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Rental & Finance Accounting

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Orderry is cloud software for hire companies of any size and specialization

Streamline Rental Inventory Management

Get a clear overview of your equipment flow to understand where your tools currently are. Rental inventory tracking software lets you instantly see which items are available to hire and add them to work orders directly from stock.

For better control of your rentable resources:

  • Generate a barcode to stick on the rental equipment so your employees can quickly record a return from a client with a scanner
  • Track your tools by employee or storage location

Get Maximum Value of Your Equipment

Go to Orderry software to view the equipment rental history, plan regular maintenance on time, and fix issues before your customers notice. Schedule cosmetic fixes to make your equipment look as good as new.

Set the estimated value of your rental item so you can quickly calculate the deposit when you place a work order.

Analyze what tool categories are regularly hired and which ones you just store most of the time. Use these data from the Company Insights Report to adjust your hire rates so you constantly earn money with your rentals.

Simplify Your Rental Operations

Besides inventory features, Orderry offers convenient rental business accounting:

  • Receive payments and prepayments, and adjust debts against your deposit in a few clicks
  • Automatically calculate the remaining amount to be paid after the prepayment
  • List penalty cost for late returns, loss, or damage so your employees can easily add it to the customer’s work order to calculate the final charge
  • Specify a client and a payer in work orders to issue accurate invoices for corporate clients

Automatic Sync Between Orderry and Accounting Platforms

Connect your account to QuickBooks or Xero to ensure your books are always up-to-date. In Orderry, you can automatically or manually synchronize invoices, clients, products added to work orders, and sales tax configurations.

Handy App For Rental Property Managers

With the Orderry Work Orders mobile app, your employees can efficiently handle on-site work orders on smartphones or tablets:

  • check customer data and job details at any time
  • assign and complete tasks
  • attach photos and leave comments
  • contact colleagues or customers 
  • accept payments and update work order statuses

Build Better Relationships with Your Customers

If you are in the rental industry, you’ll benefit from customer management features in Orderry software. Improve your customer service and make people come to you whenever they need rentals.

  • Review customer history to know their preferences and see how they treat your equipment
  • Offer reduced rates or special offers to regular customers to increase loyalty.

Your Rental Business + Orderry = The Best Deal

Minimize Manual Work with Documents

Benefit from flexible forms, document generation tools, and auto-filling data to save time and maintain accuracy.

  • Use the estimating feature to provide potential clients with the best offers in no time
  • Let Orderry automatically create and print all necessary documents during work order processing/closing
  • You can customize your quote and invoice templates and add as many fields as needed—the program will fill them in before printing

Keep Your Customers Posted with Automatic Alerts

SMS notifications or WhatsApp messages remind customers about the coming return date to help rental businesses avoid delays and conflicts with other renters. You can add information about the extra payment to the message and offer to extend the rental period if needed.

Find Growth Points of Your Equipment Rental Business

Make the right management decisions based on the Company Insights reports. Summarize data on hire charges, customers, and rental items into charts/trends to identify interesting patterns and increase business income.

  • Develop a profitable assortment of rental equipment: segment and group charts by leased product, brand, and model to estimate demand, profit, and average sales for each
  • See how seasonality influences the demand to plan your marketing activities
  • Analyze the effectiveness of marketing channels.

Providing additional services?

Build separate workflows for repair & maintenance work
within one
rental software program

Flexible Employee Management

Set up different levels of access to the company’s data based on employee roles to prevent important information from getting into the wrong hands—limit access to clients' details for staff members who care for internal repair work.

Develop specific workflows for your teams so every hire shop manager, equipment operator, and mechanic can perform their daily tasks effectively. And you get better control over the work done.

Efficient Employee Work Schedules

Plan schedules of employees from one or more locations in a couple of clicks. Schedule each employee's workdays, days off, vacations, and sick leaves to automate payroll at the end of the month.

Automatic Calculation of Incentives & Payroll

Create a unique salary calculation system so employees feel their labor is fairly rewarded.

Assign individual commissions for services sold, rental goods operated, and qualifications provided. The payroll will run automatically based on the rules you’ve set. At the end of the month, accrue the calculated amounts to employees’ balances and make payouts in a few clicks.

If you use the Employee Work Schedule feature, you can also calculate hourly and daily wages for each employee.

Integrations for Effortless Equipment Rental Management

Connect your Orderry account to popular platforms to automate even more operations:

  • Capture rent orders from different platforms and easily manage them in Orderry software
  • Chat with potential clients on Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct directly from CRM
  • Integrate your event calendar to avoid double bookings
  • Improve your business messaging by integrating Orderry with WhatsApp, Twilio, and BulkSMS

More Security For Your Rental Management System

In the Activity Log Report, you can track  over 60 events of employee activity in your Orderry account on a single page.If somebody deleted a program object by mistake (clients, tasks, estimates, cashboxes, goods, or warehouses), restoring it in a few clicks is possible.

Remote Control of Your Equipment & Tool Hire

Manage your rental business from anywhere in the world. Track key metrics in real-time, generate visualized reports on work orders/customers/payments and connect with employees via the Business Insights app.

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How can I get in touch with Orderry customer support in case I have complaints?


You can drop our dedicated customer care team a line via a contact form on the website, email, or call. For more information, visit the Contact Us page. You can also start a live chat with a support representative from your Orderry account.

How do I manage rentable items in Orderry?


To organize your rental operations, use the Assets feature. This is the core functionality for managing properties like equipment or event rentals in Orderry. Assets cannot be sold, but you can record them and track their history of use or maintenance. You can configure the automatic transfer of assets to warehouses based on your workflows and status updates.

Can I accept online payments in Orderry?


This functionality is not available at the moment, although it’s on our roadmap. Orderry developers are working on adding integration with the Stripe payment processing platform. You can follow the implementation progress on the Home page.

How does the built-in calendar work in Orderry?


In the Work Order Scheduler, you can plan appointments and control the resource load in your company. It is also connected to the Employees’ Work Schedules, so you, as a business owner, have an instant overview of your team’s working time, which you can later use to calculate hourly and daily wages. So far, direct online bookings of residential properties are not available in the system.

What software features are most valuable for equipment rental businesses?


For businesses in rental industries, it is crucial to organize inventory, manage customer databases, keep track of financials for rental, and analyze KPIs with powerful tools of reporting. Orderry will help you automate your rentals and improve your customers’ rental experience seamlessly:

  • Track the rental history of each item so you can perform maintenance on time
  • Set an estimated value for your rentable item so you can quickly calculate the security deposit when you place a work order
  • accept payments, prepayments, and manage debts in a few clicks.

Additionally, you can access a real-time dashboard of your company’s performance metrics from any location and device.

How can inventory management software improve rental operations?


With a cloud-based solution like Orderry, you can automate your tool's and equipment rentals' routine processes. By tracking assets across locations, you’ll instantly find the best solution for your customers and thus provide excellent customer service. Adding inventory to your rental orders directly from the digital warehouses in Orderry is also possible. For proper record keeping, generate a barcode and stick it on a rental item. This way, you can quickly record a customer's return with the scanner. These are just a few features that will help you and your team save time and reduce admin costs.

Why should I use rental software in my small business?


The main goal of this kind of solution is to enable you to provide excellent customer service in your company. It will automate routine processes, simplify daily operations, and increase your team productivity. Try out all the key features of Orderry for free during your trial period and you’ll see how your business starts operating better each day. Involve your employees in testing as well. Thanks to simplified user interfaces, they will get familiar with the program in no time. Join the Orderry community with hundreds of satisfied users around the world.

Can I use Orderry as a rental property management platform?


Yes, it is possible to manage residential properties in Orderry. You can create jobs for your property managers, build effective workflows with statuses and deadlines as well as monitor the progress. In the Work Order Scheduler, you’ll see who from your team is available at a particular time and at which location. You can also plan their work schedules and set up the automatic calculations of daily and hourly wages. And with the extensive functionality of the Assets unit, you will be able to organize warehouse operations across all locations of your property management company.

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