Make Your Equipment Remain Usable For Longer

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Asset Tracking Over
Locations and Users
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Maintenance Scheduling
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Inventory & Workforce
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Inspection & Invoicing

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Orderry offers essential maintenance functionality
for businesses that rely on their assets

No More Chaos with Maintenance Management

To keep your equipment in reliable working condition for as long as possible you need to know what you currently have, what’s missing or broken, and what needs service. 

In Orderry, you’ll get a clear overview of all your assets and consumables, track where they are and who’s using them, plan routine maintenance or repair tasks according to the statuses of your equipment. Forget about spreadsheets or outdated databases.

This way you can lower operational costs and extend the life of your assets.

Better Accuracy of Inventory and Stock

Our Orderry software also helps equipment managers to control their stock and inventory of spare parts and consumables.

  • Track items across business locations and different warehouses
  • Use bin locations to organize accurate storage of spare parts
  • See what items are low in stock and plan timely purchase
  • Easily perform stocktake (partial or full), postings, and write-offs.

Equipment Visibility Across Locations and Users

Reduce equipment loss in your company by tracking assets both within and out of your premises. In the profile of each asset, you’ll see its photo, all users, locations, and actions.

Having these crucial data in one convenient place will help you prevent your tools from getting lost, stolen, or idle.

Timely Maintenance with Transparent Order Management

Avoid downtime and unexpected repairs with a well-planned preventive maintenance schedule. Create work orders with deadlines, assigned specialists, and necessary consumables so your team knows who is responsible for which task and what is needed to complete the work on time.

Reduce Manual Entry with Templates

Set up custom templates for any recurring operation where you need to create/print a document. These can be inspection sheets, quotes, or invoices for maintenance service, etc. Instead of making them from scratch each time, just choose the needed template and it will be automatically filled in with data so you only need to click print.

clients’ equipment?
Orderry combines CMMS and CRM features in one software

Everything You Need to Manage Customers Effectively

Set up your unique workflow to deal with prospects from different channels as well as to keep existing clients engaged. Track all sales-related tasks to better understand your lead converting process and the efficiency of your sales team.

Smart Planning of On-Site Operations

With the Order Scheduler, you’ll see who from your field workers is available and when to evenly plan their maintenance workload. Pre-schedule and create orders, quickly find a free specialist and the most suitable time slot for a client.

Automated Alerts for Well-Timed Communication

Keep your clients informed about each stage of equipment maintenance work with automated notifications via SMS or email. You can integrate your Orderry account with Twilio or BulkSMS Gateways.

Integration With QuickBooks Online

Simplify the record-keeping of your accounting data by enabling automatic synchronization between Orderry and QBO. Update invoices, products added to work orders, taxes, and clients’ information in both systems simultaneously.

Orderry fits all service business types

Your Team As the Most Valuable Asset

Use our equipment maintenance management program Orderry to develop fair wage calculation rules and a motivating bonus system based on your company’s workflow. Make your payroll process traceable for you and transparent for your staff members.

Clear Data Analytics To Assess Your Business Performance

Discover visualized reports in the Company Insights to understand what is currently happening with your company. Easily track KPIs of lead converting, sales, team performance, and finance in real time or within a certain period.

Real-Time Control via Orderry Business Insights App

Your phone is all you need to manage your equipment maintenance company on the go. Download the Orderry Business Insights application to follow important business metrics, read reports and get in touch with employees. With the app, you’ll also be able to use two-factor authentication to secure access to your Orderry account.

Why Work With Us

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Unlimited Item Tracking
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Charge-Free Support
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Data Encryption
& Automated Backups

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Accessible From Anywhere
in the World

You care for the proper upkeep of the assets. We help you do it with less admin work.

Try all features for free for 7 days. No credit card required.


What handy features are there in equipment maintenance software?


Maintenance service businesses will benefit from the following functionality:

  • Maintenance scheduling. This is one of the key features of asset management solutions as it allows you to plan and organize preventive maintenance workflows most effectively. You can also view the service history and employees that worked on the assets before.
  • Real-time asset tracking to identify equipment location.
  • Inventory management tools help you to streamline warehouse operations and give you more inventory control.
  • Processing of repair and service requests. This feature allows you to keep track of all jobs, deadlines, maintenance costs, and asset performance.

Does Orderry have a field-friendly mobile app?


There are two mobile applications available for Orderry users. The first one is specially designed for field service teams — Orderry Work Orders. They can process jobs, accept payments, and contact colleagues and customers conveniently on their mobile devices.

What is an asset in Orderry?


As Orderry is suitable for various industries, the term “asset” refers to a device, a vehicle, a piece of equipment, or other types of client’s property. It can also be your company’s property such as equipment, machinery, or cars (which your employees use).

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