Orderry Dashboard Features

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Get the current workload instantly.
See orders in works assigned
to your specialists

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Check current cash flow:
figure out the average check size,
cashbox balances, incomes and refunds

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Analyze your orders statistics,
check the orders statuses and track
the statistics of meeting deadlines

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Track the company rating trend
to find the aspects of your services
needing improvements

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Functionality the Orderry Dashboard exposes to your business

Orders status analysis

You can select and view all orders in a pie chart grouped by the status. This gives you a grasp of your current performance: Dashboard helps you to understand how many active, pending, or closed orders you have to moment. Moreover, the work order management software Orderry allows to track your urgent or overdue orders and to get their share of total orders.

Manager Dashboard empowers your order management and prevents delays.

View key company metrics per day

With the Dashboard, your business performance is an open book. Orderry gathers all critical metrics – sales and orders amount, payment and refund sum, etc – and puts those in a convenient report. Track your performance and respond proactively to any unplanned changes.

Get your average check size

You can discover your average check size for the last 30 days on the Dashboard. This way, Orderry lets you analyze client loyalty and solvency to come up with better marketing strategies.

Track the company ratings and order rejection reasons form CRM system

Discover the company ratings that Orderry calculates based on "SMS client rating" notifications. Dashboard shows you the average company rating.

What is more essential, Orderry provides access to client satisfaction management by exposing the "Lost Orders" data. Just filter your orders and receive detailed statistics concerning order rejection reasons. Improve the quality of your services with the Orderry Dashboard.

Study your company financial metrics

The Dashboard provides you with insights into numerous financial figures. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Total by cashboxes
  • Order and return payments
  • Orders pending payment.

Orderry enhances your business planning and allows you to forecast future incomes.

Compare the statistics of the different time intervals

Find out how well your business performs by comparing the current statistics to the data of previous months. Dashboard calculates the performance dynamics based on multiple criteria. Discover the upward or downward trends for the Company rating, Closed orders percentage, Orders number, Average check size, Payments and refunds sums.

Get all the figures you need in the intuitive charts. The Dashboard helps you to get the current business performance and find opportunities to improve it.

Orderry is more than just a CRM system

Orderry offers you a rich toolset for convenient business processes automation and reporting, namely:

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