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Efficient Record-Keeping of Landscape Jobs

Control workflows at all stages to deliver high-quality services consistently and without delays in field service management software. Orderry web based work order system will help you track deadlines, set fair prices, and create estimates for landscaping and irrigation services.

  • Create status chains to control the completion of work orders.
  • Set a time limit for each status to ensure your employees do all the work on time.
  • Use pre-installed service directories and create price lists to estimate labor for landscaping in seconds.
  • Print or email any document you need right from work orders.

Mobile App For Field Teams

In the Work Orders mobile & tablet application, your landscaping team can process and create jobs as conveniently as in the web version while being on the go. One tap and your landscapers see property and customer details, information about requested services, materials, and history of previous jobs.

Moreover, such administrative tasks as accepting payments, creating new work orders, adding photos and comments, updating statuses, and communicating with clients directly from a smartphone or tablet are easy to manage in the field.

Scheduling of Time and Recourses

You can manage clients’ appointments, job scheduling, resource workload, and employee work schedules with job scheduling tools in Orderry. These calendars are linked together for accurate time management:

  • The Work Schedules feature lets you plan employees' labor hours, vacations, and sick leaves for weeks and months.
  • The Work Order Scheduler allows you to find an available time slot in your clients’ favorite landscapers’ schedules in seconds. You can also create jobs in the Scheduler and assign the needed equipment.

Accurate Customer Records

Maintaining long-term relations with clients is key to success for landscaping companies. Orderry landscaping software a complete set of CRM tools for proper customer management:

  • Easy-to-access database with structured information about leads and landscaping customers, their property and requirements, and the history of provided services and received payments.
  • Appointment reminders, on-my-way alerts, and scheduled promotion notifications for automated and consistent customer communications.
  • Individual discounts and automatic sending of review requests for high-level customer service.

Orderry helps you improve your landscaping crew’s field efficiency

Financial Management For Landscape Companies

Create multiple local and global cashboxes to accept cash and cashless payments from clients. Keep invoice and billing records to track cash flow and be aware of the primary sources of income and expenses.

Optimize your budget and reduce costs thanks to insightful financial reporting on cash flow, payroll, and profits. Integrate your account with Xero / QuickBooks to instantly sync customer invoices and bills.

Better Performance Through Automation of Routine Tasks

With Orderry, your managers and contractors can focus on their work instead of spending time on a tedious admin routine. And your clients will appreciate it as well. Place and process work orders twice as fast with the following features:

  • Customize document templates to print them in a few clicks.
  • Send automatic notifications to clients and employees about status updates and changes in their work orders.
  • After adding labors and materials to work orders, Orderry will automatically display the final cost of landscape services.
  • Generate route sheets to provide your employees with information on the work order routes.

processes to offer 5-star customer service experiences

Powerful Tools For Inventory Management

Improve your warehouse processes to get the most out of your stock investments:

  • Managing inventory and supply levels
  • Bin locations and serial accounting for accurate storage
  • Product posting, writing-off, and transferring between warehouses and locations
  • Four methods of stocktaking to identify shortages early
  • Warehouses for keeping track of the company’s assets like lawn machines, service vehicles, and other equipment for landscape design.

Stress-Free Payroll Calculation

Set up wages for managers, landscapers, and technicians once, and the program will calculate them automatically. Reward your employees with coefficient pay, commissions, and bonuses according to their performance, working hours or days, experience and skills. Orderry helps you deliver an accurate paycheck each time you pay your team.

Control Over Your Company on Smartphone

Use the Business Insights mobile application to monitor daily key performance metrics, cashbox balances, and customer reviews from anywhere. Respond to changes in business metrics instantly, communicate with employees and clients in a few taps, and secure your account with 2FA.

KPIs in Real-Time and Dynamics

Generate more than 20 types of reports on inventory, employees, leads, work orders, results of marketing activities, and finances in seconds. You can also set up a daily manager report to receive an email summary of your company’s activities over a given day.

In the Company Insights report, you can identify trends and patterns in KPIs and assess your activity against your goals. Orderry visualizes your data, making it easy to understand the essential numbers you need to inform your decision-making.

No Room For Fraud and Human Errors

Use the Activity Log report to track the overall activity of your employees in the Orderry account.

You can control over 60 events in the program documents and restore accidentally deleted objects with one click.

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What is landscaping business software?


This is a solution for managing different business activities of landscape companies. You can keep records of clients, jobs, stock items, equipment, scheduling, invoices, payroll, and finances. Some software providers offer mobile apps for landscape contractors and business owners, reporting, and marketing tools.

How can field management software help increase the profitability of my landscape business?


Software solutions such as Orderry will help automate and control all activities of companies operating in the landscaping industry: inventory, finance, employees, clients, and field jobs. Transparency and traceability of information mean that you can identify bottlenecks in your business management on time, fix issues quickly, and prevent your cash flow from becoming negative. Orderry is a cloud-based field service management solution that collects, systematizes, and displays data in a convenient and easy-to-understand format to help you make decisions that boost business growth.

Does Orderry integrate with payment processing services?


Our team is working on implementing a direct integration with the Stripe payment processing service. Orderry subscribers will be able to offer online payment and credit card payments via the web or mobile app. Track the progress of adding this integration on the home page.

How can landscaping software boost customer acquisition and retention?


Thanks to Orderry’s popular feature for lead management, you can process requests from potential customers in the system, tracking crucial data such as where they learn about your business, what they look for, and what it takes your team to convert them into clients. Orderry will help you increase customer acquisition by guiding your prospects through all sales funnel stages and converting them into successful work orders or sales. Benefit from the following key features:

  • Reporting on marketing channels' effectiveness. Record lead sources to understand how many leads each marketing campaign brings you in and with what conversion rate.
  • Scheduling of clients' appointments in the built-in calendar. It displays current appointments for days and weeks ahead, allowing you to quickly avoid overlaps and find a convenient time for clients.
  • Automatic collection of customer feedback. Analyze the work of employees and eliminate service issues on time.
  • Increase loyalty by setting up individual discounts for each customer in the program.

How does business management software improve landscaping companies' efficiency and field operations?


Gain an advantage over competitors and save time on routine tasks thanks to modern landscape management software solutions:

  • Synchronization of the office and field work, access to up-to-date data in real-time, and ready-made templates will save your team time on routine operations.
  • Convenient customer base management and automation of client communications will reduce the time and effort needed to keep records of leads and customers in the CRM system. These customer relationship management features save time on registration, accounting, and searching for information in your database.
  • Comprehensive financial control will allow you to track every penny invested and received — from forming the range of services / spare parts to calculating salaries and commissions.
  • Mobile application for field job processing allows field employees to focus on providing high-quality services without spending time on routine operations.

How many subscription plans are available for Orderry users?


You can subscribe to Startup, Business, or Enterprise plan depending on your business size and needs. We recommend trying all the features available in Orderry during a 7-day free trial to choose the best option.

How can landscape business software help grow my business?


Digitalizing your business is an essential part of a successful growth strategy. The main goal of implementing a business management software solution is to control and streamline various processes like scheduling, customer base, inventory, finance, and workforce. You will get valuable insights into your company’s performance and plan further actions considering cost, consumables, work order completion time, and your employees' seniority level and skillset.

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