Professional Power Tool Repair Shop Software For Your Business

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Higher Value

Complete requests faster,
cut expenses and eliminate
redundant stuff

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Full Control

Coherent management
and sustained reporting

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Reduce double-entry, get paid
faster, save up to 20 minutes
on every service order

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Seamless Workflow

Customers, work orders, statuses,
pending requests, invoices,
and payments on the same page

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Simplify Daily Work, Keep Track of All the Parts, Increase Technician Productivity

Streamlined Work Order Management For Better Customer Experience

Orderry is getting all information about clients, work orders and works pulled together into a single database. Check-in, work order management, quotes, and cost estimates were finally made simple.

Orderry is your best power tool repair shop software, fully loaded with automation and productivity-enhancing features to keep you always on top of performance across every location, department, part, material, and single process.

Fast Navigation And Easy Customization Of Templates

Orderry has fully configurable customer profiles, providing managers and supervisors with a vast range of built-in features that support different customizations. Use rich directories to accelerate every operation at your small tool repair shop.

Easily navigate through pre-set services, common types of breakdowns, materials, parts, and price lists. Printing quotes, estimates, invoices, or any other document is no more a problem.

Employee Work Schedules to Organize Your Team

Record each employee's workdays, days off, sick leaves, and vacations in Orderry: 

Effective Inventory Management And Stocktake At Lower Cost

Inventory turnover at your fingertips — now every stocked item, inventory movement, and transfer can be easily kept on track. Quickly find exactly what you want at the moment, such as lacking spare parts or materials that need repurchasing. Cut costs, refill on time, and optimize spending across every part, material, and product category.

  • Forget about any potential shortages or overdue supplies by instantly choosing the right minimum and maximum stock levels. 
  • Monitor your stock levels in real-time to make sure you’ve got only timely purchases at the optimal price. 
  • Keep a record of the assets your customers give you for repair. Register them in Orderry to track the transfer history and work performed on each item.

Process Repair Orders On the Go

With the Work Orders App, technicians don't need to look for a computer every time they need to clarify work order information. From their smartphone, they can view customer data, work order and device details, add photos and comments, contact managers, and much more.

SMS Broadcasting Schedule, Custom Notifications, And Alerting

Send scheduled SMS, configurable notifications, and real-time alerts on any occasion. Keep your clients always informed on the expected dates of fulfillment. Make every responsible manager, technician, and specialist updated on all critical events: new work orders, changes, comments, tasks.

Automated notifications with a configurable broadcasting schedule can significantly improve customer relations, driving more repeated requests to your tool repair center. Establish customer-centric communication through every stage of your workflow, from cost estimate and check-in to check-out and invoicing.

Integrate your account with BulkSMS or Twilio to automate notifications and optimize your budget.

Powerful Integrations For Complete Automation

Orderry can make even more when connected to other services you use in your daily operations. 

  • Choose from 200+ platforms and get your account connected via Zapier. These could be social media, eCommerce services, or Google products to increase lead generation, sales, and productivity at your electric tool repair business.
  • If you want to manage work order processing and accounting in one place, connect your Orderry account to QuickBooks Online. You won’t need either to enter data twice or to switch systems.

Full-Scale Reporting For Better Growth Opportunities Over Time

Orderry makes it possible to generate reports on merely everything you may need to boost efficiency, detect bottlenecks and see what actually makes you money. With a configurable Dashboard view of the Company Insights tool, you can dig into requests, inventory, calls, SMS, and customer feedback at any time, using any device.

Data Control and Security with the Activity Log Report

Keep track of user actions in your account on a single Activity Log page. This lets you know who created, modified, or deleted objects in program documents. You can also restore deleted clients, tasks, invoices, cashboxes, products, and warehouses in seconds.

Instant Access to All Key Business Metrics Through the Orderry Business Insights App

Executives don’t have to be present in the shop all the time to control the company’s operations. With our application for managers and business owners, you’ll be able to view reports on profits, work order progress, employee performance, sales, customer feedback, and cash box balances. On the separate tab, you’ll also have a list of all team members with call and message buttons for quick and simplified communication.

A Fully Loaded Power Tool Repair Shop Management Software

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No download, install,
or extra tech staff required.
Just sign up

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Orderry is a cloud app,
which can be accessed via
smartphone, tablet, or PC

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We are all about your
privacy and data security

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Orderry Support Team
is always at your service
for any functionality or UX issue

Sign up for a free and try a complete set of features with 7-day trial access!

Just tell us about your business! We’ll make the Orderry system tailored individually to your operation in no time!


What program can I use to manage repairs of power tools?


You should use a business management platform for repair shops and contractors. It will help you eliminate redundant administrative and management tasks, optimize costs, get rid of paper, and streamline your workflow. Orderry is a cloud-based program that covers all needs of small and medium businesses that operate in the construction industry and in competitive energy markets. You will benefit from the following features:

  • nice structured data on clients, works, and services
  • simple inventory management and stocktake
  • sales, repair order management, and real-time job cost data
  • taxes and finances
  • better customer communication with scheduled notifications and custom alerts on every occasion.

You can test all the functions and integrations for free during your trial period. Sign up today!

Can I use Orderry to process work orders in the field?


For companies in the contractor sectors, it is especially useful to work with repair orders via the Work Order App. Your field technicians can access all active requests, sort and search them, leave comments, attach photos and files, follow the Event Feed and view documents, change statuses, and contact managers and customers right via the mobile application. It is free of charge for all Orderry users.

How can power tools software improve customer satisfaction?


With such a solution, you will be able to easily address most of the potential issues, in line with creating marketing campaigns in a well-aligned and streamlined manner. Use Orderry to keep every technician, work, and job assignment always on track:

  • use a rich library of document templates and client profiles
  • streamline check-in for already existing customers
  • have nice structured data on clients and suppliers.

Power Tool Repair Shop Software For Business

Electric or battery-powered tools? Typical construction works or a range of areas? Equipment repair shop, service center, or retail? Time to eliminate redundant administrative and management tasks, get rid of paper, and streamline your workflow.

Orderry is a cloud-hosted solution designed to make your business run on autopilot. Get the following benefits:

  • nice structured data on clients, works, and services
  • simple inventory management and stocktake
  • easy check-in, sales, and order management
  • easy financial management
  • better customer communication with scheduled notifications and custom alerts on every occasion.

Try the all-in-one software with a built-in CRM toolkit tailored to your needs. Add new employees, create multiple locations, manage everything remotely as your company grows.

Manage Customers In Your Power Tool Repair Shop

Use Orderry to keep every specialist, work, and job assignment always on track: 

  • use a rich library of document templates and client profiles
  • streamline check-in for already existing customers
  • have nice structured data on clients and suppliers

Customer profiles can be configured to fit your own business logic and unique workflow by:

  • contacts and other personal information
  • previous requests for works and services
  • payment and sales reporting
  • VoIP call record and SMS archive.

As a result, you will be able to easily address most of the potential issues, in line with creating marketing campaigns in a well-aligned and streamlined manner. For example, you can launch an automated SMS broadcasting campaign, collect and measure delivered results.

Manage Orders And Services At Your Power Tool Service Centre

Put every order, job, and work assignment on track. Now, you can easily review:

  • the most demanded parts and works
  • seasonal peaks for common repairs
  • frequent types of tool breakdowns, brands, and models
  • active orders, their current progress.

When the leads are pulled together into a single database, your managers can easily set the right status, deadlines, choose the type of work, assign technicians or specialists, and much more. As a result, the responsible employees will receive associated badges, which can be quickly reviewed on the “Orders” page.

Get a 360-degree view of your global performance using a supervisor’s dashboard. Orders and statuses can now be split into categories:

  • in work
  • urgent
  • overdue
  • completed, but still unpaid
  • canceled or refused by the client.

Keep general order deadlines on track by setting the maximum time period allowed for each order status. You can find detailed information on changes, actions, and comments — all displayed directly in the work order profiles.

Manage Parts And Materials In Your Warehouse

Your inventory management and stocktake are on cruise control with Orderry. Use the “Inventory” page to:

  • manage stocktake and write-offs
  • track materials and parts as they move through different stages of repairs
  • monitor current, set minimum and maximum inventory levels
  • set retail pricing for parts and products.

Based on the preset minimum and maximum inventory levels, you can set automated reporting that will keep you always informed on what needs repurchasing and at what time. You can also transfer items between multiple physical warehouses, generate and print stickers and price tags — even without leaving the Orderry system.

Reporting And Accounting In Orderry

When it comes to running a service business, you will necessarily have a good accounting and reporting system. And Orderry has all you need to this point, providing you with an in-depth insight into performance used to make the best possible decisions. The following reports can now be generated on autopilot:

  • finance (estimated income from services and retail, payroll calculation, cash flow reporting)
  • inventory (turnover, items on stock, write-offs, what needs repurchasing)
  • calls (incoming, outgoing, missed) and SMS
  • customer feedback and Orderry login history
  • work orders (newly created, active, and completed orders, amount of works fulfilled to the date, responsible employees, ad campaigns, and their efficiency in the “How clients get to know about your business” report).

Use the main supervisor’s dashboard to get a 360-degree view of your performance: the total amount per each cash desk, average cash per order, current rating of your company, and much more. Here you may also review the major performance metrics of the business, including cash flow dynamics for you to quickly understand your current progress.

Access all this information via smartphone, tablet, or any other device that supports Internet browsing, wherever you are and whenever you want.

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