Route Leads From Multiple Sources To Win More Sales

The sale is already halfway done when a potential client is curious about your service. Unless solved right here right now, the opportunity goes away. At this stage, it's OK if your team prompts with razor-sharp targeting and personalized content delivery. But even that is not enough to seize all prospects when you don’t have the right tool. Try Lead Routing by Orderry to grab, nurture, and drive Leads through every stage of your pipeline.

Lead Routing With Orderry

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Capture Leads from multiple
sources, manage all available
sales information in one place

Quick Response

Quick Response

Route Leads faster and smarter,
reduce management tasks
and gain a leg up on the market

Visible Gains

Visible Gains

Track Leads as they are being
followed and converted
into actual orders, jobs, or sales

Added Value

Added Value

Turn Leads into customers
and repeated deals, have better-run
and more profitable business

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Carefully Designed Features For Lead Routing That Converts

Capture And Collect Leads Across Different Verticals

An opportunity often starts with a question over the phone. Capture basic sales data automatically on missed calls, or generate Leads manually when you have to. Use available API methods to make your website embedded with our powerful Lead Routing module. When potential clients tell about the issue or create inquiry directly on your website, Orderry will immediately create new Leads and get you notified in real-time to quickly win that order.

Manage Sales-Related Communication In One Place

Lead category, Lead source, Lead status, Lead creator, Lead manager, Lead deadline. The Lead Table provides extensive information on each and every Lead. Use colored badges for a quick view of all new, already in work, overdue, or pending Leads that may need your closer attention. With nearly unlimited customizations, Lead Routing by Orderry makes a unique user experience that is truly yours.

Turn Lead Management Into A Fully Controllable Journey

Use basic categories or your own segmentation criteria to have nice structured data on Leads tailored to any business logic or event. Describe every stage of your unique sales journey: set the initial Lead status, create your own set of transfer rules, flexible scenarios for managers. Make your business run like clockwork, automatically driving Leads to conversion in a way you have ever wanted.

Choose Optimal Routing Time For Leads And Follow-ups

Ensure your Leads are routed at an optimal rate through each and every stage of your working cycle. Use the status time limit to create your own operation standards for Lead Routing. Build up a well-thought and coherent workflow for managers, prevent overdue and lost Leads. Improve customer satisfaction, successfully driving more and more potential clients into actual sales, jobs, and orders.

Empower Sales And Marketing To Win More Deals In Less Time

As a part of truly integrated solution across the industry, Lead Routing was created for only one reason. To help repair shops and niche service businesses turn opportunities into revenue, making Leads and Orders well-aligned and interconnected. Stay on top of your business with a software that makes the bottom line — conversion and team performance — 100% visible and representative.

Have Nice Structured Data Showing What Works For You Best

Take control of your marketing effort to build lasting ad campaigns that will actually make you money. Customize and track different advertising channels, detect redundant stuff and bottlenecks, have room for improvement. Prioritize the most performing sources of potential clients, and never waste budget on strategies that weren't that good.

Why Lead Routing By Orderry

Orderry is available from any device: smartphone, tablet, PC

  • Get down to business as soon as you sign up
  • No download, install, or extra tech staff required
  • We keep working hard to be even more intuitive
  • Orderry is a cloud app, which can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • We are all about your privacy and data security
  • Orderry Support Team is always at your service for any functionality or UX issue.

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