Your Team Can Do Better If The Job Is Planned Right

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Individual Work Schedules
for Each Location

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Scheduling of Customer
Appointments and Call-Outs

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Calculation of Wages Based
on Daily and Hourly Rates

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Custom Set-Up
of Employee Access

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Employee Work Schedules In a Handy Format

See at a Glance When Your Employees Work

Plan working and non-working days for employees at different locations for weeks or even months ahead in a convenient format. Quickly assign a job or an appointment in the job scheduler software.

Track Time Worked

View the number of hours each employee worked per week or month to optimize future scheduling. Keep an accurate record of each employee's time to measure KPIs and labor costs.

Get Individual Work Schedules Ready in Seconds

Create each worker's schedule in a few clicks with the Autofill function. Plan the workload months in advance, taking into account the sequence by which employees work in your company (e.g. 5 workdays and 2 days off or 2 in 2).

Accurate and Fast Calculation of Daily and Hourly Wages

Find the Best Time For Appointments

In the Work Order Scheduler, you will see employees’ working hours, including breaks and days off. This enables you to quickly schedule an appointment with a customer or create a work order that will match your team’s daily schedule.

Gain more jobs with easy work order software Orderry.

Calculate Payroll with No Stress

Set up payroll rules for employees based on their payment system and the time worked to deliver an error-free paycheck at the end of the month.

Configure Access Rights for Employees To Enhance Security

With the advanced access configuration, only you decide who can view or edit the Work Schedules in Orderry.
By limiting access rights based on the positions and responsibilities of your workers you will avoid misunderstandings among team members as well as payroll fraud.

Orderry is business management software for small and medium-sized service companies

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Inventory, Work Orders, Finances
and Analytics in One Program

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Integration with 200+
Useful Business Tools

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Mobile Applications for Field
Workers and Executives

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Free Support and Self-Serving
Help Center

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