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Job scheduling and dispatching

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Mobile apps for field crews
and executives

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Inventory management
and asset tracking

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Seamless integrations
with 200+ platforms via Zapier

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Orderry is cloud-based waste management software that improves
the operational performance of waste management businesses

Schedule Filed Jobs and Dispatch Your Crew of Haulers Hassle-Free

The Work Order Scheduler lets you plan filed works like waste shipments to disposal facilities in a few clicks.

  • Automatic notifications to employees, clients, or facility managers
  • Effective resource allocation
  • Real-time overview of employee work schedules

Handy Mobile App for Dedicated Haulers

Being on the move, your employees can easily manage assigned jobs, complete tasks, check clients’ details, view addresses on the map, collaborate with colleagues, and accept payments—all these by tapping on a smartphone or tablet.

Streamline Recycling Operations

Reduce manual tasks and paper-based processes by creating rule-based workflows, using preset document templates and forms, and automating customer communications.

  • Easy creation of workflows for various job types
  • Automatic status updates, alerts, and promotions via preferred communication channels
  • Task management in the context of clients, work orders, and employees

Organize Vehicle Fleet and Equipment

Organize your inventory and company assets in Orderry to have everything always ready for the job.

  • Digital warehouses to manage consumables, equipment, and vehicles both in a single facility and company-wide
  • All types of inventory operations performed easily—postings, write-offs, transfers, and stocktaking
  • Waste tracking across locations and recycling facilities

Orderry is a central platform to manage every aspect of your business

Provide the Best Customer Service in the Area

Access customer data from any device to make the best offer and win more jobs for your waste management business.

  • Handle customer requests from the first contact to a success story
  • Simplify paperwork when dealing with commercial customers
  • Collect customer feedback after each service automatically
  • Connect with Twilio VoIP to quickly process phone requests
  • Manage social media conversations in one place by integrating with Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct (coming soon)

Control Finances to Optimize Budgeting

Get a complete picture of where your cash flows to identify unnecessary expenses and increase income.

  • Local and company cashboxes to track cash and cashless transactions
  • Easy-to-generate cash flow report
  • Instant sync of billing, client, and inventory data with QuickBooks Online or Xero

Automation Tools for Better Employee Management

Organize your team, eliminate manual calculations, and develop a morale-boosting system of incentives:

  • Employee performance report to assess the results of your employees' activities
  • Automatic payroll calculation of hourly/daily/ monthly salaries, including coefficients, commissions, bonuses, and penalties
  • Individual employee balances where they can check their payroll information at any time

Valuable Insights into Your Company Performance

Use reports and real-time data visualizations to Inform your decision-making and improve business performance:

Prevent Fraud and Data Leaks

To protect your account, Orderry offers role-based access settings, two-level access rights to cashboxes and warehouses, 2-factor authentication, and a comprehensive Activity Log Report to track users’ activity in the system.

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What is waste management?


Waste management refers to organizing waste streams from collecting and treating to disposing of waste materials in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. It involves various activities such as recycling, composting, landfilling, and incineration. Waste management aims to minimize the impact of waste on the environment and human health by reducing the amount of waste generated, promoting recycling and reuse, and ensuring proper disposal of hazardous materials according to safety standards. Effective waste management is essential for maintaining a clean and sustainable environment.

How can waste management software help businesses be more productive?


This software for companies in recycling industries automates everyday processes and provides businesses with real-time data and analytics to track and monitor waste generation, disposal, and recycling activities more efficiently. With access to accurate and up-to-date information, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize business management, minimize admin work, and reduce costs. Waste management software can also automate tasks such as scheduling waste pickups, generating reports, and managing safety requirements like hazardous waste regulations, saving businesses time and resources.

What software do businesses in the waste management industry use?


Waste management companies use various digital solutions to streamline operations and improve efficiency. One commonly used software is waste management software, which helps businesses track and manage waste collection, disposal, and recycling processes. This software allows businesses to schedule and optimize waste collection routes, track waste containers, and generate reports on waste management activities. Recycling haulers may also use inventory management software to keep track of their waste inventory and ensure proper stock levels. Furthermore, accounting software is essential for managing financial transactions, invoicing, and budgeting. Alternatively, you can implement an all-in-one solution like Orderry to manage jobs, customers, inventory, and finances on a single platform. This will help you automate manual work and ensure smooth operations and effective waste management practices.

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