Increase productivity of your field service and office teams

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Core features of popular task management tools in your CRM

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Automatic calculation
of incentives for completing tasks

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Alerts and commenting
for ongoing team collaboration

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To-do lists linked to clients, leads, work orders, and other tasks

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Real-time task manager in Orderry allows you to assign
& track important work in the context of the job and lead processing

Convenient List View Instead of Sticky Notes Mess

Service companies are overwhelmed with various tasks on their daily agenda. This flow of information gets out of control if not managed properly. Pen and paper or complex task management software are not the best solutions because tasks remain divided from your custom workflows.

In Orderry work order software, all your work is in one place, organized in logical sections so you can manage every aspect of your business — from sales funnel and work order processing to creating and delegating tasks to employees.

Tasks in Context

Having all the details about a task to-do at a glance increases the efficiency and consistency of your team’s performance. 

Thanks to task dependencies on other program objects like leads, work orders, clients, and other tasks, an assignee knows right from the moment of opening a task what, when, where, and for whom to do.

Small & Big Tasks Completed on Time

How often were your employees unable to hit deadlines because they lost, missed, or forgot something? The Event Feed feature gives you more control over each step of your task management.

Additionally, you can analyze completed tasks — Orderry displays whether they were done on time or with delay.

Watch the progress, identify bottlenecks or problems, and fix them quickly.

No matter what’s on your list, you’ll get it done with Orderry

More Performance with Incentives

Little motivation never hurt anybody. Use the flexible payroll setup in Orderry to encourage your employees to deliver better results. With this real standout feature, you can create commissions for closing tasks and fully automate their calculation.

Automatic Notifications For Timely Actions

When a task is assigned, something changes, or it’s completed, every involved team member will be notified via SMS, email, or messenger. It is easy to stay on track with Orderry’s built-in task manager.

In an Office & On the Go

Your tasks are safely stored and synced to your devices, allowing you to work flexibly and conveniently. And a handy mobile application will provide even more convenience for field service teams or employees constantly moving around. You don’t need to install many task management apps to get jobs done because Orderry has it all.

Your Personal Agenda

You can manage your individual tasks where you work. After login, you see your tasks sorted by the due date and authors on one page. Moreover, you can:

  • Create personal or group tasks on a task pane, in work orders, clients, leads, and other tasks.
  • View what you have to do for today on the Task counter.
  • Filter tasks by role, author, or assignee.

Flexible Access Setup Features

Increase your security and ensure your employees see only what they need to see in the system.

Centralized & Trackable Communication

Your team can leave comments, share their thoughts, or feedback on tasks. With this basic collaboration feature, authors and assignees stay on the same page to provide the best output.

Orderry is your all-in-one solution for completing jobs with less admin effort

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Multi-language interface

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Dedicated support
via chat, email, and phone

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Integrations with
200+ apps and services

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Quick start
& Onboarding Assistance

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What is the most efficient way to manage daily tasks in a service business?


An online task manager is an excellent tool for a service business because it helps you organize and manage tasks, set deadlines, track progress, assign tasks to team members, and more. It also makes it easier to collaborate with everyone involved in the process and ensure all tasks are completed on time. Task management solutions allow you to take control of your service business and ensure that everything runs efficiently and effectively.

If you use Orderry, managing tasks will become a smooth process. This toolset is integrated with other program objects, allowing you to access all the needed information quickly. You can see task history, monitor employee activity, set up automatic payroll calculations for timely completed tasks, and collaborate with your team without leaving Orderry.

What is task management software?


This computer application helps organizations plan, manage, and finish tasks. It typically includes task lists, subtasks, assignees, and deadlines that help reduce the complexity of managing a project.

Is there a way to collaborate with others in Orderry’s Task Manager?


Yes, commenting on tasks in desktop and mobile versions is possible.

Can I set up recurring tasks in Orderry?


It is not possible in the current version, although it will be added to the essential features soon.

How do I choose a to-do list app?


One of the best ways to optimize your workflow productivity is by utilizing a task management tool. Whether you’re a business owner looking to manage project tasks or an individual looking to stay on top of your daily tasks, digital task management can be incredibly helpful. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pick the right one for you:

1. Determine Your Budget. If you’re serious about getting organized with an online task manager, it’s essential to consider the cost. Knowing what budget you need will help narrow your search significantly — especially when so many options and price points are running from free to hundreds of dollars per license.

2. Decide On Necessary Features. The next step is to list features necessary for meeting your user needs. Take some time to strategize which functions will be valuable in helping streamline your tasks — must-haves like deadline and time tracking capabilities or integration with other apps like Google Calendar. Once sorted out, you can begin researching options that fit your list of necessary features.

3. Research Popular Options. Jump onto the internet and start researching! Utilize search platforms like Google or review websites such as G2 Crowd or Capterra to view user feedback and ratings — this will usually give the most unbiased look at each service.

4. Try Out Free Trials Available. This last step is arguably where all the decision-making happens; if a company offers any free trial or demo period, make sure you take advantage of it. It allows users to see if the tool could work for them without obligation until fully committed – no pressure. Most services also offer additional onboarding video tutorials, which provide valuable insight into how it functions.

When armed with knowledge after working through these steps, choosing an online task manager should be much easier — good luck!

What Is Task Management?


Task management is the process of managing tasks within an organization, from their creation to completion. It includes identifying tasks, assigning them to individuals or teams, monitoring progress and completion, and making changes when necessary.

How do I manage tasks efficiently?


It’s important to find ways to stay on top of your tasks to get more done in less time. Here are some tips on making task management more accessible and helping your productivity go through the roof.

1. Prioritize Your Tasks. Before starting anything, take a few minutes to write out your objectives for the day in a task list with each item's priority level clearly defined. Make sure that the most critical tasks are always at the top of your list, and allocate sufficient time to complete them.

2. Make Use Of Scheduling Apps & Calendar Systems. One of the best ways to stay organized and ensure that all of your tasks get completed is by using apps or calendar systems. This makes it easier to set up alerts so you’re reminded ahead of time about specific due dates and other important deadlines associated with your daily tasks.

3. Don't Overcommit Yourself. The biggest challenge behind inefficient task management is taking on more work than one can realistically handle. If possible, try not to accept new jobs until old ones have been finished.

4. Break Tasks into Manageable Chunks. If you feel overwhelmed by vast amounts of unorganized information regarding a project or job, break it down into smaller chunks that are more easily manageable instead of trying to tackle everything at once.

5. Take Regular Breaks To Refresh Yourself. Although there may be days when all-nighters seem like an optimal solution for catching up with overdue tasks – please don't do this. Doing all-nighters results in fatigue which decreases concentration levels significantly, making future tasks run much smoother if proper rest periods have occurred throughout – resulting in faster completion times.

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