Software Built For Your Automotive Repair Shop

Professional auto repair shop software to drive your company at the top of efficiency

Higher Income

Professional auto repair shop
software to drive your company
at the top of efficiency

Easy time and performance tracking, simple reporting, accessibility across the globe

Greater Control

Easy time and performance tracking, simple reporting,
accessibility across the globe



Fully automated and streamlined workflow to save up to 20 minutes
on check-in / check-out

Transparent and consistent document flow, one-click reporting, and handy dashboard view

Mess Cleaned Up

Transparent and consistent document flow, one-click reporting,
and handy dashboard view

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See What’s In The Store For Your Repair Service

Order Scheduler

Time to act strategically, rather than just keeping work to schedule. Use the Order Scheduler to quickly evaluate your current staff workload and win more jobs. Get daily service assignments, and even urgent Leads at your auto repair shop settled in a coherent and always timely manner. 

Check-in faster, analyze smarter and estimate better, running your car service station or auto repair shop like clockwork. Provide repair teams and tech specialists with the most straightforward software tool to follow up faster, quickly fill gaps, and never miss an appointment. Watch your equipment load levels in real-time and have a well-thought ramp course to avoid rush hours.

Simple Estimating & Invoicing

Take the guesswork out of your price list by having a clear cost model for every part, material, labor, and service tailored individually to your business. Provide accurate quotes and estimates on the go. Automatically bill customers and generate invoices for work orders upon completion and save tons of time. Every time. Use custom forms, unique logos, and nearly unlimited customizations that will add personality to your auto repair service — making a wholly new professional look that fits your success.

CRM-Toolkit For Auto Repair Business

Get nice structured sales data. Your Leads, service history, payments, sales, calls, handy marketing tools, and productivity-enhancing features — all pulled together in a single point of contact. Let your customers have the auto repair service they deserve. Keep all responsible employees and your happy clients always up-to-date with the order status / job assignment / confirmation / completion using custom SMS notifications and real-time alerts.

Management, Performance Tracking

Supporting you with deeper insights into daily operation, we offer a fully-loaded set of management, performance tracking, and productivity-enhancing tools. Make the best decisions possible, run a simply better auto repair shop with Orderry.

Generate reports automatically, keep an eye on your tech teams, managers, and repair specialists. Estimate income. Track parts and materials across every warehouse, location, and a single employee.

Inventory Management

Set the process of physical stocktake and inventory write-offs up to speed. Run a simply better auto repair shop, car service station, or retail — knowing exactly what makes you money: best-selling items for retail, the most common parts or materials that make your daily service orders and repair works.

Print stickers and price tags without leaving the convenience of a single online interface in Orderry. Stay on top of your asset warehouses. Stick to more accurate inventory levels to refill on time and at an optimal cost.

Dashboard View

Get a 360-degree view into your auto repair shop or car service station, measure performance in real-time and make only data-driven decisions. Use the most powerful yet simple online interface for effective management and supervision. Cover every side of your daily operation: current levels of equipment load, the average rate of utilization, actual staff performance, global cash flow, estimated income, and other custom metrics that is really putting you in the driver’s seat.

Pricing, Payrolls And Estimates For Auto Repair Shop Made Simple

Automated service / sales estimates to check-in faster

Repair & Service Pricing

  • Clear pricing model for every type of repair and paint works, surfacing, etc.
  • Automated service / sales estimates to check-in faster
  • Save up to 20 minutes with each auto repair order.
Configurable set of rewards and payrols, based on sales or work assignments

Payroll Calculation

  • Configurable set of rewards and payrols, based on sales or work assignments
  • Fixed and percentage-based payroll calculation for tech specs, managers, and operators
  • Clear and understandable motivation system to drive measurable gains for income.

Top Features You May Find In No Other Software For Auto Repair Shops
orderry-devices-without-background-min.png (52 KB)

  1. Get down to business as soon as you sign up. No download, install, or extra tech staff required
  2. Orderry is a cloud app, which can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or PC
  3. We are all about your privacy and data security.


Why Auto Repair Shop Software By Orderry

Automotive Repair Shop Software For Any Car Service Station

Orderry is a cloud-hosted software for auto repair shops and car service stations. Business automation, single database for clients, orders, jobs, work assignments, inventory, and sales — from check-in and check-out to analytics, reporting, simple in-house communication, scheduled notifications on any occasion (on-my-way messages, timely updates, and other custom alerts, both for customers and your staff).


Streamlined Check-in At Your Auto Repair Shop Or Car Service Station

Orderry provides an ideal solution to keep your customer and supplier base clean & clear, well-structured and always up to date, check-in faster without spending too much time and effort. Use customizable order forms and configurable profiles with smart suggestions. Instantly detect repeated trouble makers and highlight difficult customers.


Improve customer profiles with a host of productivity-enhancing and optimization features to:

  • keep records for different types of orders and jobs, based on customer preferences 
  • have complete sales and payment history
  • manage All inbound / outbound voice communication and SMS.

CRM-Based Toolkit To Track All Services, Jobs, And Work Assignments

Keep every potential client, order, job, and work assignment at your auto repair shop or car service station always on track with Orderry.


Your Leads, orders, schedules, deadlines, assigned specialists, and teams pulled together in a single harmonized database. Urgent deals, outdated tasks, fulfilled services, and pending payments at your fingertips. Stop wasting time in a desperate effort just to keep your job to schedule. Use a vast range of controllable statuses and nearly unlimited customizations instead.


Access complete sales and payment history with full customer record directly from order profiles in just a few clicks.


Track Parts, Materials, And Retail At Your Automotive Repair Shop

With a fully automated built-in Inventory module, your physical stocktake and write-offs are on cruise control. Know exactly which parts, materials, and retail you currently have in stock. Make the most out of 100% transparent and trackable service history to prioritize the most demanded inventory items and best-selling categories, making it easy to adjust your prices accordingly. 


Generate stickers, price tags, and interim certificates in a click. Print any documents you need from a single user-friendly online interface in Orderry. Maintain more accurate inventory levels, refill always on time and at a better cost, manage parts retail and custom service suite, all in one.


Simple Management And Reporting. Extensive Performance Tracking

Orderry makes reporting serve your best possible decisions based on the actual data that has been unavailable so far. Get nice structured data on:

  • Finance (income acquired from sales, jobs, and retail. Flexible payroll calculation, fully traceable and manageable cash flow)
  • Orders (Lead record, orders in work, won order count, team leaderboard, top performing types of advertising and marketing channels)
  • Inventory (physical turnover, inventory levels, write-offs, stock refills, etc.)
  • Communication (inbound / outbound voice, missed calls, SMS).

Get a global Dashboard view into your automotive repair shop or car service station. Orderry offers a single venue for effective management and extensive data analytics with just a tap. Watch your current progress, estimate future performance, stay always prepared to make even critical decisions in real-time. 


Run your car service station like clockwork. Earn more. Have a simply better business with Orderry, a professional auto repair shop software that feels like it was designed just for you.

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