Keep Track Of Your Taxes And Automate Applying Of Correct Rates

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Applicable Tax Rate Configuration
For Goods and Services

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No Errors Or Time-
Consuming Calculations

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Limitation Of Employees'
Access To Taxation

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Price With Tax Or
Without In Invoices

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Computation of sales tax in Orderry is formula-based functionality
that helps you to build an error-free calculation process

Enter Your Current Tax Rates

Tax settings in web based work order system Orderry allow you to flexibly manage your company's taxation:

  • Enter all tax rates that apply to your company on goods, works, and services
  • Set how they apply to estimates, invoices, bills, and purchase orders
  • Specify what to do with open documents if your company's tax rules change.

Customize Rules and Set Up Tax Exemptions

Do you operate under two taxation systems? Are there line items to which special rates of sales tax apply? Orderry allows you to set up tax exemptions:

  • in work orders, sales, and posting documents
  • to certain goods, works, services, and their categories.

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Set Prices According To Your Taxation

Taxes affect the margins on goods and services of your company in one way or another. Use two types of taxes in Orderry to set your pricing policy correctly:

  • To calculate prices plus tax use the Included Tax option. It will be added to the cost of goods or services and does not affect the final cost of the work order to customers

  • For taxes not included, use the Imposed Tax settings. This way, your customers will see that the sales tax has to be paid on top of the cost of the service or product.

Automate Adding Tax Information To Documents

Use special variables in quotes, invoices, bills, and other templates to place the correct tax amount information when generating documents. 

For example, on an invoice, you can include the cost of parts, goods, or services used in the work order, minus the applicable taxes. Or, on the contrary, you can specify taxes and their amount as a separate line.

Limit Access To Tax Settings For Rank-and-File Employees

Not all employees need to know, much less be able to make changes to the company's tax rules. Customize access rights for ordinary workers, specialists, or managers and define who can create, edit, and delete sales tax rate settings.

Orderry is a cloud-based solution for complete business process automation:

customers, work orders, finances, inventory, analytics

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