Maintain Local Customers and Expand Operations to New Areas

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Mobile Apps For Field
Workers and Managers

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Work Order Scheduling
and Plumbing Planner

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Easy Estimating of Job Costs

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Payroll Computing, Accrual,
and Payout of Salaries

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Orderry is cloud-based software for small plumbing businesses

Schedule Repairs and Installs in a Handy Calendar Format

Use the job scheduler software to effectively plan and estimate the workload of your techs and equipment. Schedule field plumbing works and dispatch teams on time to ensure every maintenance job or emergency call is handled quickly and professionally.

Process Work Orders on the Move

With Orderry’s plumber app, your crew can access all the necessary details about jobs and clients in seconds, work on jobs and tasks on the go, and accept payments in the field.

  • All active work orders by location
  • Clients’ address on the map
  • Attachment of photos and files
  • Status updates and payments
  • Commenting and private notes
  • Work order progress tracking
  • Push notifications

Generate Estimates and Invoices For Plumbing Services Fast and Easily

Provide clients with estimated prices for requested services faster than you can say. Process estimates with statuses and convert the approved ones to work orders without re-entering data.

  • Use a rich library of document templates and set up auto-fill fields to eliminate manual input
  • Create a list of services and their prices to calculate the cost of each labor and service quickly
  • Specify client and payer details right during the work order creation to simplify the financial management of corporate clients

Synchronize Accounting Data With QuickBooks and Xero

When using QBO or Xero to manage books, integrate your accounting system with Orderry for automatic or manual synchronization. As a result, your invoices, tax settings, client details, and stock items will be updated in no time.

Orderry helps you stand out from other
plumbing service companies

Improve Customer Communication

Communicate with prospects and clients on their favorite channels and organize conversations in one place:

  • Have all social media chats on a special tab in CRM to reply to inquiries timely and convert them to deals in two clicks
  • When changes in work orders occur, notify clients and employees automatically via SMS, WhatsApp, or email to make communication more efficient and speed up customer service

Know What Customers Think of Your Work

Send out automatic SMS or email alerts to customers providing a link to their work orders. Following it, they can view the work progress and evaluate the job done by your crew.

Access Customer Info and Repair History From Anywhere

The plumbing management software Orderry stores all data of your leads, customers, and previous services provided in the cloud, accessible from any device.

Lead your plumber business to success

Automate Payroll and Manage Employees’ Work Schedules

Track hours and days worked by your employees based on their individual work schedules. The program computes salaries and commissions for each worker, considering pay rates, coefficients, commissions, bonuses, and penalties.

You can accrue and pay out salaries at the end of the payment period in a few clicks.

Get Deep Insights into Your Company’s Performance

Generate reports to identify growth points in your business operations:

  • Track the net profit of each job by the plumber
  • Decide on pricing and list services based on their popularity and profitability
  • Analyze the performance of each location and team
  • Follow the KPIs in dynamics in the Company Insights to reveal the seasonality of services or other interesting patterns

Control Operations via the Mobile App For Plumbing Managers

Control key business metrics in the Orderry Business Insights App to quickly assess:

  • how many work orders are in progress
  • how many payments and requests from customers you received in a day/month, and their average sales amount
  • who from your employees performed better, etc.

You can also connect with your team and customers in the app.

Plumbing Service Works in Various Regions? 
Manage All Locations in Orderry

Save Time on Controlling Finances in Your Company

Effectively manage your company's budget through more accurate record-keeping and cash flow control.

  • Receive prepayments and payments from customers to digital cashboxes
  • Analyze income and expenses by line item to reduce unnecessary spendings
  • Generate financial reports in a few clicks to quickly react to performance fluctuations

Never Loose Tools & Parts Thanks to the Plumbing Inventory Software

Simplify warehouse operations and avoid missing goods in your stock:

  • Track transfers and use of equipment, spare parts, and consumables
  • Perform stocktaking in any of the 4 ways available
  • Use bin locations to organize the most accurate storage

Increase Data Security in Your Plumbing Business

Orderry offers several options to protect your account and company’s data:

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Flexible Pricing Plans
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and Video Tutorials

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3 Employee Users Included in All Plans

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How can field service management software help plumbers be more efficient?


A plumbing service software program simplifies record-keeping of routine tasks and consolidates all necessary information in a single database. It automates most business processes including:

  • Managing scheduling and keeping customers informed via automatic notifications
  • Tracking inventory operations like movements of tools, equipment, spare parts, and consumables
  • Calculating the cost of services after one-time setup of pricing lists
  • Reporting on the most profitable and popular services
  • Computing employees' salaries after a one-time setup of the accrual scheme
  • Collecting customer feedback via SMS or email
  • Managing employee scheduling in a few clicks
  • Keeping track of service history, previous communication with customers via email, SMS, or phone on one platform

You can find this functionality in the catalog of features of the cloud-based field service management solution Orderry.

Does Orderry have a mobile app for field service contractors?


Yes, it does. You can process work orders for plumbing services in the Orderry Work Orders App, which is free for all Orderry users. This is a handy tool for field technicians who want to focus on their jobs without spending much time on administrative tasks. In the application, you can view a general list of active work orders, add works, write off goods from the warehouse, change statuses, leave comments, and attach photos and files. The Orderry App is available for download on App Store and Google Play.

How can I manage job scheduling efficiently?


If you want your plumbing company to succeed, you will need good plumbing scheduling software to manage your appointments quickly and efficiently. Orderry has a built-in calendar to organize appointment scheduling and dispatching of plumbers. You can create work orders in the Scheduler, set up automated notifications with the arrival time, monitor your employees’ work schedules, and even configure payroll calculations based on this information. The job scheduling feature is available in all subscription plans.

Does Orderry have Quickbooks integration?


Yes, you can integrate your Orderry account with Quickbooks Online. This seamless integration allows you to synchronize data on work orders and their services, invoicing, taxes, and customers automatically or manually.

Is Orderry integrated with the Stripe online payment platform?


This integration still needs to be added, but our developers are working on it. This will allow you to offer customers different payment options like credit cards or online payments. Your employees can process payments wherever they are using the web or mobile version of Orderry.

Is Orderry suitable for the plumbing business?


Orderry is field service software that is fully customizable and can fit service companies of different sizes and specializations. All sections of the program are adjustable to your needs and processes:

  • Edit existing filters or create your own for each user.
  • Create messages and document templates in your company’s look and feel for each location.
  • Save types of services and their prices in the price list.
  • Use samples of work order profiles for a quick start.
  • Access rights and most of the settings are associated with the user account, making the program adaptive and easy for you and your employees.

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