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Software For Professional Painting Contractors

All Your Customer Information In One Place

Keep customer profiles and sales details all together at your fingertips, including past jobs, previous invoices and estimates, and any current work being done. In your contractor database, you will have all the necessary details for future follow-ups and repainting projects.

Cloud technology lets your team easily access and navigate customer and job information from any device.

Fast Processing Of Painting Jobs

Painting contractor work order software simplifies admin tasks and eliminates paperwork, so your team can focus their talents on clients and projects:

  • Quickly estimate a job costs, send a client for approval, and convert to a work order with all relevant data saved automatically
  • With the status sequences, you can set up workflows for different services according to your business logic and quality standards
  • With automated alerts, your customers will get notified of the work order progress via email, SMS, or WhatsApp
  • With flexible work order forms, your employees can specify clients and payers of jobs when taking requests

Work Order App For Painters in the Field

Your field team can process jobs and complete tasks wherever they are on smartphones and tablets.

  • View work order details and clients’ addresses on the map before arrival
  • Add comments, notes, attach before/after photos to work orders
  • Update statuses and accept payments in the field
  • Contact colleagues involved in one tap
  • Follow the Event Feed of work orders
  • Keep everyone in the loop with push notifications

All Appointments In a Single View

Consolidate daily schedules, avoid overbooking, and quickly fill gaps. Use the Work Order Scheduler feature for a quick, detailed view of all jobs and their timelines.

You can reschedule appointments, overview your employees’ load, and create and assign work orders right in the calendar.

Orderry helps you organize the entire business of painting

More Business from Social Media

Connect your Facebook and Instagram business pages to CRM and process inquiries fast and conveniently.

  • Automate replies to common questions
  • Create leads and work orders directly from chats
  • Track conversation history in client profiles
  • Configure employee access to chats and pages

Professional-Looking Contractor Estimates & Invoices

With Orderry, you just need to open your browser on any device to go through your clients immediately, create a quote, and send it to a client for approval.

You can use templates from our library and add custom fields to jobs that will be auto-filled and put into documents.

Every time you do estimates for painting projects, they will be saved in the event feed of the work order, where you can track their status, get a PDF or print out a copy.

Organization of Painting Tools and Materials

Track your tools and equipment across projects and locations and stick to optimal inventory levels within planned budgets.

  • Use bin locations to organize proper storage to prevent even small items from being missed or misplaced
  • To price painting and decorating jobs quickly, just add materials and disposables from your stock to work orders, and you’ll instantly see the final charge amount
  • Painting business software displays low-level alerts on the stock overview page to inform you what items are running low in your stock. Prevent shortages and refill on time and at a better price.

Employee Work Schedules Under Control

You can record and schedule employees' work, sick leaves, and vacation days in Orderry. Employees’ schedules are also connected to the Work Order Scheduler so you can quickly assign appointments or plan call-outs for your team.

Custom Payroll Scenarios

Set up a payroll system that matches your internal processes and supports the quality standards of work you provide.

You can use more than 8 payroll scenarios, set up calculations of base salaries, including commissions, bonuses, and penalties, and develop individual reward systems to ensure you fairly pay your crew for their labor and efforts.

Accrue calculated salaries to employees’ balances and make payouts at custom intervals.

Improve your management skills with Orderry

Control Over Payments and Expenses

Keep accurate records of all your financial receipts and expenditures, separate cash and non-cash payments, and create cashboxes for different locations.

Powerful Insights To Run a Successful Painting Company

Inform your decision-making with real-time dashboard analytics that visualize data in a convenient format. Get answers to essential questions like what services generate the most profit, where your leads come from, and who your most efficient employees are.

With Company Insights, you can understand and use numbers instead of guesswork to develop a powerful strategy to grow your contractor business.

Business Insights App For Effective Bosses

Whether you are meeting with potential customers, checking on your crew on-site, or shopping for new painting equipment, you have real-time control over your company's performance right on your smartphone:


  • View reports on work orders, employees, payments, revenue, and profit for any custom period
  • Control cashbox balances
  • Contact your employees in one click
  • Analyze customer reviews and your company’s rating
  • Enable the two-factor authentication to increase your account security

The application is available for iOS and Android without extra fees.

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Daily Backups
& Data Encryption

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What is painting contractor software?


This is a cloud-based program that allows you to manage painting projects in real time and from any device. When working in the painting industry, you will benefit from the following features:

  • Work order processing. You can keep accurate records of your painting jobs with measurements, materials, tools, labor costs, customer information, service, and communication history.
  • Customer relationship management. To increase the level of customer service you need to know as much as you can about your customers and prospects. In Orderry CRM, you properly manage your customer database and develop an effective communication strategy. It is also important to keep your clientele informed about each stage of the work progress. For this purpose, you can set up automated emails or SMS notifications.
  • Quick and easy invoicing. In Orderry, you can generate outstanding invoices right from work orders in a few clicks. Set up templates with custom fields in your painting company’s look and feel so your employees can use them when they need to estimate or invoice a client.

Does Orderry have a customer referral program?


You can join the Orderry referral program, invite friends and business partners to trial and start automating routine operations in their companies. Use this opportunity to receive additional subscription days equivalent to 40% of your referees’ payments. You can reduce the program cost or even use it for free.

How can I manage appointments in Orderry?


There is a built-in calendar called the Work Order Scheduler where you can book appointments and create jobs for your employees. The software program will send automated reminders to customers and your team members, notifying them of the appointment time. This feature lets you work with records effectively and estimate the painting contractor’s workload. It is also connected to the Employee Work Schedules so you can see when each of your employees is working and set up the automated calculation of hourly/daily/monthly salaries.

Does Orderry software for painting contractors have a mobile app?


Of course! To use the Orderry painting business software on iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets, your team just needs to download the Work Orders App. It is a handy application that allows you to process work orders in the field. Another mobile app is available for Manager users — Business Insights. This is especially useful for painting business owners who want to keep track of company performance metrics on the go. Both applications are free of charge for all active Orderry subscribers.

Is it possible to accept credit card payments in the field?


This functionality is not available at the moment. We are working on integrating with the Stripe payment service so all Orderry users can accept payments online. You can follow the implementation progress on the Home page in the “Features in Progress” section.

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