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Business Growth Without Appliance Repair Software?

The most profitable repair service business is the one that's running smoothly. Is it possible with an old-fashioned business model? Let’s find out in this blog post.

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The Trouble with Manual Management
How You Benefit from Appliance Repair Order Software
How a Mechanic Software Program Helps Provide the Best Customer Service
How a Cloud Solution Improves Appliance Repair Inventory Control
Final Thoughts


There are many appliance repair shops out there that are still running their business an old-fashioned way — xls sheets, paper records, and manual work. Although they can work with limited resources, they lower their capabilities and thus might be missing out on opportunities. Business growth is hindered without appliance repair scheduling software that helps an appliance repair company manage its daily operations and make them more efficient.

The Trouble with Manual Management

Manual management is a time-consuming task that can be best left to automated systems. For those who own a home service company and need to hire and manage their employees, running everything by hand is overwhelming. To address this, software programs like Orderry are explicitly designed for appliance repair contractors.

If you're just getting started with your shop or are not happy with the current workflows your appliance repair field technicians follow, it's time to implement a professional solution to digitalize all processes and eliminate unnecessary manual input. Good field service management software is more than just a time-saver; it will also help increase the number of appliance repair jobs you get regularly.

How You Benefit from Appliance Repair Order Software

In some appliance repair businesses, an owner is often the only person in the company and has to do everything her/himself, which means managing inventory, scheduling, invoicing, contact with customers, emails…This is a lot of work to keep up with these tasks. When working so hard on business-related things, you cannot spend as much time repairing appliances needed to keep your clients happy. This could lead to decreased revenue, fewer repair orders, and bad reviews. 

The most helpful thing you can do in this situation is to start using professional appliance repair scheduling software. It will reduce your time on administrative tasks, giving you more time to complete other high-value jobs. The software will organize your entire appliance repair business and ensure customers get the best service:

  • process repair work orders in a trackable and automated way
  • conveniently schedule appointments via a built-in booking tool
  • quickly generate professional-looking estimates and invoices
  • access job details and repair history in one place
  • gain control over your spare parts inventory

Other benefits of appliance repair solutions: are synchronization with accounting software, inventory, risk management, HR, and, most importantly, real-time insights into business performance. You can build and organize an adequate stock, predict the expected lead time, track costs and expenses, eliminate human error risk, and more.

Orderry offers all of the above key features, including digital cashboxes, sales tax computing, tracking of customer reviews, bin locations for accurate storage, and analytics of different KPIs. Look what our users say about their experience with Orderry on Capterra:

capterra review

A review of Orderry on Capterra

Win more appliance repair jobs with Orderry.

How a Mechanic Software Program Helps Provide the Best Customer Service

Using digital tools, you can easily assign tasks to different team members to ensure that all jobs are done promptly. When the routine tasks are automated, your appliance repair technicians can focus on servicing clients with minimal distractions. You don't have to worry about losing bids because you forgot to send an invoice or do not know when they last called.

Orderry levels up the quality of repairs and streamlines appliance repair business management by providing instant visibility into job progress, the repair team’s performance, and seamless communication:

  • efficient time scheduling of jobs and work schedules
  • automated appointment reminders, on-my-way alerts, and review requests
  • visibility into jobs, customer details, and addresses on the map via the Work Orders app
  • quick response time thanks to the direct integrations with VoIP, SMS, and instant messaging services

Processing jobs via the Work Orders appProcessing jobs via the Work Orders app

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How a Cloud Solution Improves Appliance Repair Inventory Control

As a significant percentage of appliance repairs are conducted at a business location, effective stock management is essential to maintain all the spares organized and easily accessible to appliance technicians. This task becomes more challenging when you open new locations and want to provide the same level of service in all your appliance repair centers.

With Orderry, you can monitor the stock levels over locations and the entire company in real-time, which helps you lower the risk of shortages, product loss, and fraud. And with automated features like writing-off parts to work orders, low stock level alerts, and advanced access right setup, you can reduce costs invested in your stock and make it moving.


Screenshot of Low Stock Level Alerts in Orderry

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to grow is one of the most important aspects of running a successful small appliance repair shop. The right software will be a big help on this road. Cloud solutions and smartphone apps will speed up all routine processes in your company and get your phone ringing. There are tools for all the major tasks like scheduling, invoicing, managing repair orders, inventory of spare parts, and reminders to customers. If you're in the appliance repair industry, consider implementing modern software to run your shop more smoothly.

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