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Work Orders

Orderry App For Contractors and Field Service Teams

Overview work order list

Overview work order list


Know what to do


️Follow actions done


️Add works & parts


️️Edit & change statuses


️Comment & attach files


️Quick contact

Access Work Orders

Access Work Orders From Anywhere

Let your field technicians work efficiently with work orders from their mobile devices without wasting time on routine tasks and repetitive data entry. One tap and all active work orders are there on the screen — searchable and easy to access.

Work Orders From Anywhere
Сheck Work Order Details
Work Order Details

Сheck Work Order Details Before You Arrive

Customers like it when field employees know what has to be done, what was done previously, and how it should be done. While being on the way, your team can quickly check the important information about new assignments, preferences of the customer, and service history.

Event Feed
Keep Track Of All Changes

Keep Track Of All Changes

There is an Event Feed for assignment completion tracking in each work order. You can easily follow the activity history and control the progress of work there. Whoever works on the work order knows what is going on.

change statuses

Process Jobs Right in the Field

Simply open the app to change statuses, add or delete services, spare parts/consumables, and edit work order details. Cut down on admin time and focus on the job.

>Process Jobs Right in the Field

Keep Colleagues Updated

Leave comments right in the work order to keep information trackable and organized in one place. You can make them accessible for everyone involved in the process or keep them visible to you only.

Keep Colleagues Updated
Attach Photos and Files
Attach Photos

Attach Photos and Files To Work Orders

If you want to deliver a clear message fast, it’s sometimes better to show a photo than to describe it in all detail. Particularly, if it’s a work order from a customer. The Work Order App allows you to attach pictures and files to work orders so everyone understands right away what this service request is all about.

Quick Communication

Quick Communication with Customers and Managers

Have questions or concerns after checking work order details? You can call a responsible office manager or a customer via the app.

call a responsible office manager
Business Invoicing and Payments
Invoicing and Payments in_progress

Business Invoicing and Payments On the Go

Soon, there will be cashboxes and payment options in the Orderry App. So you will be able to close work orders and accept payments via the application.

bg_cta bg_cta

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How do I manage my work orders in the Work Order App?


When you are in the field, login to the Work Order App to open the general list of all active work orders. Sort or filter them to find the one you need. When you open the work order card, you will see its details e.g. technicians assigned, works/materials added, equipment used, payments, and the Event Feed. You can edit general information about assignments, add services and materials or edit them. It is also possible to change the status of the work order. In the Event Feed, you can add a photo or a comment to the work order so other field team members can follow what was done.

Is there a built-in messaging option in the Work Order App?


There is a convenient communication functionality for mobile users in the app. Just hit a comment icon to add a comment or tap the information icon to call the customer, manager or copy the work order link.

How do I choose the right field service management tool for my small business?


The main goal of using this type of management tool is to simplify the processing of daily tasks for your employees. As a result, they will complete workflows faster, increasing your business efficiency and customer satisfaction. A great benefit for users would be an easy-to-use assignment function that will allow you to keep track of work orders that you receive from customers daily. Another useful feature is a built-in calendar for scheduling appointments and maintaining your employees’ work schedules. The tool should be also capable to provide you with the stock and asset management functions. And if you want to fully automate your business processes, look for a solution that offers various integration possibilities.

How much does the Work Order App cost?


It is free for all Orderry users. You can download the application on the App Store or Google Play and sign in with the login credentials you used when creating your account in the Orderry system.

Are there reporting features in the Work Order App?


No, there aren’t any business insights available in the Work Order App because this is an employee application. For business owners, we have another management app — Orderry Business Insights. It has advanced reporting & dashboards where you can track your company’s KPIs in real-time or over a certain period.

Why do you need a Work Order App?


There are plenty of reasons why an application for work order processing on the go is a must for service businesses:

  • streamline business operations so your employees can spend less time managing their routine tasks
  • avoid misunderstanding between field technicians and the back office thanks to the instant synchronization between the web version and the Work Order App
  • get rid of information clutter in messengers and be able to follow the history of works, maintenance requests, parts, invoices, and comments in one feed
  • notice any changes in work orders and control the work progress at every stage.

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