Get Your Hectic Dog Walking Business Under Control

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Unified Pet
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Booking Confirmations

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Staff Availability

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Mobile Apps for Employees
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Orderry is a cloud-based software solution for small and growing pet services businesses

Efficient Booking Process

Schedule client appointments directly in the small business work order software to save time and reduce scheduling errors.

  • Use the convenient view of future bookings to plan your workload efficiently.
  • Booking appointments with job scheduling tools are linked to jobs, employees, and client profiles, providing you with all the necessary details.
  • The Work Order Scheduler is connected to the Employee Work Schedules displaying each day with staff availability.

Mobile App For Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

Empower your team with instant access to client data and job processing tools in the field. The Orderry Work Orders app allows field employees to add consumables, photos, and sitter notes to jobs, update statuses, complete tasks, accept prepayments, and process payments via smartphone.

Clients & Pets’ Data in One System

Capture leads from online forms, calls, and messengers and convert them to loyal clients using Orderry’s advanced CRM features.

  • Customize forms and templates to collect only necessary information.
  • Automate client communication with timely reminders, notifications, and review requests.
  • Connect third-party messaging systems to chat with clients in WhatsApp or Viber directly from Orderry.
  • Track the complete interaction history in the client profile—provided pet services, automated messages and calls, feedback, and payment of invoices.

Orderry is the all-in-one software for pet businesses

Task Management In CRM

Organize your daily business to get more done in less time—create personal to-dos, delegate tasks, meet deadlines, and reward employees for timely completion.

  • Assign tasks from work orders and client profiles.
  • Set up individual access rights to task lists.
  • Configure automatic notifications to assignees about changes and updates in tasks.
  • Track progress in the Event Feed and activate automatic computing of commissions rewarding your staff for the tasks done in the estimated time.

Automated Staff Compensation Process

With Orderry’s powerful features for employee payroll and accrual, you can forget about manual calculations and confusing errors in paychecks. Automate the payroll procedure—from base salary and commission calculations to accrual and payout.

  • Configure dog walkers’ rates per month, week, or hour and define commissions or penalties to enhance performance.
  • Accrue salaries on a monthly basis or at any time interval you need.
  • Let employees instantly check their payroll details in employee profiles.

Professional-Looking Invoices in Seconds

Save time on issuing invoices with preset templates and autofill fields. Customize each template with your company’s branding to create a consistent look and feel of documents.

  • Print or send invoices via email.
  • Automatically or manually sync invoices with QuickBooks and/or Xero.
  • Invoice jobs individually or in bulk.

Customer Feedback Collection

Choose one of three rating systems available in Orderry, automate feedback and review collection, and improve customer service based on ideas from your clients.

  • After completing a dog walking service, Orderry will send a review request with a unique link.
  • Let your clients rate your services on a 5-point system, a Like/Dislike, or Index NPS.
  • Customize responses displayed depending on the client's rating.
  • Analyze customer satisfaction with review reports and rating comparisons.

Inventory Management of Supplies and Equipment

Ensure your dog walkers and sitters have enough treats and supplies to keep pets safe and happy.

  • Separate warehouses of consumables and equipment for efficient tracking of each item.
  • Low-in-stock alerts for timely purchase of essential products.
  • Four methods of stocktaking to control availability and usage.

20+ Reports to Access Each Business Activity’s Performance

To inform your decision-making, generate reports on employee performance, finances, jobs’ profitability, marketing campaigns’ effectiveness, inventories, customer ratings, and more.

Business Insights App to Track KPIs on the Go

See what is happening with your business in a few taps via the mobile application for business owners and managers:

  • View reports filtered by work order types and periods.
  • Check how much revenue and profit your team generated on a particular day.
  • Control cashbox balances and company rating.
  • Contact employees via the app—calls, SMS, or instant messages.

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Onboarding and data
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Customer Support
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Data encryption
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You know how to care for people's furry friends.
We know how to streamline routine processes so you can focus on business growth, not paperwork. Let’s collaborate!

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What is dog walking software?


Dog walking software is designed to make managing a dog walking business more accessible and efficient. It can help with scheduling, client communication, invoicing, and inventory. With business software, business owners can save time and reduce the likelihood of errors or missed appointments. Additionally, clients can benefit from the convenience of online payments and bookings.

What methods of payment are there in Orderry?


You can accept cash and cashless payments in Orderry’s cashboxes. The “On account of debt” payment method is also possible—the job amount will be debited from the client's balance. Soon, Orderry will integrate with Stripe, enabling you to process credit and debit card payments online.

How can I improve operations in my pet services business?


To improve operations in dog walking, grooming, or pet sitter businesses, start by analyzing your current processes and identifying areas that need improvement. This could include streamlining your booking and scheduling system, implementing a more efficient and effective inventory management system, or improving your customer service process. It is also essential to stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices and continuously train and educate your staff to ensure they provide the highest quality service possible. Additionally, soliciting customer feedback and implementing changes based on their suggestions can help improve overall satisfaction and loyalty. By focusing on continuous improvement and prioritizing your customers' needs, you can set your favorite business up for success.

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