Orderry Management Accounting enhances your business analytics

Analyze your income and cash flow

Analyze your income
and cash flow

Generate company performance reports

Generate company
performance reports

Schedule your expenses and purchases to avoid cash gaps

Schedule your expenses and
purchases to avoid cash gaps

Access your performance metrics anytime and anywhere

Access your performance metrics anytime and anywhere

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Orderry Management Accounting Features

Automate the financial accounting

Set up your prices, sale margins, payrolls, cash flow items, and many more with Orderry. Eliminate the manual calculations and routine tasks with Orderry CRM.

The system accounts your income and expense figures, so you can generate financial turnover reports to facilitate the accounting process.

Monitor product turnover and generate inventory reports

Orderry offers a full-featured inventory module you can use to keep records of products and parts. Give every item a vendor code, serial number, category, and barcode to simplify the posting, write-off, and transfer processes. Enable inventory address storage and serial accounting to track your product turnover.

Orderry Management Accounting allows you to minimize the theft risks and amount differences during the stocktake.

Track your employee performance

You can monitor your employee work by generating a broad range of reports:

  • Orders Report;
  • Sales Report;
  • Feedback Report;
  • Contractors Report;
  • Payrolls Report;
  • Returns Report.

This way, Orderry assists you in finding the most performant employees that manage to close more deals and get the best feedback. You can understand the employee's impact and analyze the contractor's revenue to make the most relevant management decisions.

Improve your brand image with Orderry Management Accounting.

Schedule your incomes and expenses in Orderry CRM

Our system enables you to track your product turnover, control write-offs, discover financial metrics, and schedule your purchases. We care about your business management convenience and provide you with handy tools to plan your payroll expenses and inventory replenishments.

Account your orders, returns, invoices, and sales

Creating orders, sales, returns, and invoices made easy with Orderry. The system displays all business data in convenient tables with filters and smart search. You can always find the needed documents and data about clients, services, products, works, and returns.

Orderry allows you to see the bigger picture of your business by generating insightful reports.

Track your company's performance and generate Manager Report

You can get all the needed company performance metrics and run the financial reports in a single tab. Generate reports for your orders, inventory, messages, and finances.

Configure your daily Manager Report to get the relevant company figures on your email on a daily basis. This empowers your business management and allows to make the best management decisions based on current business state and events.

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