid services. The Work Order Scheduler will also help you automate your client communication with in-time reminders and notifications.

Does Orderry have an app for cleaning business owners?


Yes, it does. This application is called the Orderry Business Insights and is available to all active subscribers at no additional fee. You can track the number of work orders, and cashbox balances, analyze reports for any period and get in touch with your cleaning and office staff right in the app.

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