Rewards for Orderry’s referrers
Invite your friends or partners to join Orderry and you’ll get free subscription days credited to your account. 10% of each of your referees’ payments will go towards renewing your subscription. The more active referees you have, the more additional days you get, and the longer you can use Orderry for free.

Rewards for Orderry’s referees
10% off the first payment via a referral link

Join Orderry Referral Program in 4 Simple Steps

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Sign Up to Orderry.
Read about benefits

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Go to the Settings > Referral Program page in your account

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Copy your personal
referral link

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Send this link to anyone you
think might benefit from Orderry

Orderry Referral Program Terms and Conditions

1 Year for Each Referee

You will get 10% of each payment made by your referees within 12 months starting from their registration via your referral link.

30 Days For Sign Up

A company is considered a Referee within 30 days after following the link. Referees receive a 10% discount on the first payment after signing up.

Subscription Renewal with Rewarded Days

The referral program works at the expense of renewal, not the accumulation of subscription days. That is, you must have an active account to receive free subscription days from your referees’ payments.

Never use your referral link to sign up for other of your accounts. This will be considered self-referral.
We reserve the right to block access to the account without crediting rewards.


Who is a Referee?


A referee is a company (account) signed up via a referral link.

What are Rewarded Days?


Rewarded Days in the referral program are days of automatic renewal of your active subscription in the amount equivalent to 10% of your Referee’s payment. Bonuses are credited on the 15th day from the day referral payment is received.

How many companies can use my referral link?


We do not limit the number of referee companies. An unlimited number of friends can use your link and thereby add more and more rewarded days to your subscription.

Do I need an individual link for each Referee?


There is a unique link in your account which you can send to an unlimited number of Referees at any moment. It has no expiration date either.

Can I be a Referee and share my own referral link at the same time?


Yes, you can use someone else's referral link to sign up and then share your own link with your friends and partners.

In what cases Rewarded Days are not credited?


Rewarded Days are credited automatically if your account is active. Make timely payments so you can get rewards on your subscription renewal.

Another reason for no Rewarded Days may be that the referee company does not use your link or does not pay for their account.

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