Orderry Inventory Stocktake Enhances Your Inventory Management

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Perform partial or full stocktake
with the approach you like the most

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Save stocktake subtotals
with Orderry drafts

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Detect and resolve balance differences, and settle the inventory balances

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Verify and archive your stocktake
data with exporting/importing
inventory documents

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Features you get with Orderry Inventory stocktake

Perform partial or full stocktake

Orderry allows you to perform both full or partial stocktake for your products or parts. This addresses the custom stocktake logic. For instance, if you want to perform a stock stake without smartphone accessories, you can run partial stocktake to exclude those from the results.

Choose your stocktake approach

Orderry introduces 4 convenient stocktake approaches:

  • Barcode reader stocktake
  • Import/export products file stocktake
  • Paper sheet stocktake
  • The product list uploading stocktake.

These opportunities allow for flexible stocktakes. Here at Orderry, we understand that there can be no barcode scanners or wireless printers in the vicinity, so you always have a plan B for your stocktake.

Organize your inventory

Implement Orderry stocktake combined with bin locations to put all your items in place and calibrate your inventory accounting. Minimize the risk of balance differences with Orderry Inventory stocktake.

Save stocktake subtotals

Save your stocktake drafts with Orderry. This addresses the cases when you can't perform a full stocktake at once and need to save subtotals. Orderry stocktake draft allows you to access your data any time to end the stocktake process.

Print your acts and documents

As soon as the stocktake is complete, you can access the stocktake results document in your manager panel. Print it or filter by the balance difference type.

Orderry enables you to print the stocktake settlement act. This way, you can always keep your stocktake transparent and perform the final stocktake check with these acts and documents.

Save your time on the stock balance settlements

Resolve all balance differences of the stocktake results to settle the stock balances. Here's how you can do it with Orderry in just a few clicks:

  • Write-off all shorage entries
  • Discard the excess
  • Transfer serial items
  • Change the product categories
  • Post unknow products.

You can see all these actions in the linked documents in your CRM system.

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