Automate Day-To-Day Tasks To Focus On Creating Beautiful Floral Arrangements

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Proposal templates
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Inventory control

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Orderry offers powerful tools for florists to manage their business efficiently

Manage All Processes from Proposal to Payment

You can create various workflows to keep track of simple or multi-step business activities in Orderry—sales of flowers, floral design proposals, arrangements, deliveries, and installations:

  • Individual status sequences with deadlines for more control over your internal workflows.
  • Convenient order filtering to assess the progress of current jobs.
  • Automatic notifications to assigned florists and status updates to clients.
  • Adding products to an order using a barcode scanner.
  • Preset service directories and digital warehouses to quickly itemize labors, materials, and rental products in orders and proposals.

Use Customer Details and Preferences to Build Repeat Business

With Orderry’s customer management tools, you can easily collect information about your target audience in an easy-to-access database and structure it the way you need to  build long-lasting customer relationships:

  • View the complete client interaction history in seconds. 
  • Automate client communication to inform, remind, and engage at the right time.
  • Collect feedback and listen to call recordings to improve customer service.
  • Set up individual discounts in client profiles so the system calculates final amounts according to your customer loyalty programs.

Exceed Customer Expectations with Fast Delivery Times

Offering flower delivery? Create a separate workflow for this type of order and manage deliveries in the Scheduler hassle-free.

Use the built-in calendar feature to schedule delivery orders, assign employees, and keep your employees and clients updated with automatic alerts. It is also linked to the Employee Work Schedules so you can see who is available at a particular time slot and evenly distribute the workload among your team.

Track Flowers and Supplies in Stock

Proper inventory tracking helps reduce expenses and create an attractive assortment in your floral business.

  • Divide flowers into categories, move them between warehouses, write them off to orders, and track their transfer history.
  • Create a main warehouse of your flower shop network and individual ones for each location to track products on different levels.
  • Analyze your assortment to determine which flowers are often used in floral arrangements, sold in-store, and which are not in demand.
  • Set minimum stock levels so that Orderry notifies you of items running low in stock.

Orderry helps flower shops save precious time through the digitalization of routine processes

Keep Track of Online and In-Store Sales

Sell flowers and related products, such as enclosure cards and decoration items, in a few clicks.

  • Set prices and discounts, sell, accept payments, and issue returns without leaving a single browser window.
  • Boost online sales by integrating your stock in Orderry into popular marketplaces.
  • Configure payroll calculation rules for your sellers to automate the computing of commissions.

Optimize Floral Proposals Paperwork

The floral proposal software Orderry simplifies the process of creating event proposals for your clients:

  • Proposal templates with auto-fill fields that you can customize to your liking.
  • Email or print your beautiful proposals from work orders.
  • When invoiced, Orderry synchronizes data with QuickBooks or Xero.

Improve Your Florist Team’s Efficiency

Your employees can do more in less time when their routine tasks are automated. And you can organize their work better with digital tools that give you more control over internal processes.

  • Process work orders, add photos, update statuses, and accept payments via the Orderry Work Orders app.
  • Track employees' actions in the program and restore accidentally deleted objects in the Activity Log Report.
  • Set up an incentive system with commissions, bonuses, penalties, and coefficients and automate their calculation.
  • Restrict access to essential data with advanced access settings.

Streamline Financial Management in Your Florist Business

Keep accurate financial records in Orderry to plan your budget and avoid cash gaps:

  • Maintain mutual settlements with suppliers to control debts.
  • Track your flower shop's expenses and income by item to keep cash flow positive.
  • Control the store's cashbox balance, revenue, and profit via the Business Insights mobile application.
  • Accrue salaries to the employees’ balances and make payouts.

Make Informed Business Decisions with Reporting Tools

With the sale, stock, and customer analysis, you can quickly identify bottlenecks in your processes and improve the overall business performance.

  • 20+ reports for florist entrepreneurs that you can generate in a few clicks.
  • Assess markups of products and adjust pricing.
  • Track average sales, gross profit, and discounts by employee and location.
  • Get insights into sales trends in the Company Insights report.

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Why do florists need business management software?


Owners of flower businesses need software solutions to streamline their operations and efficiently manage orders, clients, and stock. They can automate tasks such as inventory management, order tracking, and invoicing with software. This allows them to save time and focus on more critical aspects of their business, like customer service and creating beautiful floral arrangements. Additionally, the software can provide valuable insights into seasonality trends, customer behavior, and inventory levels, allowing florists to make data-driven decisions to optimize their business and stay competitive.

What features does floral business software provide?


Florist software provides a range of features to help florists operate their business effectively. One of the key features is stock management, which allows florists to track their stock levels and ensure they always have the right flowers and supplies on hand. Another essential feature is order management, which enables florists to process orders efficiently, track the status of each order, and communicate with customers about delivery times and other details. Other features may include customer relationship management, sale systems, marketing tools, and analytics capabilities to help owners and executives make informed decisions about their business. Overall, florist software is designed to streamline operations and help florists grow their businesses while providing excellent customer service.

How do I select the best flower shop software?


Selecting the best solution for your shop can be daunting, but there are a few key factors to consider when making your decision. First and foremost, you want to ensure that the software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should have a clear and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly and easily manage your orders, inventory, and customer information. Additionally, look for software that offers features specific to the floral industry, such as creating pleasing proposals, tracking delivery schedules, and managing perishable inventory. Finally, consider the level of support and training offered by the software provider, the cost of the software, and any associated fees.

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