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Assets With Warehouses Go Live. New-Brand Experience, How It Works And What’s Next

Check out the latest software update that drives your Orderry experience to a qualitatively new level.

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Forms Editor To Improve Leads, Critical Update With New Assets Goes Live

In this week’s update, we are making a number of changes to further improve the experience. Here we often say “Enough is never enough”. Our development team remains committed, with a wealth of proposals and feedback received on Leads, to doing more.

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First Feature Update For Leads, New Payment Details in Postings and Client Returns

Only two weeks have passed since the last global update with a new-brand functionality named Leads we have been working on so hard. It’s a very much anticipated and long-awaited feature, that’s why we decided to use the time wisely and deliver the first major update for Leads right away, in line with several minor changes based on your feedback.

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Lead Routing in Orderry

Meet the new Leads functionality, which allows you to record and process all customer requests, then convert them into orders and sales.

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New cashbox payment dialogues and column customization in reports

Orderry has learned to count change, and now you can turn on and off the display of columns in reports – read about it in the article.

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New API methods for working with a warehouse

Use new methods for posting, transferring and writing off products from the warehouse.

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Ad campaigns for orders, sales, and clients

Now in Orderry, you can create Ad campaigns that you run to record the sources of clients, orders and sales. Also, now you can make it mandatory to create a payment for changing the status of the order, and use new variables to indicate the VAT amount in words in the documents.

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Inventory Update: new editor for products and categories

New editor for products and categories allows you to move categories just by dragging and dropping, create new products directly within categories and others. Find out all the details.

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User profile and search on the "Orders" page

Now in Orderry you can change your account information in the User Profile, expand and narrow the search on the "Orders" page. Read more in the article.

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Simple adding of employees, discount in profit reports and bulk adding of product barcodes

Now you can add new employees in a few clicks, track discounts in profit reports, add barcodes for multiple products at once. Find out more details in the article.

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