Orderry Business Automation exposes a set of benefits

Accelerate processing of orders, sales, and client service

Accelerate processing of orders,
sales, and client service

Enhance your communication with calls, SMS, and emails

Enhance your communication
with calls, SMS, and emails

Increase your work efficiency, incomes, and client loyalty

Increase your work efficiency,
incomes, and client loyalty

Monitor your business processes and track the key company performance indicators

Monitor your business processes
and track the key company
performance indicators

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Features you get with Orderry CRM

Create product and service lists

Fill your inventory manually or import your data via an Excel file. Assign categories and subcategories to products.

Set the different price types and price lists. This way, Orderry calculates all your prices automatically during product and part postings. You can then add those to your orders, sales, and invoices.

Configure employee roles and restrict access to sensitive data

Orderry CRM enables you to assign roles to your employees. This allows you to manage their restrictions and minimize redundant employee permissions.

A role-based access restriction approach lets you prevent data breaches and avoid data speculation. Here at Orderry, we care about your business security and do our best to protect your system from malfunctioning and misuse.

Use ready-made document templates

Orderry CRM has countless built-in templates of the documents businesses print most often. You can create, configure, edit, and remove your document templates anytime you need it.

Orderry understands the value of corporate identity. This is why we allow users to enhance document templates with their corporate identity elements: logo, corporate fonts, colors, images.

This is both handy and time-efficient. With Orderry, you can be sure your documents are error-free and correlate with your company's style guidelines.

Manage your client and supplier database

You can create client and supplier cards with Orderry CRM. Those are the convenient forms you can fill with information about your business connections and access it anytime. For instance, client cards contain a history of orders, calls, and payments.

Moreover, the cards are exceedingly handy when it comes to IP-telephony calls with your clients or suppliers. They allow you to view the crucial information right during the calls. Don't waste the time of your suppliers and clients, let business branches share the information and, therefore, the service quality. You can also increase client loyalty and organize your workflow with automatic order status notifications.

Manage orders and sales

Creating orders, adding works and materials, changing statuses, and monitoring deadlines made easy with Orderry. You can configure your automatic notification, schedule your client calls and register them in advance. Orderry also allows you to create and print invoices, as well as sending those via emails.

We value the client's impression of your services. This is why our system allows you to accept both cash and cashless payments, apply one-time and permanent discounts, create and print sales receipts. Orderry CRM empowers your service business management.

Improve your inventory management

Orderry provides you with a comprehensive inventory management functionality for your products and parts. The actions you can perform with Orderry Inventory Management include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assign a vendor code
  • Set the product category
  • Apply serial accounting and create barcodes
  • Enable address storage
  • Transfer products and parts
  • Monitor cash flow
  • Schedule purchases.

This way you can keep your warehouses organized and minimize item differences during the stock take.

Enable client and employee notifications

Send notifications to your clients and employees via SMS or email with Orderry. You can also send Telegram messages for your internal business communication. Orderry enables you to schedule your messages to send them in the most relevant time.

Orderry notifications improve your work coordination considerably. With our CRM, you can also update employees and clients on the order events like the status change or assignment to a contractor.

Minimize the number of overdue orders and prevent conflict situations with Orderry notifications. Automate your small or medium-scale business to spend the precious time on what really matters.

Automate your financial accounting

Create price lists, set sales margins, calculate payrolls and add new cash flow items in a few clicks with Orderry. Our system logs all transactions you can view in your reports. Organize and study your financial turnover with Orderry CRM.

What is even more crucial, we are about to add Balances and Mutual Settlements functionalities. With those, you can take your financial accounting to the next level.

Perform returns and gather client feedback

Orderry exposes a Return functionality, meaning you can perform client returns and also return defective products back to suppliers. Our system enables you to manage the substandard stock and resolve complaints.

Moreover, here at Orderry, we understand how crucial client feedback is. This is why we help you gather valuable data and display it in your CRM reports. Study your client feedback and continually improve your services with Orderry.

Discover and study the key performance indicators of your company

Analyzing company performance has never been so easy. Your Orderry Manager Dashboard provides you with reports for your orders, payrolls, incomes, messages, feedback, turnover, stock balances, product transfers, and many more.

Study your employee efficiency, find room for improvement in your business processes, and gather all needed information for making the best management decisions with Orderry CRM.

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