Get connected with Facebook Lead Ads for automated workflow in Orderry

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font-weight: 400;">Automatically create Leads
in Orderry from Facebook Ads

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Have all sales opportunities
from social media ads on one screen

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Instantly retrieve Leads and use data
to trigger automated workflows

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Choose among popular ways
to connect or build a unique workflow

Connect Facebook & Orderry To Make Your Lead Gen Run Like Clockwor

Instantly Retrieve Leads

Set up Zapier to transfer new opportunities to your Orderry from right inside Facebook Lead Ads. Automatically retrieve data and create new Leads on the go.

Accelerate Sales Pipeline

Connect Facebook business pages with Orderry to speed up your sales pipeline and free up tons of human resources for more strategic tasks. Now your team can focus on more value-adding activities.

Automate Daunting Tasks

Make the most daunting tasks, such as exporting and uploading lists of potential clients from Facebook Lead Ads into your Orderry running on autopilot. Make the most out of 100% automated workflow.

Set The Right Focus

Give your marketing team more flexibility and freedom to decide. Time to take on things that really matter, like improving the advertising itself, updating email campaigns, or blog content.

How To Connect Your Orderry With Facebook Ads

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Create lead ads using Ads Manager or directly on your Facebook page

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Sign up for a Zapier
account to get started

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Pick a template to integrate your Facebook Ads with Orderry

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Select your company’s page on Facebook and a Lead ad campaign to retrieve data

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Choose between available options to create a new Order, Lead, or Client profile

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That’s it! Your Lead gen is automated for even more with Zapier and Orderry.

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