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Mobile apps
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Estimates and invoices
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Insightful business reporting

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Improve the efficiency of your chimney sweep team

Shorten Administrative Time to Get More Chimneys Cleaned

Orderry work order management software automates the everyday routine so that employees can focus on cleaning chimneys and fireplaces.

  • Keep accurate records of work orders and control deadlines with status chains.
  • Assign a responsible chimney sweep and create tasks directly in the work order form.
  • Add labors and materials to work orders, and Orderry will automatically calculate their final cost.
  • Use document templates and preset service directories to place work orders faster.

Combined with 200+ integrations with popular services, the chimney sweep software comprehensively automates all business processes.

Simplify Daily Operations with a Mobile App For Field Technicians

Process jobs in the field with a few taps providing homeowners with high-level customer service.

  • Check essential information about clients and work orders before arrival.
  • Create jobs, clients, and assets on the go.
  • Update work order statuses, and add materials, photos and comments.
  • Accept payments for field services and contact managers via the Work Orders Orderry app.

Schedule Chimney Sweep Services Efficiently

Use a built-in booking tool to plan field jobs and notify everyone involved. In the job tracking and scheduling software, you can see all available time slots of your chimney sweeps at a glance and assess the current workload.

This way, you will avoid situations when one employee sits idle, and another has two overlapping appointments. Orderry also notifies clients of upcoming visits and arrival times via email or text messages.

Automate Planning of Employee Work Schedules

Create an effective Work Schedule for each chimney sweep and office manager, taking into account working/non-working days, sick leaves, and vacations in a few clicks.

Track who works when and for how long and automate the wage calculation for working hours and days.

Orderry saves
business owners valuable time

Manage your Inventory of Tools and Cleaning Materials with Ease

Besides cleaning and repairing chimneys and roofs, keeping track of the stock of tools and brushes is on your list of everyday tasks. Orderry’s inventory features help you streamline warehouse operations in your chimney sweep business:

  • Control the consumption of all materials your team needs for chimney sweeping.
  • Set minimum and maximum stock levels to ensure timely purchases.
  • Conduct regular stocktakings in Orderry to identify shortages and prevent fraud.
  • Use digital warehouses for assets to track the usage and maintenance of equipment and vehicles.

Use CRM Tools to Build a Repeat Business

Maintaining your customer base in Orderry is an effective way to better understand your target audience and exceed clients’ expectations when providing services.

Save and quickly access all crucial data about your clients and prospects in Orderry.

  • Track previous interactions like messages, phone calls, invoices, and service history.
  • Notify clients about an upcoming visit and collect customer feedback with automatic notifications.
  • Set customer-related tasks for employees.
  • Configure individual discounts in client profiles.

Make Your Accounting Procedures Less Stressful

Automate key tasks of financial management in your company with Orderry’s accounting software tools:

  • Accept payments and prepayments in virtual cashboxes
  • Sync invoices, clients, and inventory with popular accounting platforms Xero and Quickbooks Online
  • Control your cash flow with advanced reporting
  • Keep track of balances with clients and suppliers

Automate Payroll Calculations

Set up automatic computing of wages for your employees according to more than 8 payroll scenarios.

  • Individual settings of charges for the services provided
  • Payment of a fixed amount or a set percentage of the cost/profit from work orders
  • Incentives for employees

streamlines business operations

Get More Profit from Your Services

Control the cost of services and analyze which of the services is most popular among your clients, and which is the most profitable for you. Create lists of services and jobs for an individual chimney sweep to control their demands.

Manage Your Chimney Sweep Business on the Move

You can check the number of new/completed work orders, customer feedback, the amount of money in cashboxes, the number of payments per day, and other vital metrics at any time in the Business Insights app.

Inform Your Decision-Making with Smart Reporting

In Orderry, it is easy to generate meaningful reports in seconds. Use structured data to get insights into work order processing, team efficiency,  lead converting, inventory, and chimney business marketing results.

Evaluate Your Company’s Performance

The Company Insights Report in Orderry allows you to build unlimited charts and trends based on KPIs for any period. This will help you assess the overall results of your business activity, identify valuable patterns and find growth points.

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Flexible plans for businesses
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Custom forms, templates, and service lists for your type of business

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What is the chimney sweep service software, and why do I need it for my business?


This field service management software solution with CRM, inventory, and scheduling functionality allows you to keep records of chimney sweep jobs, control the performance of employees, and keep track of cash flows. It also allows you to create digital invoices, generate reports on various business activities, assign user roles and regulate access rights for workers.

As a chimney sweep business owner, you benefit from managing fieldwork and employees of the company at any time and from any device. You will see when they started work and how long it took them to complete it. In the future, this will allow you to effectively plan the team's workload and process more work orders in less time.

Does Orderry have a mobile application for chimney sweep technicians?


The Work Orders Orderry mobile app is designed for teams that provide services at the client’s site. It provides field techs with various functions to simplify work order processing and accounting. It is intuitive and easy to use, even for employees who feel uncomfortable with technology. Every Orderry user can download this app free of charge.

What accounting software does Orderry integrate with?


Orderry directly integrates two powerful accounting software — QuickBooks Online and Xero. In case you use both, you can connect to these systems simultaneously. This integration simplifies accounting procedures by synchronizing invoices, payments, tax rate setup, clients, and products.

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