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Appointment  Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

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Labour Management

Inventory of Parts, Tools & Assets

Inventory of Parts,
Tools & Assets

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Financial Record

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Automate Admin Work To Focus On Customers

Deliver Excellent Service with Smart Work Order Management

Orderry is an all-in-one appliance repair business software that helps you to quickly account service and repair requests and stay up-to-date with the progress:

  • Have an instant overview of all works in the Order Table
  • Monitor the fulfillment and meet deadlines with the sequence of repair order statuses
  • Set up email/SMS notifications to customers or technicians with status changes, on-my-way alerts, or review requests.

Complement Your Time Management Talent With Appliance Repair Scheduling Software

Use the Scheduler feature with a calendar interface to effectively plan your team’s workload and find a convenient time for customers in seconds. You can create repair orders and specify their time duration right in the calendar and while you are on the phone with a customer.

Organize Inventory to Always Have Necessary Parts in Stock

Create an effective storage system in your appliance repair business where every item is easy to find. Use the inventory features to:

  • Monitor balances of parts and materials and ensure only timely purchases
  • Spend less time looking for items with accurate storage in bin locations
  • Track order history and transfers of customer appliances with barcoding
  • Optimize routine work with stock take, postings, and write-offs.

Domestic Appliance Repair Software
Orderry helps you
to make a good impression on customers from the first contact

Quickly Generate Professional-Looking Appliance Repair Invoices

Eliminate manual input with automatic print document generation. Use our library of customizable templates to set up any paper you need for your daily operations. The program will then autofill most of the fields with customer and order information so you won’t need to type it in every time.

You can also print or email quotes, appliance repair work order forms, or invoices that are created in your corporate style.

Build a Loyal Customer Base with Orderry’s CRM Functionality

After some time when you started gathering information about prospects and customers in your account, you’ll better understand their behavior and needs. With this in mind, you’ll be able to develop a powerful discount system for your repeat customers rewarding their trust, loyalty, and referrals.

Maximize Your Business Automation Trough 200+ Integrations

Extend the possibilities of your appliance service software through various integrations via Zapier. Connect your account to eCommerce platforms, VoIP and SMS Gateways, Google products, social media, and more to improve your company’s performance.

With Orderry you’ll be always aware of your current financial stats

Set Up a Flexible Payroll System to Reward Fixes, Sales, and Call-Outs

Automating payroll computing will save you lots of time and headache at the end of the month. Especially, if you have a piece-rate pay system that depends on employees’ roles, works performed, parts sold, etc. 

You can configure individual charges for different activities, set up rates and coefficient pay based on experience and expertise to motivate your technicians to do more and better.

Easily Manage Your Taxes According to Local Laws and Regulations

Tax rates may vary depending on the works you do and the products you sell. But that’s not a problem in Orderry as different taxes can be applied for parts, repairs, and services and even their categories. 

The total amount of taxes will be displayed when working with documents so your customers and you will see the taxes in the payment sum.

Make the Best Possible Management Decisions Based on Real Data

In the Company Insights reports, you’ll be able to track your key business performance indicators in real-time or historically. They are interactive and visualized in a way that you can easily understand data represented in the reports and use it to improve business operations.

For example, see how many requests were converted into repair orders, who from the tech team performed the most repairs, or what are your main income sources. 

Customize trends and diagrams according to your specific workflows to monitor numbers that are important for your business growth.

Use Orderry on the go

Instantly Attach Photos to Work Orders Via a Handy Appliance Repair App

When dealing with services and fixes, capturing visual information of an appliance condition will save your employees much time on processing work orders.

With the Orderry Camera application, it’s easy to add as many images and files as you need in seconds. Just scan the QR-code of the work order and take or choose photos from the gallery.

Control Your Company’s Performance From Anywhere

View real-time data on work orders, part sales, income, employee efficiency, and company ratings in the Orderry Boss app. Just a few taps on your phone and you’ll know what’s going on with your business right now.

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Best Appliance Repair Software For Business

Want to get everything in place with orders, tasks, and job assignments? Need to have a 360-degree view into performance to make the best possible decisions? Then Appliance Repair Software and CRM toolkit for business by Orderry is just for you! Keep an eye on every process and single operation in your appliance repair shop, even without putting in a tremendous effort.

Benefits For Appliance Repair Shops

Orderry is an all-in-one software solution designed exclusively for service businesses. We can help you streamline:

  • appliance repair Orders and field Jobs
  • the very process of order processing
  • Supporting documentation
  • communication with your team and clients
  • Inventory and Financial management
  • client base, contacts, history of orders and payments
  • supplier base
  • VoIP communication records.

All this can be easily handled through intelligent process automation and a vast amount of customizable document templates, notifications, and order forms. And, even more importantly, you can instantly get a full summary report through any period of time using a smartphone or tablet, thanks to built-in automated reporting. Every piece of critical data is pulled together and displayed on the main supervisor’s dashboard. As a result, you and your team can free up tons of man-hours, eliminating the lion’s share of routine operations and gaining better control and simple reporting for every process in your shop.

Management And Reporting In A Single Interface

There are 5 different reporting groups in Orderry: “Finance”, “Orders”, “Inventory”, “SMS”, and “Others”. Every single report is generated automatically, based on all relevant information found in the system. You may also have nice structured data pulled together and displayed in real-time using the main supervisor’s dashboard. 

Watch your key performance metrics at any time you find it convenient, using a smartphone, PC, or tablet. Now you’re no longer limited with a strict schedule or physical location.

Financial Management

Orderry has a fully loaded reporting feature in the “Finance” group for you to:

  • quickly check the actual amount of cash available in different dash desks
  • track your cash flow and net income for orders within a selected period
  • automatically calculate payrolls due to be paid to each of your employees.

Get every piece of critical information generated just in a few clicks.

Quality Assurance And Profitability Analysis

Use reporting on Orders to quickly review all current information on new, closed, and pending orders. What’s more — here you can instantly check the actual income, either by service works or by a specialist. As a result, you will be able to prioritize the most profitable types of services, as well as the leading specialists with top results. To optimize your marketing budget, we recommend using the “How clients get to know about your business” report. 

As for SMS reporting, here you can check the SMS status (delivered / failed), and review the SMS text.

Here you may also run quick supervision of your team and get quality assurance for the whole Sales Department, draft budget for the future SMS broadcasting campaign, or get in touch with the client once again when you need to.

Use the “Others” tab to analyze the feedback from your clients, review the current rating of your company, or see the full login history in the system. Here you may also create a custom summary report for the CEO / business owner to be delivered automatically via email.

Inventory Management In Orderry

Use simple Inventory reporting for one-click:

  • review of Inventory transfers, write-offs, and items on stock
  • analysis of turnover for shorter cycle times
  • checklist of what products / materials need refilling.

Now you can estimate your future expenses for stock refill in advance, preventing shortages and purchasing products / materials at a better price. 

Orderry Is The Best Software For Appliance Repair Shops

We offer the best-in-class software solution designed exclusively for appliance repair service centers and home appliance repair shops. Make the most out of a single CRM-based toolkit, pulling together all you need to give a spur to rapid business development: from quick analytics and simple management to intelligent productivity-enhancing tools that will automate the lion’s share of routine you've been struggling with so far!

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