Estimating, Dispatching And Job Management Software For Electrical Contractors

Automated job management software for electrical contractors driving productivity and service quality to a wholly new level

Higher Income

Automated job management software for electrical contractors
driving productivity and service
quality to a wholly new level

Full coverage from initial inbound inquiry, developing leads and estimates, to estimating, labor management, invoicing, and reporting

Greater Control

Simple estimates,
automated work order management,
time and performance tracking,
payments, and built-in reporting

Orderry will help you save up to 20 minutes on each work order handled with our robust repair shop management system

Optimized Workflow

A full stack of CRM-based features
and productivity-enhancing tools
to save up to 20 minutes
with each work order

Manage all of your funds, assets, and belongings of your clients in a single place of contact with no paper

Inventory & Finance

Manage all of your funds,
assets, and belongings
of your clients in a single place
of contact with no paper

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Software For Electrical Contractors, Field Teams, Managers, and Operators

Powerful Built-in Scheduler

Whether you electrical contractors take on scheduled maintenance and repairs or deal mainly with emergency service, your business needs to combine fast and quality service with powerful automation, maximum simplified experience, and traceable performance. Use the Orderry Scheduler to dispatch in just a few clicks, keep track of all field jobs and crews without putting in a tremendous effort. Delight your clients with flawless electrical service, automate the lion’s share of daily operation, and drive your business to the next level of efficient performance. Leave out the redundant stuff and focus on what really matters. Growing your company.

Fully Customizable And Scalable

Benefit from true enterprise-level scalability or take on an affordable cloud-based solution for small electrical contractors instead. Whether you’re dealing with multiple locations with hundreds of work orders daily, or are a lone wolf, we have you covered. Coordinating orders with your staff has never been easier. Streamline your day-to-day activities, such as handling job requests, work orders, managing parts and materials, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and even more. Get a full suite of cloud benefits by Orderry: optimize budget, get the most out of the simple and efficient implementation, fast onboarding, data backup and security without investing too much.

Feature-Rich & Controllable Field Services

Easily manage calendars, schedule jobs, and dispatch technicians based on their actual workload and availability. We will take care of your inbound inquiries (here in Orderry, we call them Leads), help your operators track different marketing and arrival channels, such as website requests and calls, quickly assign the right manager, tech team, or field specialist. Seamlessly integrate with the VoIP service you’re currently using for your electrical service business. Have a single Dashboard pulling together work orders, dispatches, deadlines, responsible employees, average bill, assigned supervisors, current work status, pending requests, and even more. This is exactly what’s putting you in the driver’s seat.

Inventory, Payments, Balances

Running an electrical contracting business means you always have a lot of things on the go. Consolidate work orders, manage inventory parts and materials from a single interface. Put your assets under control, stick to optimal inventory levels, manage stocktake, refill in just a few clicks and at a better price. Take care of your business health with readily-accessible Management Accounting & Reporting, fully transparent cash flow, easy-to-read balances and payments. Now with Orderry, you no longer have to search for optimal software for electrical contractors that won’t drain your budget. Try the best-in-class solution developed exclusively for service business which can be instantly tailored to your common needs and day-to-day operations, even the most complex and daunting ones, right from the very beginning.

Features You Will Find In No Other Software For Electrical Contractors

RemOnline is available from any device: smartphone, tablet, PC

  1. Get down to your electrical business right once you sign up. No download, install, or extra tech staff required
  2. Our electrical contractor software is a cloud app, which can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or PC
  3. Orderry is all about your privacy and data security.
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