Lawn Equipment Repair Shop Software To Grow Your Business

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Engine Repair Services
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Professional Estimates
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Advanced Inventory
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Record Keeping Of Equipment
Rental & Sale

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Smooth Repair Order Processing

Make sure your team deals with work orders most efficiently in small engine service work order software:

  • Create unique workflows and set status sequences to control the progress and always meet deadlines
  • Have all the information about clients, their lawn mowers, and repair history in a single online interface
  • Set up automatic alerts to customers about work order status updates
  • Send out reminders of seasonal maintenance to boost customer engagement

Effective Resource Planning

Use the built-in job scheduling tools of our small engine repair software to plan employees' hours in seconds. Schedule delivery and pick-up services, field or in-house works, and create work orders directly in the calendar.

Employee Work Schedules Under Control

Schedule each employee's workdays, holidays, days off, and vacations in the Orderry’s built-in calendar for weeks and months. And with autofill, you save time on scheduling while staying efficient.

Organized Spare Parts Inventory

Create an easy-to-navigate storage system for parts and materials commonly used to fix lawnmowers, lawn tractors, generators, and other outdoor power equipment:

  • Set up different warehouses for locations or departments
  • Use bin locations and product serialization for organizing small-item storage
  • Control stock levels to purchase necessary parts on time
  • Efficiently perform product postings, transfers, write-offs, and stocktakes

Smart Asset Management

With the Asset Warehouses feature, you can keep records of your lawn mower repair shop’s property and your clients’ machines brought in for repairs, maintenance, or seasonal storage.

Track their locations, transfers, and service history to know where they are and in what condition.

Motorized Power Equipment?
Manage Both Services And Sales In Orderry

Profitable Product Assortment

The Assortment Analysis report will help you identify popular products for your target market and eliminate slow sales, whether you sell new or used equipment. You’ll see which items bring in more profit and which are not reasonably priced.

Integrated Online Sales

Connect your account to popular marketplaces and easily manage online and offline sales in one place. Via Zapier, you’ll get seamless integration to 200+ popular services to automate your entire business.

With the Custom Integration feature, you can configure the unloading of goods from the Orderry warehouses to any online store that supports importing products via an XLS/CSV file upload.

Outdoor Power Equipment And Tool Rental?
Use Orderry To Generate More Profit

Good Care of Rental Items

Get the most out of your investment in machinery and tools:

  • Monitor your rental equipment condition and schedule regular service and cosmetic fixes to increase longevity
  • Review your hire rates according to the demand of particular equipment categories in the Company Insights Report

Simplified Rental Processing

When placing a rental order, your employees will save time on various calculations:

  • The deposit amount will be automatically computed from the item’s estimated value
  • The remaining amount to be paid after the prepayment will be displayed in the work order profile
  • You can list penalty costs to be added to work orders in case of late returns, damage, or loss

Stress-Free Work Order Processing In the Field

Be efficient wherever you are with the free Orderry Work Orders App. Process jobs, access customer data, add work, materials, photos, and comments, accept payments, and contact managers and customers in a few taps—on smartphones or tablets.

Orderry helps you control all areas of your small engine repair business

Streamlined Invoicing Process

Use the Orderry software to generate mechanic estimates and invoices in a few clicks. Set up templates and print or send via email any document you need right from the work order.

Integrate your account with QuickBooks Online or Xero to make keeping books smooth—sync between two systems to always have up-to-date data on invoicing, clients, taxes, and products.

Better Control Over Finances

Access your funds, payments, mutual settlements with engine repair mechanics and suppliers, and invoices anytime.

Orderry is developed based on feedback from business owners across the service industry. That’s why you can rely on it when managing simple receivable payments or specialized functions like balances, reconciliations, labor costs, payroll calculations, and taxes.

More Protection For Your Small Engine Repair Shop

To control your employees, you don't have to navigate between pages to keep track of their actions in Orderry. Track changes in program documents and recover accidentally deleted items on a single Activity Log page. Thanks to this option, you'll always know what employees did in one or more locations during any period.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With Company Insights and other detailed reports in Orderry, you can reduce costs, create an attractive assortment, and identify the overall growth points of your repair shop.

Business Management On The Go

Business Insights is a handy mobile app to keep track of your company’s key performance metrics from anywhere. Here, you can conveniently view reports, check cashbox balances, contact employees, and read customer reviews.

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Mobile Applications For
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Data Encryption
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You know how to repair small engines and save your clients from buying new expensive machines.
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What are the benefits of using engine repair shop software?


If you use one of the suite solutions like Orderry, you can automate day business operations and streamline your shop repair workflow. You can easily track sales, labor costs, customer reviews, and other crucial KPIs in real-time. And your team will benefit from small engine repair software, too. They will quickly access the repair database and the customer base, generate repair invoices in a few clicks and easily manage customer communication. As a result, the main advantage of digitalization in your engine repair business will be increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What tools for inventory management are there in Orderry?


You don’t need special inventory control software because Orderry has everything you need. With the inventory tracking feature, you will organize the storage of spare parts, power tools, and consumables in the database, control write-offs and movements of each item from the warehouse, and generate service history reports to schedule maintenance of power equipment. To keep the inventory of engine repair shops in order, there are such advanced functions as bin locations and serial number accounting in Orderry. You can also analyze inventory reports to build more profitable stock.

Does Orderry have a mobile application?


The repair shop management software Orderry offers a suite of applications that are free for all subscribers. The Business Insights mobile app allows executives and company owners to track important business metrics. There is an Orderry Work Orders App for mobile work order management for mobile technicians.

Does Orderry offer an API integration?


Absolutely! You can connect your Orderry account to any third-party add-on by accessing the database via API. This way, you can create your website's “Work Order Status” widget, automate lead and work order creation in the system, and synchronize product prices and customer data.

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