Music Equipment Repair With Simplified Admin Work

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Work Order and
Customer Database

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Inventory of Instruments
and Materials

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In-Store and Online Sales
Managed in One Program

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Automated Calculation
of Payroll and Taxes

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Orderry is an integrated solution with mobile apps and cross-platform access

Work Order Management at Each Step of Your Funnel

Perform maintenance, restoration, and repairs of musical instruments in a timely manner using status chains and time limits.

  • All work orders on one page with flexible filters
  • Workflows for different types of works
  • Notifications to customers and employees about status changes, order assignments, and progress

CRM for Musical Instrument Shops

Keep customer contacts, service and payment history in one database. Keep records of the equipment to always know where each piece is located and which craftsman is currently working on it.

  • Location and transfer control
  • Digital warehouses of assets
  • Service history for each musical instrument

Parts and Materials are Always in Stock

Don't slow down the work order processing because some consumables or musical instrument repair tools are out of stock. Keep inventory records in Orderry to ensure optimum stock levels in your shop.  

  • Set up a “minimum stock level” alert for each item 
  • Ensure that frequently used materials and spare parts are in stock
  • Use any of four available stocktaking methods to regularly check what’s in and what’s missing

Dealing with
musical instrument sales? Keep records of all activities on one platform

Reasonable Prices for Goods and Services

Set prices based on the purchase price and margin of each item to avoid operating at a loss.

  • Automatically calculate the final cost of your work order based on materials used and items added
  • One-time and recurring customer discounts
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Payments and Refunds to Customers

Accept cash and non-cash payments, analyze cash flow, and control debts in Orderry.

  • Create an unlimited number of cashboxes for one or several locations
  • Configure employees’ access to cashboxes and payments
  • Keep mutual settlements with customers

Increase Product Turnover

Fill your warehouse with the music equipment your customers look for, increase product turnover and profit through additional sales on marketplaces.

Mobile App For a Quick Work Order Processing

You don't have to go back to your computer every time you want to check the work order information or see the musical instruments' service history. Install the Work Orders App to be able to:

  • Add photos, files, and comments to work orders
  • Follow the event feed of each work order 
  • Overview of all work orders for a quick search

Orderry will speed up your daily operations

Less Manual Input, More Time For Customers

Process work orders and sales faster with preset service/goods directories and flexible forms. Set up templates for the documents like estimates and repair invoices and generate them in a few clicks.

Automated Payroll Computing

Forget about tedious manual calculations and deliver a perfect paycheck to your employees every month.

Control Your Business From Anywhere

You don't have to be present in your musical instrument shop all the time to control business processes. Stay in touch with your employees and monitor productivity from anywhere with the Orderry Business Insights mobile app.

  • Monitor daily metrics and reports for any period
  • View customer reviews
  • Connect with employees

Financial Management with No Stress

Forget about cash gaps and losses. Orderry will help you control your cash flow and plan your budget.

  • Monitoring of repair shop income and expenses by line item
  • Automatic sales tax calculation
  • Mutual settlements and control of debts with suppliers

QuickBooks Integration For Accurate Accounting Data

Connect two systems and forget about time-consuming data entry. Your invoices, client info, product details, and sales tax configuration will be synchronized and instantly updated.

Use data to get more profit from
instrument repairs

Reporting and Analytics To Drive Growth

Manage your company based on valuable insights into data analytics.

  • Generate 20+ reports in a few clicks
  • Track revenue by employees and locations
  • View trends in work orders, sales, inventory, and payments on interactive charts

More Data Security in Your Instrument Repair Shop

Secure your business from data leaks with Orderry.

  • All employee actions in the account on a single Activity Log page 
  • Flexible access restriction for employees based on their roles and responsibilities
  • Daily backups
  • Two-factor authentication via the Orderry Boss app

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Personalized Onboarding
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Support Service
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Flexible Plans To Fit
Any Size and Specialization

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Self-Serving Help Center
and Video Tutorials

You know how to repair musical instruments.
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Why do I need to use workshop software to manage musical instrument repairs?


Regardless of size and specialization, modern repair shops need software to keep track of their repair services, work orders, customers, and small retail sales. It helps to organize work properly and avoid confusion when processing instrument repairs.

Orderry is a cloud-based program for musical instrument repair shops that helps automate daily tasks and business processes. You will be able to:

  • Maintain a customer base of bands and professional musicians
  • Process work orders for repair of music instruments
  • Set tasks for repair specialists, and control deadlines
  • Organize the inventory of spare parts, electronic instruments, consumables, and accessories
  • Notify customers about the completion of repairs automatically
  • Keep track of accessory sales in the music store
  • Configure an automatic calculation of daily and hourly wages for your instrument repair techs
  • Create digital cashboxes to accept cash payments
  • Set up discounts to build effective customer loyalty programs
  • Monitor service history and company KPIs in real-time

In addition, Orderry allows your repair technicians to create, delete, and edit document templates with no hassle. They can create and print labels, price tags, warranty coupons, and receipts in one click right from a browser window.

What is the best way to keep track of instrument repair & restoration in a small repair shop?


The most efficient way to do so is to use a special software solution that saves all details, actions, and comments on work orders automatically in the system. This will allow you to quickly understand the situation and assign work to repair techs without wasting time and money.

A program like Orderry speeds up and simplifies the processing of new work orders thanks to ready-made work order profiles that are fully customizable to your type of business. In a matter of minutes, you can place a repair order and specify in it:

  • the type, brand, and model of the musical instrument
  • a description of the failure, maintenance work like adjusting woodwinds, or a list of basic services
  • necessary spare parts, consumables
  • notes, and other useful information.

Additionally, after a one-time setup of the price list, the program will automatically calculate and substitute the final cost on the work order.

Can I create invoices in Orderry?


Yes, you can generate professional invoices in Orderry in a few clicks. Just set up templates for your branded invoices in the system once and easily print them out or send them by email whenever you need them. This option will save your employees lots of time and effort. You can also integrate Orderry with the QuickBooks accounts software for instant synchronization so you won’t get headaches when managing finances in your musical instrument repair shop.

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