Route Leads From Multiple Sources To Win More Sales

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Simplified Sales Processes

Capture inbound leads from multiple sources and manage all available sales information in one place

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Shorter Response Times

Reduce management tasks
and gain a leg up on the market

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Real-Time Reports

Track lead conversion into actual work orders or sales

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Native Integrations

Organize all tools into one ecosystem to have better-run and more profitable business

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Advanced Features For Lead Routing That Converts

Automated Process of Lead Collection Across Different Verticals

Capture basic sales data automatically on missed phone calls, Facebook Ads, WhatsApp messaging, and social media conversations.

Use available API methods to embed your website with our powerful lead routing feature. When potential clients tell about the issue or create inquiries directly on your website, Orderry will immediately create incoming leads and get you notified in real-time to win work orders.

Customer Relationship Management In One Place

The Lead Table provides your sales team with extensive information on every lead. Use colored badges for a quick view of all new, already-in-work, overdue, or pending leads that may need your closer attention. With nearly unlimited customizations, the lead management process by Orderry makes a unique user experience that is truly yours.

Orderry is automation software that increases business productivity

Fully Controllable Lead Management

Use basic categories or your own segmentation criteria to have nice structured data on Leads tailored to any business logic or event. Describe every stage of your unique sales journey: set the initial Lead status, and create routing rules and flexible scenarios for sales managers. Make your business run like clockwork, automatically driving leads to conversion the way you want.

Optimal Routing Time For Leads and Follow-Ups

Ensure your leads are routed optimally through every stage of your sales funnel. Use the status time limit to create your operation standards for lead routing. Build a well-thought and coherent workflow for managers, and prevent overdue and lost Leads. Improve customer satisfaction, driving more qualified leads into sales and work orders.

Win More Deals In Less Time

Orderry helps repair shops and niche service businesses turn opportunities into revenue, making leads and work orders well-aligned and interconnected. Stay on top of your business with an all-in-one solution that makes the bottom line — conversion and team performance — 100% visible and representative.

Nice Structured Data Showing What Works For You Best

Comprehensive reports allow you to take control of your marketing effort to build lasting ad campaigns that will actually make you money. Customize and track different advertising channels, detect redundant stuff and bottlenecks, and have room for improvement. Prioritize the best-performing sources of potential clients, and never waste the budget on strategies that aren't that good.

Why Lead Routing By Orderry

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No download, install,
or extra tech staff required

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Cloud-based technology accessible
via smartphone, tablet, or PC
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Daily backups
and data encryption

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Dedicated Customer Support
via chat, phone, and email

Try Lead Routing by Orderry to grab, nurture,
and drive leads through every stage of your sales pipeline


What is lead routing software?


Lead routing software is a tool that automates the distribution of leads to the appropriate team members or departments within a company. The software like Orderry helps streamline lead management by ensuring that leads are promptly and accurately assigned to the right sales representative who can effectively handle and follow up on them. This automation saves time and effort for the sales or marketing teams and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of lead conversion, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales opportunities.

How do I identify bad leads?


One way to identify low-qualified leads is by looking at their engagement and interest in your product or service. If a lead is unresponsive or shows minimal interest, it may be a sign that they are not a good fit for your offering. Another factor to consider is the lead's budget and purchasing power. If a lead does not have the financial capacity to afford your product or service, it is unlikely that they will convert into a paying customer. Additionally, if a lead does not fit your target demographic or ideal customer profile, it may not fit your business well. Focusing your efforts on leads that are highly likely to convert and align with your target audience and business goals is crucial.

How to effectively route leads to sales reps?


Effectively routing leads requires a well-structured and organized system. You should understand each sales rep's skills and strengths to match leads to the most fitting salesperson. Implementing lead management software can also streamline the process of routing leads by automatically assigning them to sales reps based on predetermined criteria such as territory, industry, or lead source. Additionally, regularly reviewing and adjusting the routing process based on employee availability and workload can ensure a fair and balanced distribution of leads. With a strategic approach and technology, leads can be efficiently routed to the most qualified sales reps, increasing the chances of successful conversions and ultimately driving business growth.

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