Organize Rental And Building Maintenance Operations In One Place

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Orderry is property maintenance management software for small and mid-sized rental businesses

Provide Excellent Service for Consistent Tenant Retention

Create a customer base to maintain all the necessary information for building long-lasting relationships with existing and potential tenants. In lead and client profiles, you can:

  • Set up tasks for check-ins, inspections, and lease renewals.
  • Follow communications and payment history.
  • Automate feedback collection.
  • Create client segments to better understand your target audience's needs and preferences.
  • Track marketing campaigns’ effectiveness to see a bigger picture of your customer journey.

Capture Requests from Tenants and Resolve Them Swiftly

Orderry’s software for landlords allows you to efficiently process repair requests, keeping the promised deadlines and minimizing inconvenience.

  • With customizable work order forms, you can quickly assign technicians, add labors and materials, and generate any document needed.
  • Create individual status sequences for different types of jobs to ensure quality and timely completion.
  • Notify everyone involved automatically.
  • Monitor your team’s efficiency and labor costs in work order reports.

Streamline Admin Processes for Your Team

Empower your employees with a handy mobile app to process jobs on-site. Via the Orderry Work Orders application, they can:

  • Take before/after photos and attach them to work orders in seconds.
  • Leave private notes and comments for colleagues, and track actions in each work order.
  • Update statuses, accept payments, and close jobs on the go.
  • Contact colleagues, clients, or managers in one tap.

Plan Building Maintenance Jobs in Advance

Prevent unexpected repair expenses by scheduling regular maintenance jobs for each building type in the Scheduler.

In this built-in calendar, you can create work orders for maintenance service requests and assign techs and resources needed. As it is integrated with the landlord team’s Work Schedules, you’ll see the overall workload of your employees at a glance and automate the calculation of hourly, daily, or monthly base salaries.

Orderry helps property managers control costs and improve profits

Keep Track of All Rental Units in Your Portfolio

Orderry’s property management tools allow you to quickly check which units are rented by which clients, are being inspected after moving out, and which are ready for rent.

  • Record the amount of your initial investment in each property’s profile to compare against your target returns over time.
  • Assign tasks related to assets to manage your rental property properly.
  • Track the maintenance and service history to analyze ongoing expenses.

Simplify Accounting Processes

Watch your cash flow with accurate financial management in Orderry — create cash flow items to record payments and expenses, labor costs, and inventory budgets.

  • Create cashboxes for various payment methods: cash, cashless, and on account of debt.
  • Manage prepayments and partial payments.
  • Use financial analytics to find ways to eliminate maintenance costs and improve income.
  • Avoid double data entry through instant sync with QuickBooks Online and/or Xero.

Reduce the Time You Spend on Paperwork

Use landlord templates for rent-related papers, automatically generate documents from work orders, and email them to clients hassle-free.

  • Custom forms and templates with auto-fill fields.
  • Branded look and feel in each paper.
  • Trackable document history for each job.

Use Structured Data to Inform Your Decision-Making

Quickly generate 20+ reports to improve all aspects of facility management in your company — finances, inventory, employee performance, job completion, lead conversion, and more.

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Responsive customer service is available via phone, chat, or email

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Personalized customer onboarding service for business owners and employees by request

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Employee accounts included
in all subscription plans

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Data encryption, daily backups, and regular releases of new features

You know how to maintain properties for constant income streams.
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What is property management maintenance software?


Property management software programs are designed to help property owners and managers streamline routine processes in their daily operations and reduce their time on administrative tasks. This software typically includes features like rent collection, work order management, customer review collection, and building maintenance tracking. Property management tools increase profitability, help develop better tenant relationships, and improve the efficiency of building teams.

Why do landlords need property management software?


Property management software is essential for anyone in the property management industry as it streamlines the process of managing properties, tenants, and finances. It allows efficient communication with tenants and vendors, automates rent collection, and helps keep track of maintenance requests and work orders. Property management software also provides real-time financial reporting, helps track expenses and revenue, and assists in creating budgets and forecasts. With the ability to access all of this information in one place, property managers can make informed decisions and provide high-quality service to their tenants.

What subscription plans are available in Orderry?


Orderry offers flexible pricing options for users, depending on your business's size and development stage. You may start with a basic plan and move to a premium one as you grow. In addition to upgrading, you can extend your core plan horizontally by purchasing more employee accounts and locations, adding an extra fee to your monthly subscription. Check out the feature sets and prices of the available subscription plans on the Pricing page.

Can I accept online payments in Orderry?


You can’t for now. But don’t worry, we are working on integrating Orderry with Stripe for a smooth online payment experience. You can track the progress of this feature implementation on the Home page.

How do I choose a good solution for rental property management?


Choosing the right solution for your rental business can be daunting, but there are a few key factors to consider. First, determine your specific needs and goals for the software. Do you need it for accounting and rent collection, maintenance service requests, or tenant communication? Next, consider the user interface and ease of use for you and your team. It is also important to evaluate the level of customer support the software company provides, its pricing structure, and any additional fees. Finally, read reviews and ask for recommendations from other property managers to ensure you are making an informed decision.

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