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Meet new Orderry Dashboard

Meet the Orderry Dashboard – a crucial management tool for monitoring all key business metrics in one window and making quick decisions. 

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Updated Inventory management: serial accounting and address storage

New Orderry brings cutting-edge features to Inventory management: serial accounting, address storage. Read more.

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Orderry Inventory Stock Take

The stocktake process is generally considered lengthy and complicated. With Orderry, your stock take is nothing but a simple, convenient, and flexible process.

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Status time norm, default order type, and initial order status

Orderry exposes the order deadline monitoring system that tracks the order processing and makes sure your employees meet the order deadlines you name to your clients.

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Product bulk actions and supplier returns in new Orderry

Selling, writing-off, transferring, exporting, changing the product category, and printing labels for multiple items made easy with Orderry bulk product actions. Read more.

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Orderry custom directories

Orderry is all about the flexibility you get when running a service business. With the new update, the Orderry has become even more flexible and customizable.

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Orderry introduces the Order Scheduler

This article aims to tell you about entirely new functionality for the companies registering their client orders in advance.

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