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Improve Effectiveness
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Interactive Visualizations of Data Analytics

Use diagrams and trends in Orderry to track KPIs and their changes over a selected period. Look at data from multiple perspectives and uncover useful patterns.

Analytics by Leads and Orders

Data in this report will help you find new ways to convert more prospects into customers. Get answers to:

  • What ad campaign attracted the most leads
  • What lines of business are the most profitable?
  • Who are inefficient employees?

Track your lead count and conversion rate by campaign, type, manager, and time period. Analyze order fill-out time, quantity changes, average sale, and other metrics that are specific to your business.

Valuable Insights into Sales

Identify areas of opportunity and create actionable sales & marketing plans for your team. Use analytics to find out:

  • Which seller or locating generated more sales?
  • Which employee was too generous with discounts?
  • What client types brought you the most profit?

This report tracks your sales amount, customer value, and discounts by store, manager, campaign, period, and type of customer. You can use any combination of data to form a better understanding of the current situation.

Control Over Payments and Cash Flows

Determine the seasonality of cash inflows and outflows to better plan the company's budget, income, and expenses:

  • Compare the count and amount of payments
  • Segment by cashier, cash boxes, cash flow category.

Prevent Customer Service Issues

Monitor how sales managers, customer service, and receptionists are performing to improve communication, service level, sales numbers, and revenues:

  • See the total and average call duration
  • Compare call analytics by line of business, department, manager, and period.

Orderry is a multifunctional solution for service companies of all sizes
CRM, Inventory, Accounting, Workforce Management, Analytics

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Data Encryption
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