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Track Progress of Watch
and Time-Piece Repairs

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Write off Products
From Inventory to Sales
and Repair Jobs

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Analyze Your Product
Mix to See How Much
You Earn on Each Piece

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Easily Estimate, Invoice and
Generate Any Document Needed

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Business management solution for watch stores of different sizes

Efficient Processing of Repair Jobs

Orderry stores all repair details and allows you to process work orders faster. You can also set statuses, monitor the progress of works, deadlines, and any changes made to each watch repair. Directly from work orders, your employees can generate an invoice or any other document in seconds. And with the Work Orders App, they can take photos of watches to repair, attach them to work orders, and leave tech notes for colleagues.

The Unified Database of Client Records

With the Orderry CRM system, you will keep detailed records of everyone who brought you their watches at least once. The program consolidates all customer information into a single database and keeps the full history of interactions. You can also use the VoIP telephony integration as well as automatically send email or SMS notifications to your customers.

Inventory and Asset Management

Keep a record of the watches that customers bring into your shop to ensure their safety during repairs. Control who is responsible for a particular piece and track its repair history in a single browser tab.

High-quality repairs and more sales with Orderry

Digital Warehouses of Products and Parts

Automate postings, write-offs, and stocktaking of spare parts, watch straps, and bracelets. Orderry stores the entire history of stock items, write-offs to sales or work orders. It will also show you low in-stock alerts so you’ll be able to order the necessary spare parts in time.

Integrations For Online Sales

Connect your Orderry account to eCommerce platforms, shipping, and logistics services via Zapier to sell watches and accessories not only in your store. And with the Custom Integration feature, you can integrate with any marketplace via an XLS file sync.

Efficient Watch Store Management

Orderry helps you grow your business with advanced analytics tools. Use the Company Insights to assess your workshop's key business metrics for data-driven decision-making. Generate different types of reports in a few clicks to see the overall company performance or KPIs of a particular location.

Automated Financial Management Processes

Simplify your record-keeping of all financial movements, cash and cashless operations, payments, debts, credits, and their settlements.

  • Create different types of virtual cashboxes to meet your accounting needs
  • Control income and expenses with the help of the Cash flow report
  • Sync financial data on invoices, clients, stock, and taxes between Orderry and QuickBooks Online

Orderry is your reliable software to manage every area of business

Mobile App for Watch Fix Shop’s Owners and Managers

Be efficient from wherever you are and monitor your employees’ efficiency via the Orderry Business Insights mobile app. Monitor daily key metrics, cash box status, and customer feedback while being on the go. And if you have questions, use a list of employees with contact information to get in touch with any of them in a few clicks.

No Stress with Payroll Calculation

In Orderry, you can set up automatic computing of daily/hourly wages based on your employees’ Work Schedules. It is also possible to configure individual payroll scenarios as well as to enable the calculation of sales commissions and individual coefficients for the most productive workers.

Control of Employee Activities

Use the Activity Log report to see who did what and when in your Orderry account. Monitor around 60 events in different program objects as well as recover deleted ones.

With Orderry, your watch store will be a success

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Real-Time Visibility of Business
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Help Center and Personalized Onboarding

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How to choose management software for watch stores?


There are various solutions on the market that fit the needs of small businesses like watch stores. Look for a single, easy-to-use CRM software that tracks all interactions with customers, organizes information about stock items, watch repairs and payments. The best choice would be a cloud solution as it doesn’t require any installation or time-consuming updates.

Orderry is a web-based shop management system that helps speed up and simplify the processing of repair jobs, managing sales, inventories, cash flow, taxes, and payroll. Do you need to be a tech-savvy person to use Orderry? No, it is designed to be easy to use for all types of SMBs. After you sign up, you will have to select an industry you operate in and the system will grant you access to preset templates and industry-specific service directories. During your trial period, you can get free assistance from your personal onboarding manager to do all the settings you need for your business processes.

Can I keep records of both repairs and sales of watches and time-pieces in a CRM solution?


Yes, it is possible if you use Orderry. There are handy features for both types of processes. In case you provide repair services and sell some parts or accessories to a client, you create a Work Order where you add services and items from your stock as well as assign them to a responsible person. If you just sell some products, you create a Sale where you add items that will be sold and the system writes them off from your stock. In both cases, you can also generate any document you need in a few clicks. Later, you will be able to analyze sales reports and identify the most popular and profitable services and products.

How to manage inventories in a watch store?


These are some practical tips for organizing a warehouse in your store:

  • Implement a modern inventory management system to keep track of your product mix
  • Use QR codes to quickly identify items with a scanner
  • Divide your warehouse into clear sections so you can store parts and accessories separately from watches your customers bring in for repair. In Orderry, you can also manage them as products and assets
  • Perform stocktaking regularly to know what’s in there and what’s missing in your stock. In Orderry, there are four stocktaking methods available that will help you save much time on this procedure
  • Monitor stock levels of products you use most of the time so you can refill your stock if need be

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