Orderry Sales Management empowers your sales

Set and monitor product and service prices

Set and monitor product
and service prices

Create invoices and perform sales swiftly

Create invoices and perform
sales swiftly

Print fiscal receipts and sales checks, save payment history

Print fiscal receipts and sales checks, save payment history

Analyze incomes and employee performance

Analyze incomes
and employee performance

Features you receive with Orderry Sales Management

Reduce the time spent on adding products and services

With Orderry Sales Management, you can import your products and services from an Excel file. This way, filling your inventory, setting up serial accounting and address storage is a matter of a few clicks. 

Moreover, you can create categories and subcategories for your managing your items conveniently. Then, you can use those to perform bulk actions: print labels, transfer or sell your items in bulk.

Handy price and discount management

You can set multiple price types for a single item: retail, repair, special. This enables you to configure different sales margins Orderry will apply automatically.

This is convenient because you can select the price from this list upon the sale or write-off. What is more vital, Orderry Sales Management allows you to provide one-time and permanent client discounts to increase client loyalty.

Put all your clients and suppliers into a single database

Save client and supplier information in a single Orderry database. This gives you an opportunity to retrieve client-related data during CRM telephony calls and build a strong client relationship.

Furthermore, storing all clients and suppliers in a single database is a handy way of managing your business contacts. This makes transferring orders between company branches simple and secure.

Ready-made order and sale templates, client cards

Orderry exposes a broad range of built-in templates. Order and sales templates already contain all needed fields and autocomplete the better part of the information. You can create, edit, and remove your templates. This Sales Management customization enhances your business processes and automates the sales routine.

Analyze your incomes and employee performance

Study your key company metrics on the Manager Dashboard. Orderry reporting system enables you to run numerous reports: 

  • Stock Balance Report
  • Products Turnover Report
  • Payroll Report
  • Incomes Report
  • Orders Report
  • Sales Report.

Analyze your employee performance and discover the growth points for your business.

Accept cash and cashless payments

Orderry Sales Management allows you to accept both cash and cashless payments, as well as create different cashbox types. This improves the client experience and – therefore – increases your sales.

Sell products and services in kits

Implement supplier discounts into your sales, or sell your products and services in kits. Just post the needed kit in your Orderry Sales Management, and you are good to go.

Perform returns

Perform client returns and return substandard products and parts back to suppliers. Orderry cares about your business. This is why our Sales Management allows you to comply with the laws, remove substandard equipment, and avoid losses.

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