Comprehensive Features to Control All Business Processes

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Leads & Clients in a Single Database

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Digital Invoices & Payments

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Job Scheduling Calendar

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Xero & Quickbooks Integration

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Orderry is a cloud-based solution for small and medium-sized pool service companies

Comprehensive Features For Field Service Management

The Work Orders mobile application allows pool service technicians to work efficiently from anywhere. With these helpful features, your team will work at their best while being on the go:

  • Customer data, details of their work orders, and history of works performed are always at hand
  • Quick contact with clients and managers
  • Creating work orders and updating their statuses via the app
  • Adding and deleting services, spare parts/materials, chemical readings, photos, and videos in a few clicks
  • Accepting payments in the field.

Quick & Painless Appointment Scheduling

Use the built-in job scheduling calendar to manage resource load, assign tasks efficiently, and get the most done in a limited time.

  • Estimate the workload of your techs and equipment.
  • Schedule jobs for a specific time for each technician.
  • Create work orders directly in the calendar
  • Set up automatic notifications with reminders of upcoming appointments and on-my-way alerts.

Expert Features to Maintain Long-Term Customer Relations

All the necessary information about new and existing clients, collected in one place, will help you establish loyal relationships and build repeat business:

  • Easily track provided services and properties per client
  • Setup clients’ discounts for your regulars
  • View not only the basic profile data like client names  and addresses but also invoice history, special requests, and comments from previous visits.

You can also ask your clients for feedback by sending automatic messages after completing the service. By clicking on the link in the SMS, clients can write a review and give your company a rating. In the "Customer Feedback" report, you will see how satisfied your clients are and evaluate each
tech's work.

Automation of Pool Service Businesses Routine

Simplify daily tasks for your techs and office teams with Orderry’s time-saving features:

  • Built-in catalogs of services, labors, and goods are already there in your account after signing up.
  • Ready-made print templates (e.g., quotes, billing documents) and flexible forms for quick data entry.
  • Automated invoice creation and sync with Xero and QuickBooks accounting platforms.
  • Automatic calculation of the cost of work orders, sales tax computing, and payroll.

Orderry is
field service management software that streamlines processes of all business activities

Control of Finances

In Orderry, you can create virtual cashboxes for different types of payments for each location or company-wide. Key features include:

  • Accepting prepayments and customer payments, either cash or cashless.
  • Advanced setup of access rights to prevent fraud or unauthorized operations.
  • Track business income and expenses by cash flow item to improve budget planning.
  • Financial reports in a few clicks to quickly respond to changes in financial metrics and effectively manage the company's budget.

Streamlined Warehouse Operations

Keep records of tools, equipment, and consumable items your business operates with daily. Create digital warehouses in Orderry to organize efficient inventory processes in your physical storage facility:

  • View stock levels, post products, write off or transfer goods, return to suppliers, and add to work orders or sales.
  • Use bin locations and serial numbers to save time finding the item you need.
  • Analyze product ranges and restock on time to keep your inventory up-to-date.

You can also identify your equipment or vehicles as assets in Orderry and create special warehouses for your company’s assets. This way, you will track who uses them and where they are at the moment.

Efficient Management of Your Employees’ Time

When creating employee work schedules in Orderry, you ensure your team works at their best. The complete scheduling of working time, days off, vacations, and sick leaves in one ecosystem will help you track who works when and for how long.

Wage Calculation Without Headache

In Orderry, you can automate payroll computing for your team. Set up coefficient pay, employee commissions for different types of work, bonuses, and rates for working hours/days in the system to keep accurate records of all the work done. Later, you will only need to open the payroll report to see the final amounts paid at the month's end.

Reports to Drive Business Growth

Generate easy-to-read reports on various business activities in a few clicks. Inform your decision-making with relevant data on:

  • the most demanded services to adjust your pricing policy and create a list of services based on their popularity and profitability
  • the net profit for each job with a breakdown by employees to assess the productivity of your pool service professionals
  • marketing channels that bring you in the most customers to analyze the results of your marketing campaigns

And on the graphs and diagrams of the Company Insights Report, you can track your KPIs in dynamics and identify seasonality trends or other exciting patterns.

Pool Service Company’s KPI on Smartphone

Monitor your key performance indicators for the day, track customer feedback and cashbox statuses and get in touch with employees and clients in one tap anytime and anywhere using the Business Insights mobile application. You can also secure your account by enabling two-factor authentication.

Activity Log Report to Strengthen Internal Security

On a single page of this report, you will see who did what and when in your Orderry account. This way, it will be easy for you to identify employees' bad behavior, prevent fraud, and eliminate human error risk. And when mistakes happen, restore deleted program objects with one click.

Why Work With Us

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Cloud technology allows you
to access the program anywhere
using a mobile device or computer:
in the office, in the warehouse, 
or at the customer's site.

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Thanks to the intuitive interface,
you don’t need special skills to use Orderry. You can find step-by-step guides and video tutorials 
in the Help Center or contact our Customer Service if you need help or have questions.

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Orderry offers a program interface
in seven languages and customer support in English and Spanish.

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Quick start: you sign up,
choose your business type, and customize templates and forms according to your business needs. Next, you create real-life jobs and schedule appointments right away.

You know how to make your clients happy with high-quality pool services. We know how to streamline routine processes, so you have more time to focus on your job. Let’s collaborate!

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